Isabella German Shepherd

Isabella German Shepherd

The Isabella German shepherd is a beautiful dog and is a rare color of the German Shepherd. This is a rare color in a light coat known as lilac. Like all German Shepherds, Isabella is an intelligent, courageous, lovable, and very popular dog. They are used as working dogs for the army or the police. … Read more

Guides About German Shepherd Malamute Mix

German Shepherd Malamute Mix - Image By pets4homes

You can adopt a fairly independent and loving hybrid dog with your family, such as the German Shepherd Malamute. You can know a little about these dogs, where they came from, and their parents’ origin. You may know some basic facts about the mix of these pets in temperament, life expectancy, and personality. Find out … Read more

German Shepherd Samoyed Mix

The German Shepherd and the Samoyed have widely recognized breeds of dogs, and the German Shepherd Samoyed has emerged from their mix. This is a rare mix that is known for its loyalty, kindness, and intelligence. Below you can learn a little more about this breed that combines the best aspects of the German Shepherd … Read more

Liver Colored German Shepherd

Liver Colored German Shepherd

If you thought you knew everything about German Shepherds, then you are wrong if you don’t know the liver-colored German shepherd. This hybrid dog is rare in the GSD line that you can adopt at any time. Liver-colored GSDs are very beautiful and retain their common German Shepherd attributes. You have to know thoroughly about … Read more

What Happens When A Dog Bites And Eats A Frog?

What Happens When A Dog Bites And Eats A Frog

All animals, in general, are extremely curious, especially dogs who have an affinity to lick and bite things. Small, elusive creatures like frogs or toads are the perfect example of easily mistaken toys. This act can have serious consequences. That dogs have contact with this class of amphibians can be detrimental to their health. From … Read more

Everything About Dwarf German Shepherd

Dwarf German Shepherd

Dogs are creatures of which you have very specific thoughts regarding the sizes and shapes they can have. Depending on the breed, these can be small or large, so many are surprised when this idea comes out of the mold. Dwarfism is a condition that humans have, but canines like the German shepherd can also … Read more