Sable German Shepherd (Guides 2021)

Sable German Shepherd

Sable German Shepherds are an extraordinary and fantastic breed that is similar to their wolf ancestors. It has a very special color; the Sable is the dominant coat color of the German shepherd; its color is similar to that of wolves. Below, you will learn more about this incredible breed: the Sables German Shepherds and … Read more

German Shepherd Bernese Mountain Mix: All About Euro Mountain Sheparnese

German Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog Mix - Photo By Loveyoudog

The euro mountain sheparnese, also known as the German Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog mix, is a hybrid dog that recently came in the spotlight of the cross-breeding world. However, not every time cross-breeding results in excellent production, it affects the dogs’ health and life-span, such as pugs or dachshunds.  Moreover, whoever decided to mix breed a german … Read more

German Shepherd Mouth: How to Care For GSD Teeth and Gums

German Shepherd's Mouth

If you think you know everything about your dog in the German Shepherd Mouth, you will discover many hidden secrets. You have to know the description of your pet’s mouth in gums, teeth, and other characteristics. Discover what the teeth are, and gums care that you should give your German Shepherd to avoid serious diseases … Read more

How to Treat German Shepherd Penis Problems

Treating German Shepherd Penis Problems - Image By Allshepherd

German Shepherds are loving, intelligent, and protective dogs. If this is the first time you have a float of this breed and you have begun to notice your red rocket, you are in the right place. At times you may notice that a type of fluid that is not urine is coming out of your … Read more

German Shepherd Puppies For Adoption (Tips and Guides)

GSD Puppies For Adoption - Image By germanshepherddoghq

If you want a companion in your life, you have to get German Shepherd Puppies for Adoption on the internet. With these dogs around you, you will be taken with love and a very useful companion for running and jogging. These dogs are very energetic useful for you to have by your side to do … Read more

How to Stop a German Shepherd Puppy from Biting

How to Stop a German Shepherd Puppy from Biting - Image By Allshepherd

The German Shepherd has become one of the most popular dog breeds around the world. During their puppy stage, they can get used to biting, and so that this situation does not become a problem during adulthood, they must correct this behavior in time. This breed of dog has many characteristics, and one of them … Read more