German Shepherd Samoyed Mix

The German Shepherd and the Samoyed have widely recognized breeds of dogs, and the German Shepherd Samoyed has emerged from their mix. This is a rare mix that is known for its loyalty, kindness, and intelligence. Below you can learn a little more about this breed that combines the best aspects of the German Shepherd and the fluffy aspects of the Samoyed.

What Is A German Shepherd Samoyed Mix?

What Is A German Shepherd Samoyed Mix

As the name implies, the Samoyed German Shepherd is a mix between the German Shepherd and a Samoyed. Mixed breed dogs have been around for many years, but it is now that they are becoming more popular.

This mix’s size is ​​quite large, and they can measure up to 24 inches in height. It is a friendly, intelligent, and courageous dog; they have the appearance of a wolf.

The Origin Of The German Shepherd Samoyed Mix

The Samoyed German Shepherd is a loyal dog and has a naturally hardworking appearance, and has both breeds’ best traits.

Samoyed Origin

This dog was developed in the 19th century, and in its beginnings, the Siberians used them for herding. When they were already known, they were used to protect, hunt, and pull sleds. The Samoyed has a very thick coat and has a double coat that protects them from the cold. This is a friendly, fluffy, and very intelligent dog.

Origin Of The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a bred dog in the late nineteenth century, Horand von Grafrath was the first German Shepherd, and all GSD descended from him. They are intelligent, loyal, friendly dogs and it is the second most popular breed in the world.

Some Facts About The German Shepherd Samoyed Mix

The appearance of a Samoyed German Shepherd dog can vary from one dog to another. It will depend on the characteristics passed from each parent. If the mix inherits more German Shepherd characteristics, its physical characteristics and characteristics will resemble the German Shepherd. Whereas if he inherits more traits from the Samoyed side, the puppy will resemble the Samoyed physically.


The German Shepherd Samoyed temperament will inherit the temperament and protective instincts of his father. But they will have the social aspect of the Samoyed. The intelligence levels will be inherited from both races; you will have the Samoyed’s friendly nature with the joy and activity of the German Shepherd.

Owners of Samoyed German Shepherd dogs say that this mix needs a lot of affection and attention. Both breeds get bored easily if left alone for too long, and your German shepherd samoyed mix will also inherit this.


The Samoyed German Shepherd is a calm, friendly, loyal, and highly intelligent mix. As mentioned above, they can suffer from anxiety and stress if they feel lonely for long periods.

Life expectancy

The German Shepherd has an average lifespan between 9 and 13 years, and the Samoyed can live between 12 and 13 years. The mix between the two races can live up to 13 years and up to a little longer.

Health Problems

The Samoyed Geman Shepherd Mix is ​​a mix that has a lot of tolerance and resistance to diseases due to its genetic diversity. You must have your puppy’s lineage and information to be aware of any genetic conditions it may present.

Some health risks are very common in each of the parent breeds. German Shepherds often suffer from elbow and hip dysplasia because they are very active. You can have arthritis, thyroid dysfunction, and epilepsy.

Samoyeds can have the following health problems: diabetes, hypothyroidism, hip dysplasia, heart problems, and progressive retinal atrophy. Your Samoyed German Shepherd puppy is likely prone to any of these illnesses, which is why constant vet checkup is very important.

How To Train A German Shepherd Samoyed Mix?

Training a German shepherd samoyed mix is ​​very easy because they are so smart. If you want, you can train them to teach them new tricks and to follow orders, but you must do it early. They are friendly dogs that always want to please their owners and make them feel happy. Follow the steps below:

  • Start training early
  • You should encourage your dog by using positive reinforcement such as cookies, treats, etc.
  • Be patient and take a reasonable time to train your dog.
  • Take walks outside.

How to care for a German shepherd samoyed mix

To take care of your Samoyed German Shepherd dog, follow these tips:

Exercise Needs

This mix is ​​very active thanks to its two descendants. If you want a relaxed lap dog, this mix will not be for you. They require outdoor activities and daily walks to keep them calm and control their destructive behavior.

If you have a German shepherd samoyed mix and do not take frequent walks, you will see that they will start to get bored, and they will chew on shoes, furniture, and everything that comes their way. The Samoyed is a dog that can bark and be annoying. It is possible that your mix can inherit it and become a heavy barker when left alone for a long time.

This type of mix should have an outdoor space for him to run around and have fun with some dog toys to stimulate himself.

Grooming And Moving Out

This mix sheds a lot of furs and should be kept properly to keep it looking good. You should brush it regularly so it can be in good general health and looking great.

The Samoyed German Shepherd is not good for people with allergies because of the amount of hair they shed. His coat will be more easily stained with dirt, so he needs a bath at least once a month if you want to keep him clean. You can also use deodorant dog wipes between baths, so their coat always stays clean.

Brush your Samoyed German Shepherd’s teeth regularly to avoid dental problems. They should have chew toys that are great for keeping teeth strong and clean. You should clean his ears frequently and trim his nails every 2 to 3 weeks.

Food And Diet

As it is a large breed with a large size, you should buy food that is ideal for large breed dogs and high quality. You must ensure that your dog has adequate nutrition to have good development and growth. An ideal amount would be 3 cups of croquettes every day. It is important that the meal is balanced and contains nutrients.

Adult dogs should eat twice a day that are in the morning and at night.

How Much Does A GSD Samoyed Mix Cost?

As it is a unique and rare mix, it cannot be easy to find it. This makes its price higher; a Samoyed German Shepherd can cost between $ 500 and $ 2,000. The amount will depend on your parents, the availability of puppies, the puppies’ quality, and the location.

Is The GSD Samoyed Mix Right For You?

It is a fluffy, friendly, loyal dog with striking coat colors; that is why the Samoyed German Shepherd is an ideal charming dog for you. It is a smart mix that will love to play and give love to all its owners. You must bear in mind that it is a dog that needs a lot of exercise on daily walks so that you can keep it healthy and happy.