Great Dane German Shepherd Mix (Guides)

If you are looking for a good breed of dog for your family, the Danish-German Shepherd is an excellent option for breeding and good company. This breed results from the cross between the German Shepherd and the Great Dane, giving you a very energized dog. Due to the great size of the Great Dane, the Danish-German Shepherd is of large proportions and, in turn, a good guard dog.

These dogs may have a short coat depending on the lineage, making it easy for you to keep it groomed. This canine is very loyal to its masters and adaptable to small or large families. If you are looking for a companion and guardian, this is your best option since its size alone scares away possible intruders.

What is the Great Dame German Shepherd mix?

It is a mixed breed of large to giant proportions with an average age of 8 to 13 years with watchdog characteristics. It is a breed that has a lot of patience and kindness that can also be playful. These dogs are 28 to 30 inches tall with a weight of 65 to 130 pounds, depending on their diet.

You may know the Great Danish German Shepherd as a good breed that brings out its parents’ best characteristics. In creating the dog, the breeder wanted to bring out the Danish’s large size and Shepherd’s alertness. You should know that there are no guarantees with these pets’ acquisition because they can have genetic diseases.

When you buy a thoroughbred breed, there are certain references that breeders must adhere to as the breeding years. With mixed breeds, there are no standards because their phenotype and temperament could be different in the same litter.

The origin of the Great Dane German shepherd

The origin of the Great Dane german shepherd - Image By emborapets

There is no date or country where you can say exactly where the German Great Dane came from. Many veterinarians can say this type of dog arose in Germany, but it is not known exactly.

You can understand that the German Great Dane Shepherd was created to keep an optimized pet. This dog is very good for law enforcement, grooming, or heavy training.

German Shepherd Origin

The German Shepherd has its origins in Germany in the late 19th century by crossing various sheepdogs’ breeds. These canines were subjected to a rigorous and constant selection because they were an excellent breed for the military. In England, these dogs are known as Alsatians because they served to protect citizens from Nazi Germans.

The German Shepherd’s entry to the United States is given by the return of the soldiers of the First World War. The dog caused a great impact on society by introducing himself in the cinematographic world in which he appeared in many famous films. At the end of the millennium, the German Shepherd ranked third in the top 50 of the Kennel Club’s best breeds.

Great Dane Origin 

This breed is the largest currently, and this is due to its genetic descendant of the Mastiff that was bred by the German nobility. Also known as the Apollo of dogs for its size, this canine is of German origin given in the 1800s. In 1880 the Germans forbade it to be called Great Danes and called it Deutsche Dogge, which means German Mastiff.

The Great Dane is a strong, elegant, and powerful dog; it can reach 32 inches in height. Their weight ranges between 100 and 120 pounds, and females can weigh between 45 and 59 kilograms.

Height and weight of the Great Dane and a German Shepherd mix

The Great Dane German Shepherd stands 28 to 30 inches tall and an average weight of 65 to 130 pounds. This dog has a life span of 7 to 10 years, given by its weight, size, and the care you give it. You can have this type of pet in colors such as Fawn, Black, Brindle, Gold, Blue, and Harlequin Black.

Great Shepherd Mix Lifespan

You can adopt the Great Shaperd Mix for its lifespan of 7-10 years old with the ability to be a watchdog and great companion. This breed is from a family dog ​​as long as you have a good space for him. The pet is very intelligent, loving, easy to train, and capable of defending its family against any threat that may arise.


The Danish Shepherd mixes the German Shepherd’s intelligence and the relaxed posture of the Great Dane, making him an excellent example for you. These dogs are very happy sitting in front of the fire or if their owner allows them to throw it on their lap.

This breed tends to get along with other animals such as cats and other dogs in the home. Although you see a large dog, it is quite romantic when he becomes fond of your family.

Health problems

If you want to adopt a Great Dane shepherd mix, you will have to take into account some genetic health problems:

  • Glaucoma

This is a hereditary disease detected between 2 and 3 years of age of the dog if you take it to the vet. You should be aware of your dog feels a severe pain in the eye that increases the intraocular pressure when scratching with his paw.

  • Canine parvovirus

It is an infection that causes vomiting, diarrhea, and even bleeding in your pet.

  • Distemper

An easily contagious disease whose symptoms are cough, conjunctivitis, a lot of mucus, fever, and a lot of decay. You will have to take your pet to the vet to remove the problem.

The Grooming Needs of the Great Sheepdog

The maintenance of this canine is generally very easy as it has a fairly short coat which you can brush daily. You can only bathe it when it is dirty, as very frequent baths on the dog will strip it of its natural oils. You can brush his teeth three times a week and check the inside of his ears for infections.

Great Dame Shepherd Mix needs exercise

Because of his large size, this dog has a good appetite which means that he must do a good exercise routine. The 60 minutes of exercise a day that you give your pet is enough so that he does not store a lot of fat. You must keep him constantly active because otherwise, the dog will sleep all day.

How to train a Great Dane Shepherd mix?

How to train a Great Dane Shepherd mix

You can immediately learn how to train a great dame shepherd mix to keep it active:

  • Establish who is the alpha

The first thing that you should do with your pet is to establish who the alpha is so that he will listen to you. You don’t have to yell at or punish your dog. Just act rude when starting the training routine.

  • Using basic commands

You can teach your simple pet commands such as sitting, moving, jumping, or reaching for the ball to create timing. These dogs are very intelligent, so the signals that you give them will learn easily.

  • Teach him to walk by your side

You have to teach your great dame shepherd mix to walk or run alongside you from a puppy. Walking with this dog can be wonderful, but you must train them from a young age.

How to care for a Great Dane German shepherd mix?

Now that you know how to train your pet, you have to learn how to take care of him so that he does not get sick frequently:

  • Nutritional regimen

Given its large size, the Danish Shepherd tends to eat a lot, so you should take care of it and not let it become overweight.

  • Food and water

This canine must always have fresh and clean water to drink without problems and hydrate his body. If you take your dog for training, try to reward him with plenty of water.

  • Rest

You should give your pet a bed or mat according to its size for optimal rest.

  • Veterinary

You should constantly take your dog to the vet at least once a year for his general checkup. You have to apply all the vaccines to your pet so that she can repel some diseases.


The German Great Dane is an excellent dog that you can adopt to accompany you for a long time. Although the pet is giant, you should not be guided by its appearance and enjoy all its love. This dog suffers from very few diseases so that you won’t spend a lot of money on trips to the vet.