Are German Shepherds Good With Cats?

German Shepherds are very intelligent dogs, but their owners wonder: Are they smart enough to get along with cats? Many people love cats and dogs and are curious to know how they get along together. By nature, German Shepherds have a hunting instinct for prey, making it difficult to coexist with cats.

Naturally, German Shepherds will have a hard time not seeing (cats) as a target to chase. However, if people were in charge of socializing German Shepherds from puppies, they would not behave so badly with cats. These dogs are smart enough to know who to trust and who to chase.

Are German Shepherds Good With Other Pets?

The behavior of German Shepherds with other dogs or other pets can depend on different factors. This breed of dog can be very friendly, but at the same time very temperamental and aggressive towards other pets. They can be extremely aggressive with other dogs of the same sex, but a German Shepherd can be very good with other pets in most cases.

In some cases, a German Shepherd’s aggressive misbehavior is linked to a poor socialization teaching process. Some of the owners of this breed of dogs are in charge of teaching and training them from puppies to be very aggressive. German Shepherds are very good with other pets; it all depends on each of the dogs’ personalities.

German Shepherd And Cats

Gernan Shepherds and Cats

German Shepherds are known as a breed of dogs that have a strong prey drive towards other animals. Their nature dictates that they must chase the little things that run and get in their way. Cats are animals that German Shepherds, by nature and instinct, chase and run around; they can also physically harm them.

There is variation in the relationship between German Shepherds and cats and how well both can get along in one place. German Shepherds are intelligent and tend to respond excellently to learning who to chase and who not.

The good relationship and how well a German Shepherd can get along with a cat will determine how well the canine is trained. German Shepherds are very dominant and territorial, making the dog-cat relationship a bit difficult; however, this behavior can be corrected with training.

German Shepherd And Other Dogs

Regardless of its breed, every dog has a unique personality and temperament and should not be judged just for having the wrong name. If a German Shepherd is aggressive and confrontational with another dog, his owner does not pay enough attention to him and has not taught him to socialize. If German Shepherds are taught to socialize with other dogs from puppies, there shouldn’t be some problem.

German dogs can be introduced to other dogs that are well trained, friendly, and have the main vaccinations. German Shepherds are dogs that, despite being very dominant and territorial, love to have the company of other dogs (same breed or not). These dogs love to play and be in motion every day and every moment and have a great time if they have another dog to do these activities with.

There are several options and methods to relieve the tension for some tense occasions between a German Shepherd and other dogs. It is best to bring a dog that is the opposite sex of the German Shepherd found at home or on the street. It may take months (2 or 3) for this dog to get used to the full company of other dogs.

How To Train A German Shepherd To Get Along With Cats?

How To Train A German Shepherd To Get Along With Cats

German Shepherds have a strong drive towards their prey, making it difficult for them to be around cats. There are methods that an owner can do and improve behavior:

Understanding Cats

Cats are usually very cautious and reserved animals, especially when it comes to new environments and different situations. As with people, some cats tend to be outgoing, others daring, and some are shyer. This is one of the variables that can cover a wide spectrum, but generally, it is cats that approach new situations than dogs.

Teaching Basic Commands

German Shepherds are more open to socializing and learning in their first three months (it is important to start early). Before people decide to introduce a cat to their German Shepherd, this dog must know three important commands. Sit, Stay and Leave it (the most important) are the three most important basic commands and sufficient for healthy interaction between both animals.

Set Limits

Limits at mealtime are extremely important since the German Shepherd is very likely to be very aggressive when he eats. The most recommended thing is that it would be of great help if the German shepherd feeding is separate from that of the cat.

This separation and setting of boundaries will help to reduce something bad happening between these two pets greatly. In some cases, a distraction to German Shepherds will always be a good way to set boundaries with cats.

Separation And Unification

If the German Shepherd shows signs that he gets along very well with cats, it helps keep the two very well separated. This separation must occur on certain occasions so that the risk of something bad happening can be reduced. These dogs act on their instincts, especially when they are left alone and out of their owners’ sight.

Avoiding the risks between cats and German Shepherds is paramount for all lovers and owners of both pets. On the other hand, German Shepherds and cats’ unification is extremely important and vital to the relationship.

For them to get along with very puppies, they must be united and raised together so that both of them get used to the presence. Coexistence and coexistence are possible between German Shepherds and cats; only the necessary training methods should be applied.


German Shepherds are not very friendly dogs or as good with cats as other dog breed types. However, a good relationship can exist between cats and German Shepherds, as they are raised and trained. Some German Shepherds are very good, and others can be extremely aggressive towards cats, but they are worse because of their hunting instinct.

Those who wish to have a cat as a pet and a German shepherd is already in the house must take the necessary and preventive measures. The coexistence between dogs and cats can be possible if the owners know how to control the situation in the best way for the well-being of all.