Sable German Shepherd (Guides 2021)

Sable German Shepherds are an extraordinary and fantastic breed that is similar to their wolf ancestors. It has a very special color; the Sable is the dominant coat color of the German shepherd; its color is similar to that of wolves.

Below, you will learn more about this incredible breed: the Sables German Shepherds and their behavior.

What Is A Sable German Shepherd?

German Shepherds are intelligent dogs, and they are very active; that is why they are very popular as army dogs or police dogs.

They are loyal, loving, and affectionate with all family members and get along very well with the little ones in the house. Although they can be a bit distant with strangers and are always alert, you should train them to be sociable from an early age.

Sable German Shepherd is known for its color that is unique. You will always be happy to see a black or silver Sable German Shepherd. Their fur varies in color, some individual hairs are darker, others lighter, and others pure black.

This is a trait that makes this breed very attractive. Sable German Shepherd is an agouti; this is a color gene that is widespread in mammals. This gene works differently between dogs and wolves, which is why they affect only the upper body.

The Sable German Shepherd has an appearance of muscular, strong, and athletic build. Its body has an S-like appearance where the upper half of its body is much higher than the rear. This happens because Sable German Shepherds are longer than they are tall.

Their little hoof is long, and their nose is black, and they have a powerful jaw, and their ears are erect. The eyes are usually dark brown.

What Is Agouti?

Agouti is known to be a band of colors, which means that the pigment cells will continuously change over time. As mentioned above, the coat color of the Sable German Shepherd has to do with pigment cells.

As the Sable German Shepherd grows and the coat gets longer, these pigment cells will change. Some dogs develop their color from light to dark when they age; in this case, the most affected area will be the back.

In the case of dark dogs, they are lighter on the sides; this occurs in silver German Shepherds. Other genes determine where the shading appears on the body.

There are no indications that the agoutí gene is related to any health problem in dogs. This means that Sable German Shepherd is the same as other breeds.

Different coat patterns of Sable German Shepherd

As already mentioned, Sable German Shepherd is an agouti and hence the variations in the coat of these dogs. Although there are four types, three can be seen in the color of these dogs.

Types of Sables

This breed is divided into 3, which are: the light Sable, the pointed Sable, and the shaded sable.

  • Sables that are light have few black hairs, but they are still red dogs.
  • Shaded Sables are similar to pointed Sable; only this one has more black hairs.
  • The spiked Sable has a red body, and its hair is pitch black.

The parts that are affected in all 3 are the head, ears, back, and tail. The Sable German Shepherd that is in this category is the red Sable.

Recessive black

This is one of the Sable German Shepherd; they are known as completely black dogs and, at the same time, the carriers of ten-point genes or sable genes. As this gene is recessive, it will not reveal the pure color; it is very common in Sable German Shepherd.

Sable German Shepherd is German Shepherds like everyone else. Except for the Sable German Shepherd coat, they are the same as the Standard German Shepherd.

Their color does not affect health or temperament, so you must feed, train, and groom them like standard German Shepherds.

Tan spots

Sable German Shepherd that has this coat pattern has the characteristic tan patches. These patches are mainly on the legs, tail, chest, and cheeks.

All puppies in this category start as a black sable German Shepherd and gradually become lighter. In this way, the only wholly black part that you will have is the back.

Sable German Shepherd Temperament

They are loving, and their temperament is very patient, and they always respond well to their owner. They are very confident and self-assured, making them excellent work dogs.

It is a dog that has a high drive, but if you train and socialize correctly from the beginning, you will not have problems. When you are already familiar with the Sable German Shepherd, you will know that they are affectionate and have a big heart.

They can be good guardians and always protect their owners; this makes them good at working in the police and military force. They are a brilliant breed and can distinguish between threats and non-threatening situations. As already mentioned, they are wary of strangers and should need an introduction until they become familiar.

What Exercise Do Sable German Shepherds need?

This is a breed that is an excellent companion for running. However, he cannot run long periods when he is a puppy because it can cause problems with his bones and joints. When they reach a mature age, these dogs will be able to go running, and they will love it.

When they are puppies, you can take them swimming when you think they are ready. They can do any activity so that the dogs can burn their energy; playing is excellent.

You can buy some balls or toys to do certain activities with your pet. The Sable German Shepherd is a classic breed dog and has a color variation that makes them unique and unusual.

They are safe, intelligent, protective, loyal, and loving dogs, that is why they are a perfect breed to be companions to anyone. They get along very well with kids and can spend hours playing.

There are no bad things to say about this breed as long as they are well trained and friendly. If you want to have a Sable German Shepherd, you must have time for them.

How To Purchase Sable German Shepherd Puppies?

As you can see, Sable German Shepherd is the same as standard German Shepherds. The sale of a dog of this breed can cost between $ 300 and $ 1,500. There is a possibility that you cannot identify if the Sable German Shepherd is a purebred, so you should find out well before buying.

If you do not know the breeder, you can ask for a DNA test of the puppy so that you are sure it is a purebred Sable German Shepherd. When they are puppies, their ears fall on their head, as they grow and mature, their ears are already erect.