Why Does Your German Shepherd Have Diarrhea

Why Does My German Shepherd Have Diarrhea

German Shepherds are a very popular breed of dog and are recognized throughout the world. They are known for being loyal, protective, and highly intelligent dogs. Other aspects that are known about them are that they usually have a sensitive stomach and can be upset from time to time. You should always pay close attention … Read more

Treating German Shepherd Hip Dysplasia

German Shepherd Hip Dysplasia

Dogs are very intelligent beings that manage to win the hearts of both adults and children. Dog owners always want to see their pets in perfect condition, although sometimes certain inconveniences can occur. Purebred dogs, especially large ones like the German Shepherd, can suffer from hip dysplasia. There are cases where hip dysplasia can also … Read more

How to Treat German Shepherd Ear Infection

German Shepherd Ear Infection - Image By lovemygermanshepherd

Dogs, like human beings, can suffer from various minor diseases and others that are. Although it may seem unimportant, an ear infection in dogs is common but not similar to otitis. Otitis is an ear infection that affects humans and is different from an infection in dogs. This can be generated in our pet for … Read more

Dealing With German Shepherd Health Concerns

treating German Shepherd Health Issues - Image By pethelpful

The German Shepherd is a dog characterized by having high intelligence and is the best friend that human beings can have. It is an animal of a very fine breed and in demand; it also has the particularity of being very obedient and protective, so it becomes the best ally a family can have at … Read more

German Shepherd Mouth: How to Care For GSD Teeth and Gums

German Shepherd's Mouth

If you think you know everything about your dog in the German Shepherd Mouth, you will discover many hidden secrets. You have to know the description of your pet’s mouth in gums, teeth, and other characteristics. Discover what the teeth are, and gums care that you should give your German Shepherd to avoid serious diseases … Read more

How to Treat German Shepherd Penis Problems

Treating German Shepherd Penis Problems - Image By Allshepherd

German Shepherds are loving, intelligent, and protective dogs. If this is the first time you have a float of this breed and you have begun to notice your red rocket, you are in the right place. At times you may notice that a type of fluid that is not urine is coming out of your … Read more