How to Train A German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is one of the most faithful and intelligent dogs. Not many dogs display so much grace and grace along with enough strength and endurance to be considered excellent working dogs. His great ability to learn and his good attitude is some of his most attractive qualities. His overall traits make him a versatile companion.

In addition to having a dog or any pet requires a positive attitude towards animals. It is useless to say that you have a dog if you do not take care of it and do not train it to become more than a simple furry being that walks the house from one side to another. It does not matter if the dog is still a puppy or has a few years old; everyone can learn.

Why Bother Training A German Shepherd? 

Why Bother Training A German Shepherd - Image By dogappy

Many people only have animals to show off or, well, I don’t know why, because their treatment is not the most appropriate. It is not that the dog walks around the house bored without anyone paying attention. In general, these dogs become a problem because they only act instinctively, which is why training is very important regardless of breed. That the dog learns manners is necessary for the coexistence and for the well-being of the dog itself.

Having a German Shepherd and not taking the time to teach him things, train him for certain activities, or just let him go at ease is wasting the opportunity to not only have a dog but an active and useful companion at home. All German Shepherds are extremely intelligent working dogs with a great disposition towards learning and everyday tasks. If you have a German Shepherd, spend time teaching him things that he will surely appreciate and enjoy your time together beyond just going out and throwing the ball.

  • Obedience

This breed is so noble and obedient that it is useful for almost any task and very loyal to its owners. They are excellent guard and assistance dogs; for this reason, any canine unit, fire, and police have dogs of this breed. They are very easy to train, given this character trait.

  • Communication

The intelligence of a German Shepherd should not be underestimated in any case. Their communication skills surpass that of many other breeds and are a great way to get to know your dog well. While all dogs communicate to a greater or lesser extent, German Shepherds can take this ability one step further. If you teach your dog a code, you will surely have a fantastic relationship with him.

  • Understanding

All dogs of this breed are extremely intelligent, so they will understand many gestures and expressions, even if you haven’t taught them to them. You don’t need to teach him to communicate; they already know it; you need to learn his code and teach him yours to achieve an effective exchange. The sensitivity of German Shepherds makes them one of the most suspicious breeds; they can detect threatening situations that can put their owners at risk and act accordingly.

How To Teach A German Shepherd Who’s The Alpha?

The first thing is that violence is not necessary to show your dog, regardless of his breed, that you are the dominant, the alpha. Understanding this, we can distinguish some attitudes so that your dog perceives you as the dominant dog.

  • First of all, we must repeat that violence does not help if you want to show your dog that you are the one in command, not the one who attacks. Being alpha does not mean being aggressive or violent. In contrast, dogs, especially German Shepherds, do not react very well to violence. If you try to impose yourself by force, you will only get the dog to react and confront you; of course, it is not doing it to hurt you, but it is a defensive response and the trust that the animal has in you; you will lose it very quickly.
  • Delimiting the spaces can be one of the best strategies. Let your dog know which areas he can and cannot be in. To do this, you must determine an area that is only for him, but you can also understand that you determine access to that area and allow him to have space.
  • Always mark the beginning and end of play routines. When you see that he is restless and wants to start with games, never start the game at that moment; wait for a little for him to understand that it is you who decides when the activity begins. Once they start to play, even if you see that he is already tired, do not let the dog stop the activity, extend it for a few minutes, and finish.

How To Train A German Shepherd Positive Interaction?

How To Train A German Shepherd Positive Interaction

Positive reinforcement is best for training, although you shouldn’t always use food as a stimulus. The dog needs to understand that doing it right does not always bring a delicious reward.

  • Whenever your dog obeys an order, pat his head or make any kind gesture. In principle, using food is a great stimulus. If he does something well and obeys the order, you give him a bite or a cookie; however, you need to avoid this stimulus not associating the act with food over time.
  • Don’t keep him away from people. Let your dog interact with your friends as long as he feels safe. Try to let your friends touch and caress him, make him feel comfortable and familiar with strange people.

How To Train A German Shepherd To Be Independent?

First of all, you shouldn’t make the mistake of being overprotective. It is one thing for him to perceive you as the alpha dog and quite another to make him an insecure and fearful dog.

  • Avoid always keeping in arms. Do not make it a habit to spend a lot of time lying on your lap or do it every day. Interactions should always be kept under a strict code of conduct, and you should always allow him time to be alone without your constant attention.
  • Give him a specific space to sleep away from your bed. Never let him stay in the room for a long time, much less sleep in a bed. Dependency has a lot to do with who’s boss in the relationship. If you always give in to his whims, he will dominate, and when you don’t comply with his demands, he will become depressed.
  • Get him used to not crying when you leave the house. To do this, start leaving the house once or twice a day. Follow the normal routine, put on clothes, shoes, take the key, and let him see you do it, leave without doing this more than a daily act, without farewell pampering, and much less when you enter. So he will take it as a normal act. If you see him crying, go back in and say NO with a firm voice, so he will understand that he should not.

How To Get A Crate For Your German Shepherd?

You may be concerned that crate training is a cruel act that creates stress and anguish for the little animal, but this is not true. The fact is, the box can make you feel safe and secure.

  • First, you need to find the right size box. Depending on the dog’s size, you will need to find a box that allows movement but does not feel extremely free. The box is only for sleeping and resting, not for you to eat or use the bathroom.
  • Make sure that it is made with resistant materials and that its entrance is comfortable for him. You can put it inside a mattress or any material that generates some comfort.
  • These boxes can be found in any pet store or even online. It is best to go with the dog and measure its size.

German Shepherd Puppy Potty Training

First of all, the first thing you should teach the dog, even when he is an adult, is that he has a specific place to relieve himself.

  • Choose a place where he can relieve himself and take him there for about ten minutes after eating.
  • Do not change the place and try to be the most constant with the time of meals and going to the bathroom; this way, the dog will get used to the routine.
  • Cherish him and thank him every time he uses his space for his needs; rewards are a very efficient reinforcement to condition behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are German shepherds very easy to teach?

GSDs are obedient, rendering them much easier to train as compared to other dog breeds. German Shepherd succeeds in job training, and the obedience training would not be any issues for them. They are going to listen and obey to commands of yours.

Do German shepherds connect to one individual?

German Shepherds will typically attach themselves to someone in the household, but they will be able to be considered a very good family dog. Although they’ve a fair share of theirs of behavioral problems, these usually stem from an absence of leadership on the aspect of the pet parents

Do German shepherds require special training?

And the breeders observe their puppies’ drives and personalities and also can match the best puppy to the correct family or individual. This particular breed’s high amount of intelligence and also strong willingness to do the job mean your GSD must get ongoing and consistent training from an earlier age.