Everything About Short Haired German Shepherds

The german shepherd dog is among the most popular dog breed in the world. You have seen them in films, dog parks, or like a guard dog. Moreover, many of you have not noticed it yet that their coat comes in numerous different lengths. However, the short-haired German shepherd is one of the classic german shepherd dogs. 

These dogs mostly work with the police or herding, army, and military to detect the suspect. Moreover, your short-haired german shepherd can be trained to serve as a service dog and guard dog. This dog breed is one of the most popular and intelligent dogs as he greeted from Germany and specially trained to herd the sheep. 

What Is A Short Haired German Shepherd?

short-haired german shepherd has a short coat length, which is around 1 inch. These dog breeds are known for their loyalty towards their owner and build a great bond with the master’s family and can do anything to protect them. Moreover, they have a high energy level and require a minimum of two hours of exercise daily. However, their devotion may lead to aloof behavior with strangers. However, they are plenty good at socializing, but they are easy to make new friends, which can be reduced later on with training.

Moreover, they love to go on hikes, walks, bike rides, runs, swims, and other activities. It is worth noticing that they have a double layer coat, and this breed of dog is most suited for staying out in cold and wet weather. Remember that your german shepherd grooming is essential as they tend to shed all along over the years. Thus, brushing them two or three times a week can help them to shed loose hairs. There will be a time when they will shed tons of hairs, generally in spring and fall season; thus, it is necessary for your need to brush him each day. 

What Are Some Basic Facts About Short Haired GSDs? 

  • Size And Appearance 

This dog breed has an aesthetic body look with a height of 22 to 26 inches. Moreover, they may weigh around 50 to 90 lbs, and the male’s dog breed has a distinct aesthetic look than the female body. They have long ears and muzzles that stand erect and face forward. Though, make sure that they keep their back straight because, in some years, they can develop a health issue and can affect their health. Also, they have a double layer of coat that is dense and close to the dog’s body. They will have a straight yet with a small wave on the coat, and the undercoat must be thick and woolly to protect them from various weathers. 

  • Temperament 

The short-haired German shepherd is known for their temperament and character. They are ready to take any challenges and can complete the task efficiently. They can excel in any work with their high energy level, whether a watchdog, guard dog, or sniffer dog. This dog will stay loyal to the owner and protect the master’s family with their life. 

However, sometimes they can get possessive and act aloof in front of strangers. Thus, you need to choose positive reinforcement methods to train your german shepherd. You should reward them when they do whatever you ask for instead of punishing or no rewarding them.

Health Issues Of Short Haired German Shepherd

Your short haired german shepherd can suffer from some health conditions like which may come inherited from their parent genes. Thus, before you adopt this dog, make sure that your parents could not suffer from any diseases. Moreover, your dog can also get some minor health issues like obesity, lower nutrient level, and insufficient exercise. 

  • Hip And Elbow Dysplasia

It is a problem that weakens the bones in the body joints of german shepherd and can lead to obesity if they do not play actively. Thus, it is curable via maintaining a sufficient diet and exercise daily. 

  • Degenerative Myelopathy

Your german shepherd may suffer from losing feeling in the limbs or suffer from seizures, leading to organ paralysis. Moreover, you may not see the symptoms in their puppyhood because these types of health conditions develop over time. 

What Is A Short Haired German Shepherd Like Personality?

  • Exercise And Training

These dogs have excellent energy levels and are physically active; thus, make sure you train them daily for at least 1-2 hours of exercise. Moreover, it would be best for you to teach them in their puppyhood to increase their mental stimulation, and they can learn things at a fast rate.

  • Smart And Intelligent 

The german shepherd is an attentive and brilliant dog, and you will be amazed to learn about their sense of feelings and emotions because they can sense when you are sad or need some help. 

  • Loyal 

The german shepherd dog breed is famous for their loyalty towards their owner, and they can do anything to safeguard the family from any threat. 

How To Care For Short Haired German Shepherd Puppies 

  • Grooming

Your short haired german shepherd will require a lot of grooming because every german shepherd tends to shed their coat all over the year. Thus, make sure you brush them outside of your home to protect yourself from a bunch of hairs getting into your clothes, furniture, and carpets. Therefore, the owner must brush them 3-4 times per week to lessen the amount of hair fall in your home. 

  • Bathing 

Bathing is essential to keep your dog’s hygiene, and it should be done only when required. Because daily bathing can cause severe itching and irritation on the skin, this dog breed like to swim and play in the water, so make sure you bathe them to remove the dirt and chlorine from their body. 

  • Nails And Paws 

The dog’s nails and paws need to be checked up daily because their nails tend to grow faster and may put some scratch on your floor or doors. 

The details mentioned above are related to short-haired german shepherds, and if you have an active life, this dog will be your best companion.