The Best Type Of German Shepherd

You have to know the evolution of the best type of German Shepherd so that you can proceed with its adoption now. The German shepherd is a formidable dog that you should have on your side to accompany you for many years. You must know what the history of this dog is and the reason why you should give it priority over others.

Know which are the different types of GSD and the type of body that each one has so that you can identify them. Discover the different types of coats in German Shepherds and their hair type in general. Finally, you have to know the best type of German Shepherd for you to adopt now.

Different Kinds Of German Shepherds

You can identify many German Shepherd types in your country by their immense size and reasoning ability. These dogs are very popular for their loyalty, ease of training, and running speed. They are dogs that you can adopt or buy in many types of traditional origin or hybrids available to breeders.

German Shepherd Body Types

best type of german shepherd

The GSD history goes back to the first mascot used for heavy work in Northern Europe. Over the years, these dogs have gained a lot of popularity, focusing on pets on more than one occasion. There are currently 2 GSD lineages for display and 3 GSD lines useful for work.

Among the body types that you can see of German Shepherds are:

  • American and Canadian Show Lines

Since 1907 at the German dog show held in Philadelphia and Newcastle, the GSDs are an attractive breed. When the First World War broke out, the GSDs were starred for their performance on the battlefield. As the popularity of GSD increased, its adoption had a rise that little by little diminished due to the breeding of low-quality GSDs.

The German shepherd’s second participation in the new world war is useful for work. Many GSD breeders chose to apply inbreeding to make the dog perfect. When unique-looking GSDs began to be designed, the Canadian and American puppy lines became independent of the original lineage.

GSDs of this type has a prominent size, fewer health problems, useful for work or display, etc. They are adapted to the American and Canadian region’s needs, optimizing some of their traits.

  • Czech lines of work

They are large dogs, but this does not diminish their agility at work or do other activities. They have a very powerful bloodline resulting in a special GSD pet breed. You can identify this German Shepherd line by its thick coat and dark, bright, and fairly soft colors.

Czech GSDs are useful for your care because they are completely legal and smart for you to train. It is a little known lineage but very good for you to be motivated to adopt them.

  • West German Show Lines

They are very delicate dogs that you can use for display, although they do not lose their work characteristics. They are German shepherds where their black, gray, dark, and light yellow color dominates in all their fur. These dogs have to go through an approval period at the OPI, where their obedience, posture, etc., are checked.

This German Shepherd line is excellent for dog competitions, standing shows, and even dog sports. You may notice that they are obedient, well-mannered, loving, and good dogs so that you can trust them.

  • West German lines of work

They are a very tough line of dogs that function well for the tough jobs you put them on. These dogs often have health problems because, during their creation, they were not regularized. They are pets that can be used for police work, firefighting, and even hunting if you wish.

These dogs are usually pure black, bicolor, red, and black sabers, among other very significant combinations. They are very pleasant pets that you can have at home, although their care is very important to avoid diseases in your body. You have to worry about the quality of life these GSDs have.

  • East German lines of work

They are very athletic German Shepherds that you can frequently see in the police and military area. These dogs have a reputation for climbing a wall up to 2 meters high without problems. The GSD training in this lineage is very simple because the pet is very intelligent.

In appearance, the GSD of this type has a very large head, shiny fur, and very thick shoulders. They are dogs that can be physically confused for work but are very energetic for you to adopt.

German Shepherd Dog Coat Types

German Shepherd Dog Coat Types - Image By dogsnsw

Among German Shepherds, you can also differentiate them by the type of coat they present, such as:

  • German shepherd

They have a very basic hair color that you can see at GSD used for display in Europe or the United States. You can see the combination in colors like black/tan, black/red, and black / raised for you to identify.

  • Solid colored German Shepherd

These German Shepherds usually have a solid black color from puppies, and their coat is very little longer. They are generally dogs with a straight back and a solid color that predominates throughout their bodies.

  • German Shepherd Dog Panda

You may notice that these are strange-coated dogs, and it is due to a mutation with a gene called Kit. The GSD coat is usually very light, almost white. They are very strange pets you can see in your country.

  • Sable German Shepherd

They are known as the traditional GSD, where three types of colors, such as gray, black, and red, are covered throughout their fur. You can adopt these types of dogs in your country or buy them at a very high cost.

Types of German Shepherd Dog Hair

German Shepherds can also be identified by their type of hair inside their coat, such as:

  • Longhair

This type of hair is caused by a gene failure that the German shepherd had during his conception. They are excellent dogs for hunting or herding because they lack undercoats that cause them a lot of heat.

  • Long Hair Stock

They are characteristic of having a lion-style mane to adopt a unique looking German shepherd. Their long stock hair helps them withstand high temperatures but is also straight enough for summer.

  • Hair Stock

They are very common haired German Shepherds with two undercoats that can shed once a year. You can see that GSDs have very straight, shiny, and easy-to-brush hair.

What is the best type of German shepherd?

The best type of German Shepherd that you can have is the one that suits your needs completely. More than five types of GSD are without counting the hybrids that their breeders each time come to light. You should look at the different GSD types and choose one that suits you best for hunting, hunting, or just keeping you company at home.