Do German Shepherds Shed A Lot?

German Shepherds Shedding - Image By playbarkrun

Do German Shepherds Shed a Lot? This is a question that many German Shepherd owners, or those about to have one, might ask themselves. However, it is already normal for many owners of this breed to see dog hair scattered everywhere. When you have a German Shepherd at home, you can find traces of his … Read more

German Shepherd Eye Problems and Pannus

German Shepherd Eye Problems - Image By allergicpet

German Shepherds are a breed that can suffer from many diseases, and one of them is pannus. This is an immune system condition caused by ultraviolet light damage to one cornea side. Below you can learn more about this disease and how you can treat it in GSDs. What Is Pannus? As mentioned above, pannus … Read more

Dealing With German Shepherd Health Concerns

treating German Shepherd Health Issues - Image By pethelpful

The German Shepherd is a dog characterized by having high intelligence and is the best friend that human beings can have. It is an animal of a very fine breed and in demand; it also has the particularity of being very obedient and protective, so it becomes the best ally a family can have at … Read more