Do Dutch Shepherds Shed?

Do Dutch Shepherds Shed?

Dog owners are often curious about how much a dutch shepherd sheds. Do Dutch Shepherds shed? Do they shed a lot? Do they not shed at all? When it comes to shedding, the answer is yes! All dogs shed, but some breeds have coats that catch hair before it falls to the ground. This leads … Read more

Dutch Shepherd vs Belgian Malinois: What is The Difference?

Dutch Shepherd vs Belgian Malinois

Dutch Shepherd History The Dutch Shepherd originated from the Netherlands, but it is also one of three variations of the old-world sheepdog. This breed and its descendants were bred for herding and pulling to create a hard-working and intelligent dog capable of working in difficult areas like windy, muddy, arctic conditions. The Dutch Shepherd was … Read more

Dutch Shepherd vs German Shepherd: What’s The Difference?

Dutch Shepherd vs German Shepherd

The number of existing dog breeds worldwide could impress anyone, even considering how different they can be. German Shepherds are the most recognized, having very specific characteristics that enchant anyone. Although they have a much-underappreciated cousin, just as impressive, the Dutch Shepherd, with whom they are often confused. Many things separate these two races by … Read more