How to Treat German Shepherd Penis Problems

German Shepherds are loving, intelligent, and protective dogs. If this is the first time you have a float of this breed and you have begun to notice your red rocket, you are in the right place. At times you may notice that a type of fluid that is not urine is coming out of your German Shepherd’s penis.

Remember that your German Shepherd’s discharge is normal, and it is the one that helps keep your dog’s penis protected while it is in the foreskin. This is a discharge that you shouldn’t see very often and should only appear in a few drops.

Below you will find all the information you need to know on this topic and your German Shepherd’s red rocket download. Know if this discharge is natural or not!

In this articles, we will discuss about:

  • What the a GSD penis is
  • Why Your GSD become aroused so quickly
  • How To Care For Your German Shepherd Red Rocket
  • How to treat German shepherd penis problems
  • And more

After reading our guide, you will know everything you need to know about German shepherd penis problems.

Why Does Your GSD Become Roused So Quickly?

It is common for your German Shepherd to become aroused for a wide variety of reasons. But for beginners with this breed, it can be somewhat surprising and uncomfortable. They can take out their red rocket even because they are excited to play; the only thing is it should not reach its full erect size. This should happen only when you are in sexual activity.

GSDs’ excitement can be due to any stimulus, emotion, fear, and even curiosity. When any of these occur, you should know that your German Shepherd’s penis size will not return to normal for up to 72 hours.

Although at times, it can be prone to overexcitement and can last longer. This can lead to self-control and behavior problems for your German Shepherd.

What Is The Standard Size Of A GSD Penis?

When the German Shepherd is excited, the size of the penis is approximately 8 inches. At first, this may seem very large, but you should be aware that the German Shepherd rocket will not be full size until after penetration. This is possible thanks to a staff that is responsible for the stiffness of the red rocket.

But What Is Smegma?

As mentioned above, it is a substance that is made up of dead skin cells and oil. It is yellowish or green, and you can see it coming out of your German Shepherd’s red rocket.

What Are The Common Types Of GSD Red Rocket Discharge?

Many times you may notice a somewhat unusual colored fluid or discharge coming out of your German Shepherd’s red rocket. If you see a small amount of fluid, it is normal. Finding a few drops on the tip of the penis is normal, and you should not rush to the vet.

The liquid can be greenish-white or yellowish-white. Believe it or not, this smegma means that your German Shepherd’s penis is healthy. German Shepherds can use their tongue to clean themselves of this liquid about every 2 hours.

What Kinds Of Red Rocket Blasts Could You Be Concerned About?

Treating German Shepherd Penis Problems 2021 - Image By Allshepherd

If your German Shepherd sees him sick or licks himself a lot more than normal, you should consider taking him to the vet. Observe the behavior of your GSD to see if it is normal or if it has something more serious.

Greenish-white or yellowish-white discharge should know that it is normal. If you notice a lot of pus or blood coming out, it is a warning sign, and you should see a doctor.

If your German Shepherd’s rocket has a bloody discharge, it may mean that your dog has some infection. It may be that your dog suffered a traumatic injury; it may have some more serious blood-related illness. If you notice anything abnormal, you should visit the vet so you can check on your German Shepherd as soon as possible.

How To Care For Your German Shepherd Red Rocket?

Your German Shepherd’s red rockets can make contact with surfaces that may be dirty or have bacteria. That is why you should know the following tips to take care of your GSD’s penis.

  • You must be aware of your German Shepherd’s foreskin.

Your German Shepherd’s foreskin is a small lump found under his belly. This serves as a protective cover for your German Shepherd’s red rocket. It can usually become infected more easily than the organ it protects.

If you check your dog and notice an abnormal discharge or a rash in the area, you can try washing the area with cold water and soap. This will be beneficial if there are many types of allergens present. If you notice that the rash is very large and severe, you should call the vet that the discharge lasts for more days.

You should also be on the lookout for blood because you should immediately go to your dog’s doctor. You should prevent your dog from lying down in dirty, wet, or dusty places.

  • Erections that occur after being neutered

German Shepherds can have an erection after they have been properly neutered or spayed. This is normal, and you may see some lumps that may form on the red rocket once it wakes up. You should be aware that these bumps that form at the red rocket base are normal, and you don’t have to worry.

If you notice lumps or growths on the sides of the penis that are not getting better, you should call the vet and make an appointment immediately. It is better to have your dog checked to rest easy, knowing that these are normal processes or some care.

How Do You Calm Your German Shepherd?

To calm your German Shepherd, you must keep him active; games are very beneficial and will control your GSD’s red rocket. Exercises and commitment will help you develop discipline. You can talk to the vet and ask for advice on games and exercises to use.

You should look for games that help you keep your dog’s arousal in check so that you are not upset seeing his red rocket.

Note that if you notice a lot of discharge and notice your dog licking his parts and feel like your dog is in pain, it indicates a serious problem. It can be due to a urinary tract infection or even canine cancer.

Remember to check if it is just a yellowish-greenish liquid or if it has a sign of blood because it will be time to take your beloved German Shepherd to the vet. With this information, you can be more at ease if you are short on time with your GSD and notice this liquid on the red rocket.