Australian Shepherd Vs Border Collie: What is the Difference?

Dog breeds can be too diverse but also fascinating in a way. It is interesting to see how some of these canines have quite marked similarities and differences. An Australian Shepherd and a Border Collie have many characteristics that make them stand out from the rest.

You must know more about these breeds, especially if you choose the right one to adopt. Discovering what the qualities that make them so striking and popular are can be the ideal trigger. Having these creatures as pets will make your life more fun, but it is essential to know more about them.

Differences Between Australian Shepherd And Border Collie

Differences Between Australian Shepherd And Border Collie - Imge By perfectdogbreeds

Both breeds have quite interesting qualities to present, all keeping certain differences that make them unique in their ways. These are some important features:

  • Size

When it comes to Border Collies, males measure from 19 to 22 inches, females from 18 to 21. In terms of weight, it can vary too much, ranging from 30 to 55 pounds.

Australian Shepherds tend to be larger than Border Collies when it comes to height. They range from 20 to 23 inches, but the females can measure the same as this other breed, something quite curious.

In terms of weight, things change remarkably since Australian Shepherds are much heavier. A male goes between 50 to 65 pounds, while females only reach 40 or 55 pounds.

  • Appearance

When looking at Border Collies, it is easy to notice that their heads are quite distinctive in shape. They tend to have the skull smaller than the rest of the body, but not in an exaggerated way or that seems disproportionate.

Australian Shepherds do not have this problem with their head’s size, but they do have it a little tilted. Most of the dogs of these breeds have white fur spots on their faces, an obvious hallmark.

  • Eye color

A striking trait of both breeds is that they can have heterochromia, which is more common in Australian Shepherds. As for Border Collies, they have an exceptionally haunting look, which is beneficial for working with livestock.

The color of both sides’ eyes is quite varied, from brown to amber or even more yellowish tones. Australian Shepherds

  • Coats

Here you can find many variations concerning Border Collies as the coat can be rough or smooth. The former usually have a medium or long length, while the latter is only short, but both have a double layer.

The color can vary remarkably since it can be found brown, tricolor, white with red, or Merle red with blue.

Double coats are common in both breeds; only the lengths and textures that can be found are too different. An Australian Shepherd can have a medium-length coat, plus it could be both straight and wavy.

It is common to find rough coats and these coats tend to have shades of black, gray, white, or caramel. Australian Shepherds are more of a paler blue, but they can also have hazel, green, or amber eyes.

  • Personality traits

It is possible because both races are generally bred for the same purpose; they have very similar personalities. They are both super smart, although Border Collies have more recognition in this regard.

The training, in this sense, is super simple for both races; you love to learn quickly and adapt to different tasks. Also, these dogs are super friendly with people, so they are ideal for family life.

Neither is certainly understandable to strangers; the Border Collies are shy while the Australian Shepherd is protective. Training the animal regardless of its breed in ​​socialization is essential to eliminate all bad habits.

  • Health problems

collie australian shepherd Health problems

The good thing about both breeds is that they are healthy, but this does not prevent them from having some genetic difficulties. The collie eye is an anomaly that is common to both Australian Shepherds and Border Collies.

With Australian Shepherds, you should consider:

  • Persistent pupillary membrane
  • Cataracts
  • Epilepsy
  • Colobomas
  • Sensitivity to drugs

Border Collies can suffer from:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Seizures
  • Dissecting osteochondritis
  • Patent ductus arteriosus
  • Lens luxation
  • Training

Both races’ intelligence is a plus point for training, but it will not be easy. It is important that you have experience in the area or that you at least learn a little before starting.

Both dogs tend to be very determined, so occasionally, they must take charge of the situation. Many believe that it is easier to deal with Australian Shepherds, but with proper techniques, the other can also be easily mastered.

  • Exercise needs

Both breeds are quite demanding when it comes to exercise, which may be due to their hard-working nature. Not only do they require vigorous training, keeping your mind busy matters a lot too.

Agility programs are ideal for this breed as they keep them moving and learning at the same time. When they are not doing anything, it is more difficult to handle them, so it is necessary to pay attention to them unless you want a disaster.

  • Cleanliness

Due to the double-layered coat, it is normal that they should be combed regularly, even more during shedding time. Still, Border Collies require more attention, brushing four times a week, quite the opposite of Australian Shepherds.

Keeping the coat in good condition will help the dogs be cleaner, so too many baths will not be required.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is common to have doubts; these are among the most common among those interested in both races.

Which is better, border collie or Australian Shepherd?

There will never be a fixed answer to this question since no dog is better than another, only different. For this reason, the characteristics of each one must be analyzed and chosen depending on personal preferences and needs.

Are Border Collies and Australian Shepherds Protective?

Neither is particularly friendly to strangers, but Australian Shepherds are more protective. As for Border Collies, they can be shyer than anything else.

Do Border Collies and Australian Shepherds bark a lot?

In comparison, it can be noticed that an Australian Shepherd does tend to bark more than a Border Collies. For this reason, they are ideal for protecting a home or specific spaces.

Are Australian Shepherds Calmer Than Border Collies?

They are both quite calm, but Australian Shepherds tend to be calmer if you had to choose. Although with proper training, the pet can be trained to be calmer.

Are Australian Shepherds and Border Collies Good Family Dogs?

In family coexistence, both breeds adapt wonderfully, but Australian Shepherds tend to be faster. Still, with the two, you can have a lifelong connection of trust and loyalty.