German Shepherd vs. Wolf: What is The Difference?

The German shepherd dog is one of the most popular breeds in America. Another name of this breed is Alsatian. They are very intelligent and hard-working dogs. Meanwhile, another good characteristics of this breed is loyalty and courage. They are trained to guide and assist the handicapped people, the police, the military forces, drug detection, search, and rescue operations. All the above, they are a faithful companion. 

The wolf is also known as the grey wolf. It is a canine native to or North America and Eurasia. There are almost 30 subspecies of Canis lupus. And the wolf is related to coyotes and golden jackals. He is trained for cooperative game hunting. He is skilled in tackling large prey too. It travels in nuclear families; the offspring also leave to form their own packs. They are mainly carnivorous. They live far away from humankind. Because of their experiences with shepherds and hunters, they have developed a fear of people.

There is an in-depth study on the genetics of German Shepherd dogs. They have descended from their ancestry of wolves. Fox, jackal, wolf, and German Shepherd dogs are all related to the Canidae family. So genes may have the link between wolves and German Shepherd dogs. Von Stephanitz used the Thuringian breed to produce the German Shepherd breed, and this breed has a close resemblance to the grey wolf. They both have the same physical features as erected years, cold tail, etc.that is why there is a resemblance between a German Shepherd dog and a wolf.

But before concluding, let’s discuss in detail about the differences that they both possess.

Wolf compared to German Shepherd

When we discuss German Shepherd and a wolf, there are a lot of the difference.

  • Size, weight, speed, bite force

An adult German Shepherd is 60 to 65 cm tall, whereas a male wolf is 66 to 81 cm. The average weight of a male German Shepherd dog is 22 to 40 kgs, and an adult wolf is 30 to 80 kgs. German Shepherd dog has 238 PCI bite force. At the same time, a wolf has a bite force of 400 pounds of pressure. A German Shepherd has a speed of 63kph, and a wolf has a speed of 75kph. 

  • Breeding season

German Shepherd can breed twice a year, whereas wolves can breed only once a year.

  • Maturity

Wolves become mature faster than the German Shepherd dogs. Wolves are independent as they survive in the wild, whereas the German Shepherd dogs are dependent on their owners. 

  • Appearance

German Shepherd dogs have brown eyes, but wolves have amber eyes. Coats of German Shepherd dogs have different colors, and sometimes they have a combination of different colors. Wolves have camouflage colors to get protection in wildlife. Tale of the wolf is straighter, and paws are bigger than German Shepherd dogs. 

  • Difference in behavior

Wolves are smarter and shy than German Shepherd dogs. German Shepherd dogs are social as they are pet dogs and adjust themselves in a homely environment, but wolves are not. Wolves focus on relations among their packs. They have a very strict hierarchy, and they are independent. 

  • Actors

German Shepherd dogs love to please their owners. They act according to their trainers and owners. But wolves are hard to train. They have no interest in pleasing people. So they are poor actors in comparison to German Shefford dogs. 

  • Tolerance

Bulls can tolerate extreme weather of hot deserts and cold weather of the Arctic circle. German Shepherd dogs need comfort at home.

  • Diet

Wolves eat meat; instead, we can say they eat whatever they get. They have a strong digestive system to digest everything. In comparison, German Shepherd dogs have dry dog food.

What is a German Shepherd Wolf Mix Dog?

There is a possibility that a crossbreed of German Shepherd dog and wolf can be seen. There are breeders of half wolf half German Shepherd. But they have to comply with state or local rules and laws. There are some places which require standard caging for wolf dogs, and some require vaccinations and licensees. So before adopting or purchasing, Try to understand the laws related to wolfdog hybrid

What is a Wolf German Shepherd’s Personality Like?

German Shepherd Wolf mix is the outcome of cross breeding of German Shepherd and a wolf known as wolf dog or Wolf Shepherd. The wolfdog can be grey, black, sable, white, or a combination of above these colors. Meanwhile, wolf dogs have thick fur, pointed ears, and long face. German Shepherd wolf mix has an average weight of 54 cages or 120 LBS. Its height is around 24 inches. They are intelligent and very strong. It is challenging to point to the temperament of the German Shepherd Wolf. It all depends on the background of its parents. But when they become Mature, you can easily judge their temperament.

Health problems of German Shepherd Wolf mix

They can live up to 15 years. They can face genetic diseases like bloat, cancer, elbow dysplasia, and hip dysplasia.

Some Types of German Shepherd Wolf Mix

  • Saarloos Wolfhound

It is the result of the crossbreeding of a Shefford dog and a Timberwolf. They can be 76 cm tall and weigh around 45 KG. They are not family dogs due to their demanding personality and high maintenance. They need professional training, and prices range from $800 to $1000. 

  • Lupo Italiano wolfdog

It is the outcome of German Shefford and she Wolf. This breed is protected by the state of Italy and can’t be commercialized. They are very protective of their owner. They have a height of almost 70 cm and weigh around 35 KG. 

  • Czechoslovakian wolf dog

This breed resulted from The crossbreed of a German Shepherd and a Carpathian wolf. They are very agile and energetic. 

They are useful in rescue operations and worked as an attack dog for the special military. They have a height of 65 cm and can weigh around 25 KG. They are quite stubborn and independent. They can be aggressive with other pets and dogs, and price ranges from $800-$1500. 

So, it is possible to have a crossbreed of a German Shepherd dog and a wolf. But be knowledgeable and trained before having one.