German Shepherd Gestation Period

If you have a female German shepherd, you should prepare yourself because at some point, while you take care of her, she can get pregnant. Ideally, you should know a little about German Shepherd pregnancy and when she can get pregnant. Find out what is the average time in which the gestation lasts in your pet so that you take care of it at all times.

You should know how many puppies can have a GSD and how you will know if your pet is pregnant. Learn how to take care of your German shepherd during its gestation period and thus have a perfect pregnancy.

What Is German Shepherd Gestation?

What Is German Shepherd Gestation

Gestation is the period of pregnancy that the animals have, a female German shepherd that you have. Although animal and human pregnancy are associated in their conception, there may be differences throughout the gestation. This pregnancy process between humans and dogs is different in time, duration, and number of offspring.

You must be vigilant about gestation in your German shepherd because it is a delicate process for this breed. If you have a pet of this female breed, it is common for you to get pregnant with hers or another breed.

When Can A German Shepherd Be Pregnant?

Your female German shepherd’s fertilization period will only occur in the 2nd stage of her usual heat cycle. When this hot stage is reached, your dog is prone to getting pregnant.

The gestation period in your German shepherd results in the 3rd stage of the heat or heat cycle that he has in his life. The entire gestation process in your female German shepherd can occur after six months from fertilization.

How Long Will It Last?

Your female GSD’s gestation period will normally last for the next 63 days. This gestation process also usually varies for German shepherd dogs, extending to 68 days or 58 days. You must be very attentive to the gestation period and that an early pregnancy does not take you by surprise.

What makes gestation time variable in your female GSD is the number of puppies. The bigger her belly, the younger she will have, which will result in a long gestation. If you notice that your female GSD’s belly is small, she may have few offspring, which results in a short gestation.

What Is The Number Of Puppies?

The number of puppies a female German Shepherd can have can vary depending on how fertile she is. Your female GSD may have only one puppy in her first pregnancy that, to your surprise, turns out to be a male. In general, the first puppy, a German Shepherd, has is a male, being 90% likely.

You can also have a litter of puppies after your female German Shepherd pregnancy. These litters can be eight puppies or even up to 15 in a single pregnancy for your pet.

Is Your Female GSD Able To Get Pregnant?

Is Your Female GSD Able To Get Pregnant?

You should consider that your female German shepherd can get pregnant in the first three years of life. These dogs have a time limit for pregnancy that it will not be possible to have their offspring after passing it. German Shepherd ages quickly, so you must get going so that your pet can get on tape with another GSD.

Sometimes your female GSD pet cannot get pregnant by a traditional method, and you must resort to a solution. You can take her dog to the vet for an artificial pregnancy procedure.

How To Know If Your German Shepherd Is Pregnant?

Your German shepherd may be pregnant, and you don’t know it because you don’t notice a drastic change in his appearance. You should know what are the signs in the gestation period of your pet to treat it in the following weeks:

  • Mark your territory

When your female GSD is pregnant, she can mark her territory at home by giving the first sign for gestation. You can notice how your dog urinates almost anywhere, looking for pregnancy signs from her.

  • Increase your weight

Your female GSD will increase her weight from 20% to 50% in her body throughout the gestation period. You can see how her pet increases her appetite, which will give her a few extra pounds in the next few weeks. The good thing about when your pet is pregnant, she can lose a lot of weight.

  • Change your temperament

Something very drastic that you will see in your dog is the temperament change throughout the gestation process. The dog will be very restless, closed, agitated, upset, and will take other attitudes that are not common. You may also notice that her pet is very aggressive, giving her maternal stage first signs.

  • Increases appetite

Your pet will eat double or even triple her food ration so you can quickly see that she is pregnant. When you notice this sign of pregnancy in your dog, you should pamper him with rich and healthy food. You must ensure your pet’s feeding and the puppies within it.

How To Care For A GSD Dog In Gestation Period?

How To Care For A GSD Dog In Gestation Period

You must know how to take care of your pet during her gestation period to give her incredible weeks. It is around nine weeks that you should be aware of her pregnant GSD by giving her this care:

  • Week 1 and 2

In these weeks, your veterinarian will not be able to confirm the pregnancy of your pet, so there is nothing you can do. You can look for some tips for the next few weeks where your pet will need help in pregnancy.

  •  Week 3

By this week, you will notice that your pet has a better appetite by eating almost twice the usual portion of it. Your female GSD will have changes in her behavior, which will be strange if you don’t know that she is pregnant. You should make sure that your female GSD has all the food she wants and stress relief toys.

  • Week 4

You should go to the vet to know some advice on supplements, drinks, and other foods for your pet. You should also ensure that your pet does not exercise, run for a long time, and other types of activities.

  • Week 5

By this week, your female GSD will have a huge change in her appearance, taking 20% ​​of her weight gain. You should consult with the vet about the foods that promote the puppies’ development.

  • Week 6

You should only try to maintain your pet’s diet, not to affect the puppies’ development. You need to give your female GSD small portions at this point in gestation.

  • Week 7

This week, you will notice that your pet will produce milk, so the day it will give birth is very close. You have to enable an area of ​​your house where your pet rests and keep her offspring in the future.

  • Week 8

Your female GSD is just a few days away from giving birth, so you should increase her care at home. You should prevent your pet from making any physical effort to interfere with her delivery.

  • Week 9

You should control the temperature at home to be around 36 degrees giving a warm environment. With this environment, your female German shepherd will give birth to her puppies, and you must assist her in it. You can also ask for help from a veterinarian to assist your pet in the delivery.