German Shepherd Boxer Mix: Boxer Shepherd

The german shepherd boxer is a combination of two renowned dog breed genes: a purebred boxer and a purebred german shepherd. The German Shepherd Boxer Mix parent breeds are loyal, fun-loving, active, and intelligent dogs, which like to be around people.

 Your german shepherd boxer could be trained to serve as a guard dog and a service dog. However, it is one of the most intelligent and popular dog breeds, as he hailed from Germany and specially trained to guide cattle.

 What Is A German Shepherd Boxer Mix?

Boxer german breed is known for its loyalty and wit, and due to this, he has become the major part of army forces over the world. These dogs are also working with the military, as they help to sniff out enemies and bombs and again can fight a rebellion in the battlefields. 

 The boxer breed is a robust-built dog for hunting. It also comes from a german background and famous for its true nature. Apart from their tough exterior, boxer dogs are very affectionate and rarely start any fight. They are also smart and intelligent can work as police dogs, guard dogs, and service dogs.

 With this excellent combination, your German Shepherd Boxer puppy could adopt many traits from their parents and can become a guard dog, service dog, and police dog. Moreover, your boxer german shepherd will grow up to be an obedient, contented, and happy pet.

 Health Issues Of German Shepherd Boxer Mixes 

The German Shepherd Boxer Mix may inherit some of the health conditions from their parent breeds. Both purebred suffer some minor problems because of lower nutrition, obesity, and lack of exercise. You may not find these health conditions when you adopt your dog; these develop over time when they get older. The following are health conditions that your dog may suffer from in the future.

  •  Elbow And Hip Dysplasia

This health condition may weaken your dog’s bone joints and lead to obesity. You may also notice unexplained fatigue in your dog. However, this health issue is curable through moderate exercise daily and keeping a healthy diet and proper rest.

  •  Degenerative Myelopathy

Your dog may suffer from losing the sensation in their limb or suffer from several seizures and lead to limb paralysis. You might not notice any of the symptoms early, as these health issues develop over time. So make sure before adopting your German Shepherd Boxer Mix, you must check their parental breeds’ health condition. 

 How To Care For A German Shepherd Boxer Mix 

  • Grooming

German Shepherd Boxer Mix requires weekly grooming to remove twists in the coat and keep its skin shiny and clean. If your dog inherited the traits of a moderately long coat like a german shepherd, then he requires grooming around a few times in a week. You must use a natural brush along with a gripped handle to brush your dog’s coat.

 The parental genes shed at a moderate rate, so your german shepherd dogs are most probably to shed their coat in warmer seasons. 

  •  Bathing And Brushing

Bathing is necessary to maintain your dog’s cleanliness, and this should be done when required. However, daily bathing will lead to severe irritation and itching on their skin. They love to swim and play in the water; when you come back home, make sure to bathe them to remove chlorine and dirt from their bodies. Moreover, it is the same for brushing; you have to brush their teeth when they require.

  •  Nails And Paws

The nails and paws need daily checkups as their nails can grow big and may put scratches on the walls and somewhere in your home. To prevent this happen clip their nails to avoid anything to happen.

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 What Is A German Shepherd Boxer Mix’s Personality Like? 

  • They Require Daily Physical And Mental Stimulation

The German Shepherd Boxer Mix hails from two intelligent and challenging dog breeds, so you have to train them daily. Moreover, you need to prepare them for mental stimulation and physical training such as walking for hours, performing the new trick to teach them discipline, and playing with you more. If you think of adopting this dog, you have to commit and make time for your dog to build a relationship with them.

  •  Require A Lot Of Space

As these dogs are active and playful, they need a lot of room to move around. If you live in a small apartment, they should think of adopting some other dog breed. Their parental species are muscular and trained to move and run. These dogs breed deserve to play in significant ground, yard, or park. 

  •  Training And Exercise

These are physically active and have a high energy level, so they need to be trained every day. Moreover, it would be best for you to teach them most of the things such as discipline, eating habits, build a relationship, and so on in their puppyhood, then they will be happy around you most of the time. Training them in their puppyhood will make them learn quickly and respond to you faster.

 If you have an active lifestyle, then these can become the best companion during working outs. Moreover, they also need a daily hour of exercise. If you do not engage with them when they are playful around you, they easily become irritated. 

  •  Intelligent And Smart

The German Shepherd Boxer Mix will be brilliant and attentive to dogs because of their parental genes. You would be surprised to know that they can sense your emotions and feelings. Some dog owners say that their pets understand when they need help and when they are upset. 

  •  Loyal

This mix breed of german shepherd and the boxer is devoted to their owners and will never leave them no matter whatever it takes. They will direct their owners and will protect them at any cost. 

 The above-mentioned is all about the boxer german shepherd, and if you are an active person, then this dog will be best for you.