Do German Shepherds Shed A Lot?

German Shepherds Shedding - Image By playbarkrun

Do German Shepherds Shed a Lot? This is a question that many German Shepherd owners, or those about to have one, might ask themselves. However, it is already normal for many owners of this breed to see dog hair scattered everywhere. When you have a German Shepherd at home, you can find traces of his … Read more

What to Do For a German Shepherd With No Neck

German Shepherd No Neck

Like humans, some animals can have spinal conditions. This problem can be related to a degradation in the spine, or the German Shepherd with No Neck can be born with this problem. The collarless German shepherd is known as a syndrome that only 30 dogs of this breed suffer from in the world. Surely you … Read more

German Shepherd Puppy Teething: Ages,Stages, And Guides

German Shepherd Puppy Teething - Image By doghint

German Shepherd puppies are very beautiful animals with great tenderness. When you decide to have a German Shepherd, you should take care of him as a small child. One of the stages that you must deal with is your German Shepherd teething. This is a stage that all owners of German Shepherd puppies are always … Read more

German Shepherd Allergies

German Shepherd Allergies 2021 - Image By germanshepherddog

When you have a German Shepherd at home, you must know all his diseases, such as allergies. Your pet may have very mild or severe allergy problems that you must tread carefully. You must know what allergies are to the German shepherd and its different common types in your pet. Discover the symptoms of allergies … Read more

When Should You Spay Or Neuter A German Shepherd?

When Should You Spay Or Neuter A German Shepherd - Image By rovepets - Image By rovepets

Want to castrate your German shepherd but don’t know the right time? You must do it at the right age to not hurt your pet and cause health problems. Recent studies suggest that the healthiest age to neuter or spay your German shepherd is after they have reached maturity. This age would be between 18 … Read more

The Causes and Treatments of German Shepherd Separation Anxiety

German Shepherd Separation Anxiety - Image By germanshepherddoghq

It is very common for dogs to experience separation anxiety and one of the most affected breeds is German Shepherds. Many factors can influence separation anxiety, such as genetics, training, temperament, health problems, and parents’ temperament. This stage can be paralyzing for dogs and occurs when your pet is terrified when separated from the rest … Read more