Are Australian Shepherds Protective?

Your Australian Shepherd is highly trained to protect you and your family, especially when it comes to strangers.

This smart and caring breed may occasionally exhibit its natural tendencies to attack, and it needs proper socialization to show strangers that they’re not enemies.

This article will discuss how to create a good relationship between your dog and strangers and make your dog more excited to socialize.

It can also explain how dogs can be trained to become less aggressive to other people.

Studies show that Australian Shepherds rarely bite people unprovoked, but they are extremely protective and territorial of their owners.

If your dog does become aggressive towards strangers, this article can help you figure out a solution.

Are Australian Shepherds Protective?

The answer is yes. Australian Shepherds will protect their owners, their family, and other animals.

There are risks involved in being a dog, so Aussies are put through some testing to make sure they have the ability to trust their owners.

Protective Australian Shepherds are an intelligent breed, and they can even be taught to do your bidding or perform other tricks!

That’s why they are trained to ignore pending danger and stay focused on work and people, not other animals.

But even the most intelligent and gentle breed can be dangerous if given the wrong sort of attention or used to trample over others.

The Temperament of an Australian Shepherd

Your Aussie is affectionate with anyone who will take his or her place as his or her special person.

If you decide that you don’t need to invest as much time into a companion, your Aussie should adapt without too much backlash.

They’re naturally friendly and social, so they’re virtually guaranteed to find somewhere else to spend the afternoon if you’re not paying attention.

But as long as they’re with you, they want to make sure you’re safe too.

Why Do Australian Shepherd Dogs Become Too Protective?

Australian Shepherds come from a long herding lineage, so it’s no surprise that they are usually very devoted and protective of members of their tribe.

Australian Shepherds can indeed become overly protective if there is controversy in the household or if someone accidentally hurts other members.

If the farmer didn’t properly train the puppy or leave it alone for too-long periods of time, the dog might end up resorting to threatening or aggressive behaviors to protect him/herself and other animals.

There are some reasons why Australian shepherd dogs are too protective that are in the following.

  • Your dog is giving you love and attention. 
  • Trauma or physical attacks from other cats and dogs Lack of exposure to nature Most people home their dogs from puppy mills or buy them as pets. 
  • A lack of sufficient socialization and training will lead to your dog being overly protective of you and your family. 
  • Inadequate nutrition and lack of attention The average lifespan for an Aussie is around 10-12 years. 
  • Being left to their own devices too much.

Can You Train an Australian Shepherd to Protect You?

These dogs are known to be gentle, loyal dogs.

They are intelligent, quick learners, and quick to take commands. Dogs who have not been socialized may snap and bite out of fear, even if they are not trained.

Some dogs will even attack even if they have never engaged in this sort of behavior before. If you don’t want your Australian Shepherd to become aggressive, you should train it to break these fears.

Since dogs naturally view their owners as pack leaders, training them with a motivational word like “step” can turn it around. The last thing you want is for your pup to be bitten during an altercation.

How to Train Your Australian Shepherd as a Good Guard Dog

After the dog has been in your household for a while, he will begin to understand your household’s rules and routine.

One of the secrets in teaching your dog to bark at anything or anyone is to give him lots of attention. Take him out for a long walk and play with him.

He may also be trained to supply protection to your house and backyard. * Not all dogs are bothered by the barking of other dogs.

Teaching your dog to be a better watchdog does not mean that he will be permanently patrolling your house. Most watchdogs don’t bark much.

For those who want your Australian shepherd to be an excellent watchdog, follow the instructions below.

  • Your Australian Shepherd may be trained to be an excellent watchdog by your picketing windows whenever you leave your home. Training your dog to exist peacefully with other animals in your home is a good way to build trust.
  • Your Australian Shepherd may be trained to be a companion pet, search and rescue dog, or military working dog.
  • Your Australian Shepherd may be trained to protect your home by barking if he detects other people or animals there. When training your Australian Shepherd, use a leash or confine him to the backyard.
  • It is really important that you establish an early relationship with your dog, so he doesn’t bark when someone comes to visit.

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Some Good Guard Dog Alternatives

Though the Australian Shepherd is a big dog, it cannot match the real power of a Rottweiler or a German Shepherd.

Both breeds are excellent security guards because they are aggressive and not afraid to attack intruders.

Rottweilers are usually a bit taller than German Shepherds, and they are even more brutal and attack like wolves to defend their families.

There are some other good Guard dogs, such as the bullmastiff and pinscher. Rottweilers have an excellent reputation for being loyal and protective, even if they are not the best guard dogs.

Due to their size and fierce appearance, they are also a good deterrent to crime.


Because of their intelligence and kind temperaments, Australian shepherds make great watchdogs.

While they won’t make the perfect guard dog for every family, they do make suitable protectors for most households. Like other breeds, the Australian shepherd is a barker by nature.

So, it may be necessary for you to teach them that they do not need to attack crooks in order to keep you and your family safe.