Top 151 Best Brushes For German Shepherds 2021

If you have German shepherd as a pet, you have to know how to brush their beautiful hair without causing damage. German Shepherds differ from other dogs because they have a double coat of hair that sticks out depending on the season. You will see how their hairs have two types of coats in the winter or the summer due to the drastic change in the weather.

Find out which is the best brush to keep your dog very beautiful without causing damage or interruptions to his hair. And find out how efficient brushes are for your pet, buy them in classified stores, and make him feel very happy.

Discover The Types of German Shepherd Coat

German Shepherds are very intelligent, friendly pets with quite complicated hair that makes them stand out from other dogs. These dogs have two coats, a skinny one located on the inside and a thick one on the surface. The length of pet hair varies depending on how you maintain it, although it does need to be short.

There are pets of this breed with long coats with thick hair or short coats with very long internal hair. You must understand how long the hair is on your pet to choose the most suitable brush. You should brush your pet’s coat to make it look exquisite and keep it looking shiny.

Types of Brush For your German Shepherd

Among the best brushes for your pet are:

  • Brush to remove mats

If your pet has tangled hair problems, you should buy the brush with mats or wide teeth. They are perfect brushes with which you can remove tangles in your pet’s hair without hurting or disturbing it. You should apply a little water so that your pet softens the wild hair and thus proceed to brush it gently.

  • Brush to remove stains

With the brush to remove stains, you will remove the dead hair that your pet has in the coat but that you have not discarded. Dead hair can be left on your pet’s coat because while they run or do other activities, they tend to sweat excessively. That sweat that your German Shepherd wipes away is what serves as the glue for dead hair to lodge in his coat.

You have to help your pet remove all that hair that causes discomfort or just damages his appearance. This type of brush is very popular, and you can use it for any breed to remove dead hair. Brushing is very light and does not require you to apply a lot of effort, avoid your pet feeling discomfort in the process.

  • Mittens for grooming your pet

Sometimes your dog can get annoyed with regular brushing so that you may need some mitts for grooming. With this brushing tool, you can give your pet a lot of peace because he feels that he is stroking him usually. There are two functions in one that you cannot miss: petting your dog and cleaning his entire coat at the same time.

These mittens or gloves for grooming your pet have a semi-rustic texture with which you can clean your pet. You should use the glove with confidence; they are even very good at cleaning your dog in areas like the face.

  • Brush for lower hairs

If you want to clean your pet’s coat thoroughly, it is ideal to buy an under hairbrush. With this grooming on your pet’s coat, you will not feel so hot in the summer due to having unnecessary hair. You should brush your pet when it is completely dry because water or sweat in the area can complicate the process.

  • Slicker brush

They are rustic brushes with which you will clean your pet’s coat in seconds, both internal and external hairs. They are slow to use because they have wire hairs that can cut or irritate your pet’s skin when brushing. You can purchase pin brushes to avoid hurting your pets; you have some metal fences but with a round tip.

How To Choose One Of The Best Dog Brushes For A German Shepherd?

One of the best options you have to keep your German Shepherd clean without hurting him with a grooming mitt. These tools are what you want if you have a very delicate pet that does not let them be touched a lot. With the mitten, you can groom your dog, giving him confidence and allowing himself to be cleaned more frequently.

With the German Shepherd Grooming Glove, you can use an extra brush like a round point pin brush. With both items, you can remove impurities from your pet’s inner and outer coat without causing discomfort. You should think about the best for your pet before making a decision, try to understand it, and notice its tastes.

The Five Best Brushes For German Shepherds

#1 Hertzko self-cleaning polishing brush

Hertzko self-cleaning polishing brush

It is a brush to remove the mats with which you will clean your German Shepherd very gently. The brush has fences that are retractable, very useful to remove excess fur; you will save a lot of time with a click. You should buy this brush for the teeth you have in a row, very good at removing knots, mats, tangles, dandruff, hair, or impurities.

You will love the Hertzo self-cleaning brush for its good grip that will not tire your wrist while you use it. With softened fences, you can check that your pet will not tear, cut, or feel pain while brushing.



  • It has teeth that are retractable for quick cleaning of your pet’s hair.
  • You can grip it safely; it is not slippery.
  • Rounded tip fences to avoid hurting your pet
  • The teeth are retracted in just one click, very easy to use.
  • Varied use to detangle hair or to remove dirt.
  • Its composition allows your pet to feel a pleasant massage.

You should purchase the Hertzko brush if you have a long, thick-haired German Shepherd that is sophisticated cleaning. This brush is useful for large dogs, do not use it on small pets because it can hurt them.

#2 GoPets Professional Double-sided Brush

GoPets Professional Double-sided Brush

You should purchase this professional brush to remove excess hair that lingers on your German Shepherd’s coat. In a few seconds, you will remove the fur that your pet shed due to heat or temperature change. The GoPets has tiny teeth that follow a line, very functional for total cleaning.

The use of the Gopets is unlimited, and you can use it with a German Shepherd with short, medium, or even very long fur. The teeth of the brush are made of stainless steel so it will last long for you to clean your pet. The fences are softened so as not to scratch or hurt your pet; in the same way, you must use it with great care.


  • It is very useful for removing excess hair on the superficial and internal part of your pet.
  • Very good for German Shepherds who have a very wiry undercoat.
  • Quick cleaning due to the close-knit bristles
  • The teeth are softened so that your pet does not feel discomfort or pain when brushing.
  • Its head is removable so that you can take the brush at ease.

You should use the GoPets regularly to remove excess hair on your pet’s coat. To avoid hurting or scratching your dog, you have to pass it several times to remove the excess fur; this can be annoying. With the removable head, you may feel discomfort, especially when you are a beginner and do not know how it works.

#3 PawsPamper Extra Wide Bottom Layer Rake

PawsPamper Extra Wide Bottom Layer Rake

With this undercoat rake, you will thoroughly clean your pet without causing any damage or discomfort. With the lower hair rake, you can place it in your hand and pet your pet. With this accessibility, you can clean common areas with excess hair and the most complex areas on your pet’s body.

With the extra-wide rake, you gain access to all corners of your pet’s coat, completely removing excess hair. If you have a German Shepherd with long or medium hair, it is ideal that you acquire the PawsPamper. With this rake, you can massage your pet while allowing you to improve its appearance by removing excess internal hair.


  • With the rake, you can clean delicate areas on your pet, such as the face or tail.
  • Offers a pointed but rounded texture so as not to cause damage to your German Shepherd
  • It is very useful for detangling and removing excess hair from the internal area.
  • You can give your pet a rich massage with the extra-wide rake.
  • It is very simple to use; it will save you a lot of time to clean your pet.

With its large design, the PawsPamper can be annoying for people with small hands, although it is not limiting. You can use the rake for your German Shepherd no matter how thick his undercoat is. You should avoid using it on small dogs because its design can scare or hurt them.

#4 FURminator Undercoat hair removal brush

FURminator Undercoat hair removal brush

With the Furminator Undercoat brush, you will experience a simple, very comfortable use and the opportunity to massage your pet. With this brush, you can remove all the excess external or internal hair if you apply a little pressure in one of the most popular brushes for having a tiny composition that is used for German Shepherds and other dog breeds.

The brush has close-knit fences that make it easy for you to grab as much excess hair as possible. The Teeth have a fully rounded tip so as not to hurt your pet in the cleaning process.


  • All its bristles are made of stainless steel for long life.
  • It has a smooth glide to make the cleaning process very fast.
  • Offers a very pleasant grip system so that you do not feel fatigued in your daily use
  • With the “Fur” button you can remove all the hair collected by the fences, it is very easy to use

This brush is perfect and has a variety of use for cleaning your small or large dogs. With the automatic hair shedding of the FURminator, you will save a lot of time and ensure that your pet is clean.

#4 Pat Your Pet Double Sided Fur Rake

Pat Your Pet Double Sided Fur Rake

This dual-use rake is a great innovation to brush your German Shepherd with very good softness and quality. On one side of the rake, you can use it to clean the outer coat and on the other the inner coat. The important thing is that with just one twist, you can clean both hair types without even exchanging parts or brushes.

You can completely clean your pet’s coat, make it smoother, cleaner, and very elegant to show off. This rake has an outstanding design in that you will feel the quality of its double side in action. Its grip does not slip so you can use it regardless of whether your pet has a wet coat.



  • It has a very good dual-use function to remove excess hair and the mat on the other side.
  • It is very useful for dogs with extra-long hair.
  • Works for the inner and outer coat
  • It has a blade that cuts the tangles in your pet’s hair.
  • The teeth are rounded so that your pet does not feel pain or discomfort.
  • It has a rubber that does not slide, so its use is enjoyable.

With this dual-use brush, you must accustom your pet; surely, at first, he will not like it. To have a correct use with the brush, you must wet your pet’s hair, facilitating the work. They are tiny and high-quality brushes, and you can use it on your German Shepherd or other dogs with wild fur.

Benefits Of Brushing Your German Shepherd

You will enjoy many benefits from regularly brushing your dog, but the most important are:

  • Your pet gets an attractive appearance.
  • You improve your connection with the pet.
  • You prevent him from being dirty and therefore getting sick.
  • You can keep their undercoat very soft and clear for the summer.
  • You keep your home clean without constant shedding of hair.

The main benefit you experience from brushing your German Shepherd or pet, in general, is seeing how happy they are. Your pet may not be comfortable brushing at first, but over time they will get used to it and love it.

Grooming Tips For German Shepherd Dogs

  • Use water as a complement to make the process of brushing your dog’s hair easier.
  • You should carefully remove tangled or knotted hair that your pet has on its inner or outer coat. When you eliminate this problem, you will notice how happy your pet gets by not feeling discomfort from matted hair.
  • The use of brushes, rakes, or gloves for grooming is constant, and you must pass it to your dog several times. You must be careful when brushing your German Shepherd’s hair; with a bad movement, it can be scary.


When you have a German shepherd or another breed of dog, you must take care of its coat against tangles and excess dead hair. With a good cleaning, your pet will feel happier, and its appearance will improve incredibly. All brushing tools are right, but you should make the most suitable one for your German Shepherd.

You should make gentle movements so that your dog is not afraid and let you brush him regularly. The use of gloves for grooming is elementary if you are a beginner in brushing, you will learn a lot with it. You should think about the happiness of your German Shepherd, brush its internal and external fur to improve its appearance and elegance.