German Shepherd Mastiff Mix: All About Mastiff Shepherd 2021

When an English Mastiff is crossed with a German Shepherd, the result is a mixed breed of dog. These two breeds of dogs are very strong, so their mix results in a powerful breed. Both the English Mastiff and the German Shepherd have been bred in Europe; the difference is that the Mastiff has more years of origin.

The English Mastiff is a very calm dog, while the German Shepherd turns out to be more aggressive. Therefore, when a cross between dogs occurs, a dog with a dominant personality and a large body are obtained. You can get a crossbreed dog through a dog rescue site.

Experts recommend that when having a dog look for a rescue site, although many prefer to go directly to a kennel. If you choose a kennel, you should take some precautions into account to ensure that the dog you are going to acquire is in perfect health.

Each of these breeds has a fascinating history that you should know, before acquiring a mixed breed of the dog between an English Mastiff and a German Shepherd.

What Is A Mastiff Shepherd?

The German Shepherd was originally from Germany and was created in the 19th century to be used for jobs in the military and police areas. This dog is versatile and intelligent, which is why it was a great companion in the First World War. This breed became so popular that it is the United States is one of the most sought after breeds.

On the other hand, there is the English Mastiff, and it comes from the mountains of Central Asia for many years. In medieval times, the mastiff dog took great importance since they were used as hunters and did a very good job. From these two incredible breeds of dogs comes the mixed breed between the English Mastiff and the German Shepherd.

Both the English Mastiff and the German Shepherd are very cunning dogs, so by acquiring a Mastiff Shepherd, you can have a guard dog close to you. A Mastiff Shepherd is born from the mix of a German Shepherd and an English Mastiff.

The English Mastiff can have many variations in terms of its physical appearance, but when acquiring a Mastiff Shepherd, these will be the main characteristics:

  • Large snout
  • folded ears
  • Large abdomen
  • Big paws

What Are Some Basic Information About the Mastiff Shepherds?

When you acquire a Mastiff Shepherd, you should know that its size can vary between 1.9 to 3 feet approximately. Regarding its weight, a Mastiff Shepherd can reach a weight of 36 to 91 kg in adulthood. This mixed breed dog will be huge and heavy, and above all, a great faithful friend.

The eye color of a Mastiff Shepherd can be black or brown, and the color of the Mastiff Shepherd will depend on the breed of Mastiff that was chosen when crossing with a German Shepherd. The colors that stand out the most in a Mastiff Shepherd are:

  • Gray
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Black
  • Brindle coat

This large breed has a life expectancy of 8 to 12 years, and its price can range from $ 350 to $ 1000. When the mix is ​​done with a German Shepherd and an English and French Mastiff, the price can be higher.

Health Issues Of Mastiff Shepherd

The Mastiff Shepherd is a breed of dog that can also go through some difficulties and health problems:

  • Joint problems

The Mastiff Shepherd can suffer from hip dysplasia at some point in his life due to his large size. If this dog does not have a balanced diet in its diet and does not exercise, it can have considerable deficiencies in its joints.

  • Closed eye

This condition turns out to be very uncomfortable for the Mastiff Shepherd, although it does not cause much pain. This condition occurs when the dog’s third eyelid prolapses leaving a highly visible red bump at the corner of the dog’s eye. This will cause irritation and swelling, and can even lead to a severe infection.

  • Bloating

The bloating is due to a digestive problem that commonly affects the Mastiff Shepherd. When your dog’s stomach twists both ways, this movement causes indigestion, even if left untreated, it can lead to premature death in your dog.

Although not seen as serious problems, these conditions can be fatal for your Mastiff Shepherd if they are not treated in time with treatment. When you notice any discomfort in your dog, you should immediately take him to a professional veterinarian for the corresponding examinations.

How to Care My Mastiff Shepherd?

You must take care of your German Shepherd dog and be aware of everything he needs to lead a healthy life and feel very happy. The Mastiff Shepherd has a very thick coat, and they shed their hair regularly. It’s a good idea to have a vacuum cleaner so you can clean any loose hair.

You should also have scissors to level the Mastiff Shepherd’s coat and a brush to brush your dog 2 to 3 times a week.

The Mastiff Shepherd needs to exercise you, since due to their genetics, if they lead a sedentary life, they can be overweight. If you have a Mastiff Shepherd, take walks with him for 30 to 45 minutes.

What Is A German Shepherd Mastiff’s Personality Like?

If you bring a Mastiff Shepherd into your home, you can be sure that you will have a very friendly dog ​​by your side. But for this kindness to exist, you have to train your Mastiff Shepherd from puppyhood to control any behavior that may be aggressive.

The Mastiff Shepherd is a very docile dog, so it can be trained to forge its tranquility. This dog as a pet for children is a great option, and it is not necessary to supervise it while it shares with the little ones in the house. The German Shepherd and the English Mastiff’s genetics make this dog have a charming and relaxed personality.

This mixed breed is loyal and takes its job as a protector very seriously when caring for its owners. Both the German Shepherd and English Mastiff are known as watchdogs, and when trained, they will be able to stay inside or outside the home without any problem.

Due to its large size, many people do not recommend this dog for children, but this breed is very affectionate with all members of its family. The mastiff shepherd turns out to be indifferent to strange people who approach him, as soon as he suspects presences he does not recognize, he will protect his family.

This dog is very calm and does not usually bark a lot, but it must receive training to socialize with everyone. When you have a Mastiff Shepherd as a puppy, you must expose him to many people so that it can learn to socialize. This dog is a great faithful friend, and if you acquire one, you will not regret it.