Everything About German Shepherd Greyhound Mix

You now have to meet a hybrid dog with character and power to spare, like the German Shepherd Greyhound mix. If you are looking to adopt an intimidating dog only because of its size, you will undoubtedly love to adopt this pet. The German Shepherd Greyhound mix is ​​quite attractive for what it is worth knowing about.

You can know some information about the German Shepherd Greyhound mix so that you include this dog in your family. You can know the health problems that the pet presents and how you can train this hybrid dog.

What is a German Shepherd Greyhound Mix?

What is a German Shepherd Greyhound Mix

The German shepherd greyhound mix is ​​achieved with the Greyhound and German Shepherd mix, which are very dominant breeds. This is a very powerful, strong hybrid dog with a very unique inherited character. The hybrid dog was created to optimize the German Shepherd, increasing its size and strength.

You can have a fairly large type of dog in your home, very strong and affectionate with your whole family. There was no exact date when this hybrid originated, but you must adopt it because it is a beautiful dog.

Some Facts About the German Shepherd Greyhound Mix

Before you adopt the German Shepherd Greyhound mix, you will have to know some basic facts such as:

  • Good size

The Greyhound and German Shepherd mix can give you a very large dog that can be up to 26 inches tall. You can have a great dog that intimidates people, thus preventing them from hurting your loved ones. The size of the dog comes from both parents; they are not usually very robust but thin.

  • Speed

You can have a very fast hybrid dog that reaches 40 miles per hour which turns out to be impressive. This hybrid occupies a lot of speed in its legs on the Greyhound part, although the German shepherd gene also gives it speed.

  • Loyalty

The German Shepherd Greyhound mix is ​​a fairly loyal dog that will fight for you when you are in danger. This hybrid dog can be an important component in the police force for you to integrate there.

  • Smart

They are large dogs with superior intelligence, so that you can train them without major problems. The Greyhound and German Shepherd mix is ​​very attentive and therefore learns very quickly everything you are teaching it.

German Shepherd Greyhound Mix Health Issues

When you have a hybrid dog such as the Greyhound and German Shepherd mix, you may need to take care of him with some health problems:

  • Gastric dilation

This problem is very common in the parents of the hybrid dog to be adopted in their genes. Gastric dilation causes your pet’s intestine to fill with gas, which compromises its speed. You will have to take your dog to the vet as soon as possible to control this inherited disease.

  • Cherry eye

It is a problem that can be hereditary in which your eyelids are compromised because they will swell a lot. You can give your pet some medicine to control this swelling so he can see well.

  • Problems with your skin

Skin problems can also affect the German shepherd greyhound mix, so you should take care of it. The good thing about these skin problems is that they are easy to treat in your dog; you have to be very attentive.

  • Epileptic problems

Epileptic problems can be inherited from the hybrid dog from its parents, but you can control it. You have to study your dog where it is ruled out that he has epilepsy.

  • Bad temperament

Your German Shepherd and Greyhound mix may have temperament issues inherited from the German Shepherd. You have to train your dog from puppyhood to be able to have control over him and avoid these outbursts of anger.

How to Train a German Shepherd Greyhound Mix?

If you have your German shepherd greyhound mix puppy and you want to train him, you will have to do the following:

  • Invest time in training

You have to invest at least 1 hour of your day in training this large dog so that you can deplete its energy.

  • Show your dog who’s boss

You have to teach your pet who’s boss in training from puppyhood so you can control his temperament.

  • Take him for a walk two times a day

You will have to walk your dog at least two times a day in stretches of 30 min to 1 hour.

  • Create a routine with your pet

You can create a training routine with your pet where you run, allow him to play with other dogs, and have fun.


The German Shepherd Greyhound mix’s temperament is ​​quite correct; it respects you and is loyal to you since a puppy. You must be careful with the attitude that this dog adopts and always be strong so that it pays attention to you. The dog’s temperament is passive on the Greyhound part, but it can be very dominant on the German Shepherd.

Nutritional Requirements

You will have to feed this dog very well because his large size forces him to consume many nutrients. The German Shepherd Greyhound should eat three times a day in low-fat, balanced portions. You should avoid giving your dog human food and only feast him on kibbles and meats.

Exercise Requirements

Regular exercise will give you a very active dog, so you have to spend a lot of time on it. You have to take your dog for a run every day, let him jump, walk, play with other dogs, etc. This type of dog can accumulate a lot of energy that, at some point, he will have to release from his body.

German Shepherd Greyhound Mix Information

It is a hybrid dog that came out of the cross between the German Shepherd and the Greyhound, large pets. The German Shepherd Greyhound mix is ​​quite slim, very energetic, and fast for you to adopt at home. It is a dog that will show you loyalty and love towards your family to take good care of it.

Is The German Shepherd Greyhound Mix The Right Breed For Me?

This is a very large dog with which you can show power and intimidate your friends when visiting you. The German Shepherd Greyhound mix needs a lot of attention, so you should dedicate time of your life to it. It is a suitable dog for people who have time to spare, so you should refrain from adopting it if you do not have it.

German Shepherd Greyhounds also require good nutrition and power for you to train. This is a rebellious dog that you must put a heavy hand on so that he can live very well.

Last Words

German Shepherds Greyhounds are very large, beautiful, intelligent, and fast dogs that you can adopt now. These dogs are all you need to be included in the police force or on the hunt. You have to know how good the dog is with his temperament, health problems, or other basic information.