German Shepherd Chow Mix – Chow Shepherd Dog Breed

What is a German Shepherd Chow Mix?

The ‘German Shepherd Chow Mix’ is a designer dog that is the resulted offspring of the German Shepherd and the Chow Chow. When standing tall, they can reach 2.2 ft tall, and their weight generally ranges between 45-95 pounds (lbs) or 20-43 kilograms (kg). Some of their physical characteristics include bushy tails, a fluffy and thick coat, sharp, pointed ears, and a medium to long muzzle. The color of their coats can vary a good bit. Some are shades of brown, tan, red, or white. However, their eye color generally does not change; their eyes are often brown. 

Some Basic Information About German Shepherd Chow Mix

Let’s get into some basic information about the German Shepherd Chow Mix. Their average lifespan generally lies between 10 to 13 years. When it comes to price, you will probably pay between $250 to $750 US dollars. However, there is a cheaper option, and that is the German Shepherd Chow mixed pups that are black. They are usually around $400 US dollars per pup. There are also some rare German Shepherd Dog breed mixes such as the German Shepherd Chow white puppies, which are on the more expensive side of things, generally costing $650 US dollars per pup.

Health Problems with German Shepherd Chow Mix

The GSD Chow Mix breeds are no stranger to health issues. They suffer from the following problems because of their large size. 

  • Joint Issues

German Shepherd Chow dogs often have issues with hip and elbow dysplasia and arthritis issues. The older German Shepherd Chow dogs often have joint diseases. However, this is usually because the issues are inherited genetically. Vets often diagnose German Shepherd Chow mixed puppies with joint problems because it is a very common issue for this breed of dog. German Shepherd Chow mix puppies often are diagnosed with joint problems. The symptoms that arise with this include weakness in either the front or hind legs. Therefore, you should not have your Chow Shepherd doing extensive exercise or playing or engaging in aggressive behavior when touching the affected areas. You should avoid these three things. 

  • Issues with Their Eyes

The Chow German Shepherd dogs often suffer with pannus, progressive retinal atrophy, and cataracts. These issues are usually made worse if your German Shepherd Chow has been diagnosed with diabetes. Some of the symptoms that arise with these issues include cloudy pupils, a tendency for the German Shepherd Chow mix to put their paw on their eye, clumsy movement, and regular tearing.

  • Allergy Issues

A commonly-reported allergy issue for German Shepherd Chow dogs is flea allergies. Their double coat may not help the allergy either. Instead, it could make the issue worse. This is because their coats are so dense and thick, providing quite an ideal environment for fleas to breed. Some of the symptoms that will arise with flea allergies are excessive scratching, pus discharge, or bleeding sores in the areas affected and rashes. 

  • Other Health Issues

Alongside the above, they can also suffer colitis, which is inflammation in the colon, bloat, which means their stomach is full of gas, fluid, or food and heart diseases. 

Caring For Your Chow Shepherd

The German Shepherd Chow mix requires some specific care guidelines because of how large they are. 

  • Coat

These dogs are commonly known to be shedding their fur constantly. This is because they have double coats. Following recommendations, you should use a metal comb, undercoat rake, and slicker brush to tackle your dog’s coat. To clean up the loose fur that falls to the floor, you can use your vacuum cleaner. The recommendation to do this also means that you should be grooming your dog between 2 to 3 times per week. It is also not a bad idea to shampoo your dog every week to strengthen their coat. This will result in your dog losing less dead fur, and it will increase their coat’s resistance to fleas and tangling. 

  • Exercise

This mix of dog’s lifespan can be increased hugely through regular, daily exercise. It would be perfect to have a big back garden or large open areas. This is because of their energy and great size. Not to mention, it allows you to exercise, train properly, and then play with your dog. There is nothing wrong with walking. However, it is recommended to replace walking with jogging, running, or even hiking. This is because it will maximize the time spent outside with your dog. You should give your dog exercise for at least 1 hour each day outside. This can be in the form of running and playing as it will help them fulfill their exercise requirements every day.

  • Teeth

You should brush your dog’s teeth around 4 times each week. You should use a soft-bristled toothbrush to do this. Brushing their teeth regularly will prevent them from getting cavities and plaque. You should give your Chow German Shepherd dental snacks and chew toys from a young age. This will help a lot with their oral health. As a guideline of when the time would be suitable, once their teeth have reached full development when they are around the 4 to 5 months old mark, it is safe to provide them with these kinds of chews. 

What’s a Shepherd Chow’s Personality Like?

The big question now is what a Shepherd Chow’s personality is like? Well, they are highly intelligent. They are fast learners when it comes to dog training in that they can quickly learn commands. In addition, both German Shepherds and Chow Chows are well known to be very self-assured and confident. Therefore, you can give your dog a minimum reward during dog training. 

It means that the mixed breed can become bored quickly and will require a lot of exercise, activities, and games to keep them occupied sufficiently. 

In addition to being very intelligent, they are also remarkably independent. German Shepherds are well known to be social dogs when they are trained correctly. They require regular contact with both humans and other dogs. And Chow Chows are a breed that is associated with more of a reserved disposition. In other words, being around people or other dogs regularly is not a hard requirement for the Chow Shepherds because this breed will go with you when they desire your attention. 

Also, this means that the mix’s temperament can lead to a stubborn attitude. This is a negative aspect. However, it can be treated with proper socialization and gentle discipline.