How To Deal With German Shepherd Dry Itchy Skin

The German Shepherd breed is a type of dog that regularly visits the vet due to skin difficulties. This section is very delicate, so it is even possible to get serious infections through itching and subsequent scratching.

Knowing the reasons, the consequences of ineffective control, and what should be done is essential for every owner. The fact of adopting a German Shepherd brings a huge responsibility that must take to ensure the animal’s welfare.

German Shepherd Dry Itchy Skin

An interesting feature of German gooseberries is that they have a double coat that protects them. The inner coat is soft and even fibrous, while the outer one tends to be smooth but at the same time thick.

Before this breed of dog was raised and trained as working pets that could deal with exaggerated climates. While it is true that the double layer contributed to that idea of ​​superiority, that does not remove the adverse consequences.

A German Shepherd is prone to shedding its coat quite regularly, which leaves the skin very sensitive. If the necessary measures are not taken, the animal may suffer from constant itching, which nobody wants.

Why Do GSDs Have Dry Itchy Skin?

Why Do GSDs Have Dry Itchy Skin?

It is a fact that the problems related to your German Shepherd’s skin have to be attended to more than with other breeds. Here are some reasons for itching in dry areas of skin:

  • Food intolerance

This is one of the most common reasons for itching in this style, allergy to certain foods in the diet. It is important to monitor your German Shepherd’s food consumption and detect if it reacts negatively to something.

Processed products are a bit more convenient and common but can also be harmful. Ensuring that the pet is not allergic to any specific food is the duty of every owner.

  • Flea infestation

Fleas are very annoying beings that happen to be one of the main causes of dry skin. The lack of fur is another of the most common consequences, apart from causing great suffering to your pet.

That indescribable itchy sensation could drive any dog ​​crazy regardless of breed or size. Failure to deal with the flea infestation would lead to infection through constant scratching that only leaves wounds exposed.

  • Yeast overgrowth and skin infections

Depending on the climate and the area where the dog is exposed, yeasts’ growth may begin. This can bring about bacterial infections, which are more denoted in folds around your skin.

When the yeasts overgrow, the German Shepherd secretes more oil, which will cause more itching and possible infection.

  • Allergies

This section is very common, and everything can be the cause, such as paint, detergents, clothes, and even shampoo. When the German Shepherd is just a puppy, it is common for this style’s difficulties to appear due to its lack of development.

  • Excessive bathing

Everything good in excess turns bad, and the bathrooms are complete proof of this. Exposing your pet constantly to this process will cause the skin to lose the oils that it naturally releases.

This will lead to drier and even flaky skin, which will surely end up being itchy.

  • Change of Season

The changes of seasons are synonymous with the new coat in the dogs of the German shepherd breed. Winter is the hardest stage since more hair will grow to support the cold, which will lead to dryness.

The inner coat will cause the German Shepherd’s fur to dry out to the point of discomfort that will not be pleasant.

  • Hormonal disorders

Genetics can sometimes cause hormonal problems, which is quite common in a German Shepherd. It does not matter if it is one or both parents, the possibility that the puppy inherits this characteristic is very great.

Among the most frequent hormonal diseases are pituitary dwarfism and Cushing. Both difficulties affect in one way or another the normal development of your pet, so caution should exercise.

How to Treat German Shepherd Dry Itchy Skin? 

How to Treat German Shepherd Dry Itchy Skin - Image By germanshepherdshop

Thanks to the advancement of science, effective treatments for German shepherd skin problems have been discovered. These are some of the most common interventions:

  1. Avoid certain foods: Watch your German Shepherd’s diet and start a development process with his tolerance. Extraordinary results will see quickly.
  2. Change your diet: It is a great strategy to avoid itching. Wet things could be the cause of increased sensitivity. Dry foods full of nutrients are the best option for proper growth and development.
  3. Give him omega 3: Vitamin supplements are a great alternative to combat any puppy’s dry skin. Go to your veterinarian and find out the correct dose. You will see the benefits of the animal in no time.
  4. Coconut oil: Both oral and topical intervention, coconut oil will significantly improve your dog’s skin.
  5. Use of special shampoos and creams: Anti-flea and antibiotic formulas will make an important difference in the skin condition. If you do not know the problem, do not be mortified, these types of products directly attack the cause without affecting your pet.
  6. Proper hygiene: Although excessive baths are not good, it is not to avoid them. Ensure you groom your pet properly, always using the right products for a thorough and effective cleaning.

How to Prevent German Shepherd Dry Itchy Skin? 

The best way to get rid of skin problems is to fight it before it appears. Here are some tips to avoid German Shepherd dryness:

  • Do not give the animal poor-quality food.
  • Keep the area where your German Shepherd is located clean.
  • When injuries occur, these should be treated immediately.
  • Do not take natural oils. Use them to eliminate dry skin.
  • Make regular vet appointments.
  • Bathe the dog regularly, but don’t overdo it.
  • Know your dog’s limits. Avoid giving him food that his stomach is not able to tolerate.
  • Give oral medications or vitamins. This is to prevent or avoid the worsening of diseases. It has to be especially rigorous.

Having a pet is definitely not an easy task due to the great commitment required, especially if it is a German shepherd. Skin problems are more common in this breed, but this beautiful creature should not rule out.

There may be many reasons why skin problems manifest themselves, but there are also many ways to combat them. Please get to know your pet and watch over his welfare and interests. You will notice how the bond with him will be much stronger.