How Much Exercise Does A German Shepherd Need Each Day?

Many owners of this breed have wondered How Much Exercise does a German Shepherd Need Each Day. The German shepherd is a dog bred mainly for herding and is currently used for other jobs where they perform well, such as in the armed forces and the police.

Also, German Shepherds are highly sought after for the home because they are a very loyal and intelligent breed. Also, it is a very active breed, and that is why they are easy to train. This breed can adapt to any space, and because they are very active, they need to exercise daily.

Because without being very active, this breed of dog needs a lot of attention and care not to get bored. But not everything is great since German Shepherds, due to the way they have been raised, can go through various health problems.

For this reason, if you own a German Shepherd and do not take proper care of it, keeping them can be very expensive, and the dog can be seriously affected. For all these reasons, the German shepherd must exercise and be constantly active.

Suitable games and activities for GSD

Suitable games and activities for GSD

Your German shepherd needs to keep busy, as this breed likes to be active. Here are some of the activities that your German shepherd will love:


Your dog may be a little scared when it is submerged in water for the first time, especially when they are young. Likewise, most dogs may have the instinct to swim. However, they may be afraid of not feeling the bottom of the pool at their feet.

Chew toys

All dogs, including the German shepherd, love to chew toys, and that is why they must make use of toys specially made for them. Stuffed animals probably won’t last long on a German Shepherd because he will destroy it by leaving a real mess at home.

You should search for more durable toys, so you should look for toys designed for German Shepherds. Also, the German shepherd must know that he has toys that are his, and they can play with them whenever they want. When they are bored, they take these toys, which is when they develop chewing.

Finding the right toys for the German shepherd can be a bit difficult and expensive if your dog likes to chew on them. There are dog toy factories that make them in super-resistant materials, which will be worth the investment.

Agility courses

The first thing to know is that agility training is not for all dogs. This type, of course, is specially created for competition dogs, although it can also be a good option for your dog to do a little exercise and relieve his energy.

In fact, near you, you can find free agility courses, although you can also pay for one if you want your dog to exercise. And if you can’t take it to an agility course, you can make a makeshift setup. German Shepherds like repetitive games, like search games.

Although they can easily get bored of the same game, it will be necessary to practice creativity and look for games that can satisfy their needs. Find games that allow your dog to have free movement for his well-being and happiness.

Tracking training

Dogs possess skills that humans cannot master, and one of them is tracking. German dogs, like other breeds, have such a keen sense of smell that they can be stronger than people. Dogs can see their tracks just by detecting certain smells.

Follow-up training can be a lot of fun for your dog because it is a sport that the German shepherd loves. Through this sport, the German shepherd will be encouraged to use his sense of smell to search for different items and objects.

Follow-up training is a great tool for dogs doing some work. Rescue dogs must do the follow-up training, and if you want your dog to do this training, you can participate in the follow-up to enjoy with him.

Playing fetch

This is one of the most basic games you can do with your German shepherd. Although this activity is very simple, it is very fun and rewarding for your dog, and you can carry it out in most spaces and even with any object.

After knowing How Much Exercise does a German Shepherd Need Each Day, you will understand that this game is very fun for them.

To play fetch with your dog, you have to throw an object so that he runs after him and is in charge of recovering it. Once they search for the thrown item, they will need to bring it back directly to you. Also, you can re-launch it to have a great time with your dog.

The balls are the most common object to be thrown, although you can also use sticks, frisbees, or toys specially designed for them.

Advanced obedience training

This type of training is convenient to be carried out by experts. By knowing all the basic commands, the German shepherd will be able to do other skills because he is a very intelligent breed.

Through this training, the German shepherd will learn to sit, flail and stay, and he, too, will be able to stop barking when someone knocks on his door. Aside from teaching him what to do, obedience training can create a better bond with his owners.

If, for example, your German shepherd pulls on the leash when walking, through this training, he will stop.

How much exercise does my GSD need?

How much exercise does my GSD need

To know How Much Exercise does a German Shepherd Need Each Day, you must first determine that each dog breed requires extra care and attention. In the German Shepherd case, this breed is very active and likes to stay in constant motion. That is why you should consult with your veterinarian about what type of physical activity your dog can do so that he can lead a good lifestyle.

When your dog does the exercise, he needs to release energy from him. This can be very beneficial to his health. If you feel a reference to the German Shepherd breed, you should only pay close attention to your dog, and depending on whether he is calm or hyperactive, you should know how to treat him so that he is happy.

Low intensity

Every German shepherd has its personality, and for calmer dogs, they can exercise 15 to 30 minutes of exercise time.

Medium intensity

Some German Shepherds are moderately active. And for them, 30 to 60 minutes of exercise daily will suffice.

High intensity

The German shepherd needs a very active physical activity where they can run to release his energy. This breed is very active, so they can do 1 to 3 hours of exercise a day to remain calm inside the home.