Do German Shepherds Shed A Lot?

Do German Shepherds Shed a Lot? This is a question that many German Shepherd owners, or those about to have one, might ask themselves. However, it is already normal for many owners of this breed to see dog hair scattered everywhere.

When you have a German Shepherd at home, you can find traces of his coat on the floor, on furniture, and in every corner where the dog walks. However, according to the breed type, German Shepherds have a medium-length coat and an outer coat that turns out to be very dense.

That is why German Shepherds have a lot of furs that they continually shed. They also lose their undercoat completely twice a year, specifically in spring and fall.

However, although this process seems to take a long time to clean the coat, you can help the shedding be saved. You can brush your German shepherd’s hair regularly. And although there will still be some hairballs in view, it is likely that in the end, you will not see as much hair in all places in your house.

Why do German Shepherds shed so much?

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Do German Shepherds Shed a Lot? The answer is yes, but the fact that the German shepherd shed a hair fashion is normal. However, there may be other reasons for this to happen, such as stress and other factors that we will see below:

Puppy coat fall

Some breeds of dogs molt seasonally, while German Shepherds can do so throughout the year. When their old hairs are being thrown, new ones appear quickly without growing in the same place.

German Shepherds are a breed with a lot of hair, so even though they shed a lot, they will always keep the same amount.

Changing seasons

German Shepherds tend to shed their hair throughout the year. However, during the summer and fall, this process turns out to be stronger. When this dog sheds its coat in the fall, the dog will prepare for the cold of winter by removing the outer coat.

Also, shedding during the summer helps the dog to cool off in the hot summer months. This process is known as fur blowing and can take several weeks.

Health problems

Several health problems can lead to increased shedding in the German shepherd. Stress causes this breed to shed hair quickly as well as dehydration.

If your dog sheds more hair than normal, you should give him a supplement recommended by the doctor so that they can have a healthy coat.

Nutritional deficiency

This is another reason why German Shepherds can shed more hair than normal. When your dog does not have adequate nutrition, not only can he lose more hair, because his health could also be affected.

In general, the cheapest dog food does not have good nutritional percentages. Good brands of dog food are recommended by doctors since they will avoid health problems in your dog, and the shedding of hair will reduce.

External parasites

There can be many reasons for your German Shepherd shedding excess hair. Some parasites are known as mites, and they can cause your dog to be very itchy. In this way, the dog will begin to lick and scratch compulsively and will throw hair everywhere.

Treatments to prevent your dog from shedding a lot will vary depending on the reason. However, if it is due to external parasites such as scabies, the doctor will send the appropriate medication to be applied.

German Shepherd shedding season

The shedding of hair is a very natural process in German Shepherds, especially during the fall and summer seasons. During the spring it is very hot, and during the autumn it is very cold. Also, dogs shed more hair in these seasons to be able to adapt to different weather conditions.

When Do GSDs shed and stop shedding?

The reality is that German Shepherds tend to shed throughout the year, as they use their fur as a protective barrier against heat and cold. That is why the German shepherd will always shed his hair, adapting to the weather conditions in which he finds himself.

The shedding of hair stands out much more in some dogs than in others, especially in those with a very dense coat. Very few dog breeds do not go through this process.

Tips About Dealing with GSD Shedding

Tips on Dealing with German Shepherd Shedding

Do German Shepherds Shed a Lot? One of the best tips to not despair when you see your German shepherd shed a lot of hair is brushing it. A brushing given correctly and frequently is the best option to combat the German shepherd’s natural shedding.

Experts recommend brushing your dog once a day, especially in seasons where hair loss is greater. In this way, all the dead hair will remain in the brush, and you will not see it spread on the floor, on the furniture, or the carpets.

Also, it is important to remove your dog’s dead hair so that this is not the cause of knots that will later be more difficult to remove. When the hairs are dead and these knots or dreadlocks form, it will be difficult for the new hair to emerge.

Thus, the dog may have dandruff or itchiness, while his body odor may be more intense and even unpleasant.

  • You must choose the right brush.

The question of whether Do German Shepherds Shed a Lot? It has been cleared. That is why the most logical thing to do is to find a good solution to this problem. You will find a wide variety of brushes in the market, although you must choose the most appropriate one.

You can see mittens, combs, brushes, and different bristles’ thicknesses among the variety of brushes.

For dogs with short coats, mittens are an excellent option, while for the German shepherd, there will be nothing better than bristles and a brush.

  • Food should also be taken into account.

99% of the coat is protein-based, and for this reason, food is essential for your dog to show off a spectacular coat. The protein must be of high quality and with high biological value for the dog’s skin and coat to remain healthy.

The food you feed your dog should be rich in sources of omega-three fatty acids. When you feed your dog a good diet, his good diet will quickly reflect his skin and coat.

  • Be very patient

You must have been concerned to see so much hair from your dog spread all over the house. To help you, you can use a vacuum cleaner that has the right characteristics to collect your dog’s hair quickly.