Bullmastiff German Shepherd Mix

Are you looking for a loyal, playful, and intelligent dog?

Or do you have an extra-large-size family that needs the protection that a Bullmastiff German Shepherd mix can offer?

No matter what your reasons for wanting a Bullmastiff German Shepherd mix, there are different reasons this crossbreed is appropriate to purchase or keep.

This dog is intelligent and possesses a strong desire to please its owner and family, making it appropriate for first-time dog owners and families with young children who want to have a pet that is both protective and lively.

It’s most likely that this dog will be protective of its owner and loved ones, making it a great guardian or watch dog, and it may be trained to detect intruders or act as a police K-9 dog.

This dog also would do well in a family with elderly people or disabled individuals who want to have a canine companion that is gentle and affectionate.

This mix also needs a fair amount of exercise, so families with an active lifestyle may do well with a Bullmastiff German Shepherd mix.

History Of Bullmastiff German Shepherd Mix

Bullmastiff History

Dogs of the mastiff family have existed since the Middle Ages – before the advent of the breed-specific dog breeds.

This dog, on the other hand, is bold in temperament and proves to be quite fierce in guarding its master’s possessions.

The English mastiff and the extinct English bulldog were crossed to produce this working dog, with the former sending off 60% of its DNA and the latter 40%.

The Bullmastiff, with its fierce and protective temperament, served as a reliable guard dog, chasing poachers away from the estates. The Bullmastiff has a short, thick coat that comes in three different colors.

Fawn, crimson, and brindle are the coat colors.

To keep poachers at bay, the Bullmastiff served the English with honor and loyalty.

The Bullmastiff has a short, thick coat that comes in three different colors.

Fawn, red, and brindle are the three coat colors of the Bullmastiff dog.

The Bullmastiff is a noble breed which possesses an assertive temperament.

Men weigh 110-130 pounds while women weigh 100-120 pounds The male bull mastiff can be 25 to 27 inches tall and the female bull mastiff.

Males may reach a height of more than 27 inches at the shoulder.

Hip and elbow dysphasia, a frequent joint condition in large dogs.

The dog breed may live around 7-9 years if properly cared for.

The Bullmastiff’s history dates back to the 19th century when English bull breeders crossed their dogs with the English Mastiffs to produce a reliable guard dog that would chase poachers away from the estates.

The breed’s name literally means “mastiff bull” or “Great Mastiff.

Dogs of this breed may suffer from skin allergies, skin problems, and eye conditions.

German Shepherd History

The German shepherd, a breed with centuries of history behind it, is rapidly becoming one of the most popular dogs on the planet.

AKC describes this dog as easygoing and sociable with people and other dogs, and as exceptionally trainable when it is a puppy.

Many people are surprised to learn that this is an excellent guard dog as well as a watchdog. Courageous and alert, this dog is protective of family units as well as property and possessions.

It is a dog that is highly prized by military forces and law enforcement personnel who value a dog that is truly fearless when it comes to defending loved ones and properties from threats.

The German shepherd, when taken as a whole, is an excellent companion for children and adults alike.

Against it is a dog that is accustomed to cold weather, and the coat actually serves to insulate the body against the cold.

Because of this, shepherd dogs are not a perfect fit for people who live in hot climates.

Dogs of this breed can be black, gray or brown in color.

Males vary in height from 24 to 26 inches while females range from 22 to 24 inches.

They vary considerably in weight, with the male weighing from 60 to 90 pounds and the female from 50 to 70 pounds. The coat is straight and double, with a hard and coarse outer coat and a soft and silky undercoat.

For women as well as men, the German shepherd makes an excellent companion dog.

Dogs weigh between 60 and 90 pounds; females weigh 50 to 70 pounds.

The fur is straight and double-coated, with a hard and wiry outer coat and a soft and silky undercoat.

In the colder months, the dog’s coat is very thick to protect the dog from the elements.

Basic facts about Bullmastiff German Shepherd Mix

If you’re planning on getting a huge dog, here are some things to consider before getting one.

Average Life Span

The average lifespan of a German Shepherd-Bullmastiff is 10-11 years.

Its life expectancy might range from 12 to 15 years if it takes after its Bullmastiff parent and if it is more agile than the GSD parent.

The life expectancy of a Bullmastiff puppy, on the other hand, is significantly less – it normally ranges from 6 to 8 years.

Dogs, on the other hand, often outlive their breed’s life expectancy.

When a GSD-Bullmastiff hybrid is fed a balanced and healthy diet and given plenty of exercise (not necessarily extreme), it may live longer than its parents.

Of course, excellent health provides more assurance to a longer life.

How Much Is A Bullmastiff German Shepherd Mix?

Breeders may expect to earn between $3,000 and $5,000 from a single litter of Bullmastiff German shepherd mix puppies.

As a result of the considerable research required and the cost of taking care of the puppy while it is being raised, the breeder must charge more than what you will find in a licensed dog breeder.

Personality Of Bullmastiff German Shepherd Mix


Mastiff dogs are kind and gentle to their family members and kids.

They enjoy playing with kids and other pets and make great companions for the whole family. Also, these dogs are very gentle, loyal, obedient and sociable with people and pets.

They are easy to please and handle so they are suitable for everyone – adults, children or elderly owners. However, keep in mind that they are large dogs and they can be quite a handful for young children.

Though these dogs are totally undemanding, they do need daily exercises to burn off the excess energy.

Take them for an outing to the park every now and then or walk them in interesting places so that they stay engaged and entertained.

Take them out on brief walks at least 3 or 4 times a day to avoid boredom and to relieve their pent-up energy.


Loyalty has a direct impact on their disposition towards strangers and it is important that an owner understands this concept when they are looking to adopt a Bullmastiff or adopt a Bullmastiff mix.

The energetic dog requires considerable amounts of daily exercise as well as mental stimulation to be as happy and well-rounded as possible.

A bored Bullmastiff mix is likely to develop behavioral problems or engage in destructive chewing or barking, as well as other unwanted activities.

Strangers are treated specifically differently from family members; the protective instincts are enabled when the family member is being attacked or because of their inherent instincts to protect them from any harm.

As long as they are properly taught, they will not hesitate to protect their owner and family.

Health Issues Of Bullmastiff German Shepherd Mix

Depending on the dog’s genetics, each breed may have different predispositions to certain diseases, such as hip and elbow dysplasia.

Other common issues include hypothyroidism and patellar luxation.

Some illnesses affect one breed more than the other in certain crosses, while others can be experienced by both breeds in various mixes.

Dogs of both breeds also suffer from conditions like bloat, cataracts and epilepsy.

As a result, the hybrid may suffer from the same issues as a pure-bred since both breeds are closely related genetically.

Elbow and Hip Dysplasia

The majority of dogs can still lead a quality life despite having a condition like hip or elbow dysplasia, although special precautions are put forth for affected dogs.

As kids get older and their x-rays reveal no signs of dysplasia, they can proceed to playing sports or participate in other physical activities without any worries.

The most typical symptoms to look of for are behind progress of lameness and stiffness in the back legs.

If the dog is laying or sitting down, it is easier to analyze their hips and elbows and get an accurate diagnosis.

One or two-year-old dogs are most likely develop clinical symptoms due to degenerative joint disease as a result of hip and elbow dysplasia.

Diagnosing elbow and hip dysplasia is possible by x-ray examination.


It’s distressing for the animals as well as the owners of these pets to be subjected to the above-mentioned health problems.

Getting a Bullmastiff/German Shepherd mix puppy from such a vendor is your best bet.

Puppies’ health concerns and their parents’ information should be clearly stated on the papers given by the supplier.


A condition known as bloating in Mastiff Shepherds occurs when stomach tissues swell and make the abdomen expand after food consumption.

The bloated stomach is actually caused by an over-accumulation of gas in the stomach. The treatment for bloating is varied and depends on the age and severity of the condition.

If left unchecked, bloating is very painful and may lead to death by choking as the stomach swells to more than twice its normal size.

In a life-threatening condition like this, the veterinarian should be contacted immediately so that antibiotics or surgery might be required to prevent complications like shock or pneumonia.

If you have a twisted stomach, you should take your dog to the veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment.

This causes bloating in bullmastiffs is feeding them foods that cause flatulence such as beans, cabbage or broccoli.

There are several signs of bloating, however if in doubt seek medical attention immediately.

Hip dysplasia

This condition is a painful condition in which the hip joint becomes loose and wears down over time as the dogs matures.

Common signs of hip dysplasia in your Bullmastiff German Shepherd Mix include difficulty walking or climbing stairs; lameness; and reluctance to run or jump.

Hip dysplasia may be treated if detected early and the dog is strong enough to withstand surgery.

Otherwise, both life-expectancy and mobility of the dog may become a problem due to the condition if left untreated. The life expectancy of a dog with hip dysplasia is between 6 and 10 years, given appropriate treatment and care.

Cherry eye

When it comes to Mastiff Shepherds suffering from this problem, the specialist for dog healthcare may suggest surgery to remove the excess eyelid or prescribe an ointment containing steroids to reduce the puffiness.

It’s possible that the dog’s third internal eyelid problem can cause excessive tearing when it is present at birth.

It is possible for this silent health condition to rarely cause loss of sight, but it can be successfully treated.

An infection may result when the dog scratches their eyes due to the irritating nature of the protrusion of the third eyelid.

How To Care For Bullmastiff German Shepherd Mix

Exercise Needs

An energetic dog breed like the Bullmastiff German shepherd mix needs a fenced backyard to run around and play.

An energetic dog like the Bullmastiff German Shepherd mix needs a fenced backyard to do its business and play around safely.

In general, this mix needs plenty of mental and physical stimulation to work off its excess energy and remain as healthy as possible.

Without proper exercise, this mix is likely to become hyperactive or destructive and will bond with the family through stress rather than affection.

It’s important for owners to consistently provide this mix with a stimulating environment to ensure that it stays healthy and happy for as long as possible.


There is nothing like a GSD-Bullmastiff in family protection work.

They may be friendly with children, but proper training is required.

Crucifixes, it should be noted, aren’t ideal for these dogs but they can tolerate them well enough to avoid undue stress.

People in this culture are always on alert and alert dispositions aren’t as common as they used to be.

They will, however, warm up to the visitors pretty quickly and will quickly become quite affectionate.

Bullmastiff-to-German Shepherd crosses frequently produce pups that are quite social yet even-tempered and gentle.

As a result, they are not prone to boredom or barking from loneliness.


It is unlikely that you will have to buy dog clippers but your dog will need a hair cut every few months to prevent choke and overheating problems.

Brushing it once a week will be easy for you to maintain in the long run.

This breed is protective of their home and their family and other animals, so if you’re not around and someone enters in the form of an intruder, it will bark and bite them without hesitation.

This breed is intelligent and eager to please; consequently, it responds well to training; however, its dominant nature makes it very difficult to reel in.

If this dog ends up looking more like a German shepherd, you will need to spend more time brushing it than if you got the Bullmastiff mix.

A slicker brush and an undercoat rake will be your best friends when it comes to grooming your Bullmastiff German Shepherd Mix.

A metal comb may do the job of removing all mats and tangles in your dog’s hair.

It’s important to brush your dog regularly if you want a good healthy pet.

If you don’t develop the daily habit to brush your dog’s coat at least once per week, you will most likely develop a huge mess on your furniture and clothes.

As if brushing your Bullmastiff German Shepherd mix isn’t hard enough, you’ll need to deal with their nails as well.

How To Train Bullmastiff German Shepherd Mix

Your training sessions will go more smoothly if you catch the dog in the act and reward the puppy immediately with a treat for doing the right thing.

A treat should accompany this command if your mastiff shepherd mix is not keen on the command.

Pay more attention to the dog’s defecation habits as the dog progresses to adult hood and begins defecating outside the house where it has the freedom to do as it pleases.

This lack of training will necessitate the use of stronger training methods when the mastiff shepherd dog hits maturity. The mastiff guard dog breed is intelligent, alert and responsive.

Provide the mastiff with toys to play with to keep them mentally and physically stimulated.

Chewing may also come in handy to distract the dog and discourage it from destroying your house or yard and chewing your favorite pair of shoes!

The other thing to watch out for is obesity since this could result in severe health issues in the future.

Also, as with other large breeds, a mastiff shepherd will grow up to become a bulky dog who will need regular exercise and activity to keep it fit.

Before buying this breed for your home, ask questions about the breed’s health and size so that you can know what to expect and be able to plan for the dog’s future care needs.

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Is A Bullmastiff German Shepherd Mix Right For Your Family?

If you’re looking for a large dog that can guard your house and bond with your family as well as provide protection, then the Bullmastiff is a dog to consider.

The nickname “Bully Dog” stems from the fact that this dog breed was originally bred as a fighting dog.

This breed is very muscular, weighing in around 100 pounds when fully grown and standing between 22 and 25 inches tall, which is taller than most American dog breeds.

The coat is very thick and requires daily brushing and combing.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you will have to spend a good amount of time on training.

If you have children that do a lot of running around, then this breed is just for you! This dog is a herding breed which tends to herd children around the house, bowling them over and dragging them wherever they want to go!

Although this dog breed does shed a lot, you will have less of a mess to deal with if you brush him on a daily basis.

Also, keep a lint roller on hand, since its coat tends to collect lots of pet hair and its shedding is seasonal as well.

This dog requires daily exercise in a safe environment; it’s naturally playful and can get rowdy if not given an outlet for its energy.

Taking your dog for frequent walks or runs or playing fetch or tug of war are a few ways to keep it in shape.

It’s not a good idea to take the dog to a dog day care or hire a dog sitter because your dog needs constant supervision and affection. Like the previous dog breeds, this breed needs daily exercise.

It doesn’t need a lot; just a walk or a short run every day should be enough.

But when you are walking this dog, be mindful of its speed as it’s a very large dog and could easily step on smaller dogs’ toes or knock them down if it decided to run past them without much notice.

Final Words

It’s possible to teach a Bullmastiff to be a guard dog or to be your companion dog, but if your family plans to have a relationship with your dog, obedience is key. Obedience training enables you and your dog to have a relationship that you can share in healthy ways.

A mysterious canine friend may teach your children about responsibility and also the joy of having a pet.

This might be the suitable choice for someone desiring a devoted dog that leads to a cheerful atmosphere around the house and among loved ones and their friends.

Keep in mind all you need to accomplish to maintain your dog as healthy as possible is to train him daily and keep him active.

Before getting a shepherd mastiff, think about the health risks and make sure you know how to properly groom your dog.

And don’t forget to keep an eye over your dog’s health.