Guides About German Shepherd Malamute Mix

You can adopt a fairly independent and loving hybrid dog with your family, such as the German Shepherd Malamute. You can know a little about these dogs, where they came from, and their parents’ origin. You may know some basic facts about the mix of these pets in temperament, life expectancy, and personality.

Find out what are the hereditary health problems that the dog can suffer so that you take care of it at all times. You can also know how to train the German shepherd malamute mix and what extra care you should give.

What is a German Shepherd Malamute Mix?

What is a German Shepherd Malamute Mix

This hybrid dog comes from the cross between a German Shepherd and an Alaskan Malamute resulting in a very large dog. It is a dog that is usually called an Alaskan Shepherd and has a beautiful coat, attractive colors, and lots of energy. You can have a hybrid pet that looks very strong and useful for hunting or accompanying you in your exercise routine.

The Origin of the German Shepherd Malamute Mix

The German Shepherd Malamute mix may have originated 100 years ago when some breeders sought to energize the German Shepherd. This type of dog has good genetics in which its two parents’ traits are taken advantage of.

  • Origin of the German Shepherd

The origin of the German Shepherd dates back to the year 1899. It is a dog from Germany that was developed for sheep farming. This breed of dog is characterized by being very obedient, loyal, and independent when you breed it. The German Shepherd serves as a guard dog, police, service for the disabled, and a rescue dog.

  • Origin of the malamute

Alaskan Malamutes are dogs that have been emphasized in history, serving as rescue dogs in WWII. This breed of dog looks a lot like the Siberian husky only its body is more dominant. This is a very strong dog that originated in the United States; in physical characteristics, the dog supports up to 20 kg.

Some Facts About the German Shepherd Malamute Mix

Before you adopt the German shepherd malamute mix, you will need to know some basic facts:

  • Size

It is a fairly large dog that is usually 20 to 21 inches tall and weighs between 60 to 130 pounds. You can have a medium or very large dog; this varies depending on the genes you adopt from its parents.

  • Coat

The German shepherd malamute mix’s coat is ​​divided into two layers, a very thick outer layer and a soft inner layer.

  • Color

You can have a dog whose coat combines gray, black, brown, gold, and red.


You will adopt a very friendly dog; this temperament has been adopted from his malamute descendant. The hybrid dog is also very affectionate, highly intelligent, and very independent in some things. You will get along very well with your puppy as well as all the members of your family.


This dog will always have an easygoing personality to teach him to train or live with your family. You will have an excellent life partner with whom you will never have problems because he adopts a rebellious attitude.

Life Expectancy

This hybrid dog’s life expectancy ranges from 10 to 13 years, depending on how you take care of it. You can have your pet for many years if you feed him in a balanced way and train him daily. The German shepherd malamute mix is ​​a dog that suffers from very few diseases due to its genetics.

Health Problems

You must be attentive to the health of your hybrid pet because it can suffer from some problems such as:

  • Overweight problems

The German shepherd malamute mix can eat excessively, so you have to control it and prevent it from becoming overweight. If your pet has obesity problems, it will affect his back and joints and even give him cancer.

  • Myelopathy

This is a genetic problem that the malamute and German shepherd mix can affect its hind legs.

  • Cartilaginous exostoses

This is a genetic problem that your hybrid pet is prone to suffer from in that it forms a lot of calcium in its bones.

  • Von Willebrand disease

Von Willebrand disease is unlikely in this pet, but you should not ignore it because it can even kill it.

How to Train a German Shepherd Malamute Mix?

How to Train a German Shepherd Malamute Mix

You have to give your Malamute German Shepherd a training routine as follows:

  • Buy him toys

You have to buy a toy for your dog so that he can be distracted at home, can de-stress, and release energy. You can give your pet a large, sturdy, chemical-free ball to play with.

  • Take him for a run and play with other dogs

You can take your dog for a run to spend all his energy in the park or with other pets. You should give your German Shepherd Malamute friends because otherwise, he will turn into an asocial dog.

  • Teach your pet some signs

Training your pet through signs or gestures is a good option, and he can learn them in record time. You can teach your German shepherd malamute mix to sit, lie down, go to eat, etc.

How to Care for a German Shepherd Malamute Mix?

The German Shepherd Malamute mix needs some special care at home, such as:

  • Exercise needs

You have to exercise your pet at least 1 hour a day by taking him for a run or other activities. Exercise in your hybrid dog must be constant to avoid obesity problems or other diseases.

  • Grooming and moving

You have to constantly groom your pet, remove excess hair that is on her coat. You can use a special dog brush with which you can clean your pet very quickly.

  • Food and Diet

Proper feeding for your German shepherd malamute mix should be based on doggie and not human food. You should also nourish your pet with meats so that he will gain strength as he develops.

How Much Does a German Shepherd Malamute Mix Cost?

The German Shepherd Malamute mix can be a highly sought-after dog that you will invest a few dollars in. This dog can be worth more than $ 800 in the hands of the best American breeders. You can invest a little extra for the dog by giving him vaccinations, giving him professional training, and feeding him.

Is the German Shepherd Malamute Mix Right for Me?

You may have a dispute about the German Shepherd Malamute and whether it is the right dog for your life. This is a very loving, loyal pet that requires a lot of training for you to enjoy fully.

Something that may be uncomfortable for you is that the Alaskan Shepherd is a very independent dog in his adult stage. If you are looking for a more dependent dog, this will not be your indicated breed, unlike French bulldogs.