Male vs. Female German Shepherd

Several distinctions influence the temperament of the male and female German Shepherd. Their differences can be summarized in physical aspects and behaviors related to socialization. They are considered the ideal dogs for families, thanks to their protective and friendly nature in their different genders.

This type of breed usually has specific training based on its gender to stimulate its nature. Their temperament is usually protective or friendly when it comes to a female. In the case of males, they are usually independent with a character that tends to be territorial.

Differences Between a Male German Shepherd and a female German Shepherd

Differences Between a Male German Shepherd and a female German Shepherd

Few characteristics differentiate their temperament between a male German shepherd and a female German shepherd. The distinctions can find in physical aspects and some details in terms of behavior or adaptability. In both cases, you must make sure to train them in time so that you can enjoy the advantages of their nature.

Personality Differences

The German Shepherds’ personality is characterized by their friendly character and instinct of vigilance, and their genders have the following marked differences.

  • Socialization Difference

Bitches tend to be much more pleasant and friendly than males when living with children and older adults. Their character is moldable, and they tend to adapt better to living with other pets. This fact is flattering for people who want the company of a dog for the family.

They have a protective instinct that positions them as the best company for the elderly. The only detail that influences their temperament is the jealous instinct when protecting their young. They are easier to control when going for a walk and can even be very attractive to children. They tend to have a friendlier demeanor that you can enjoy when playing in the park.

In terms of behavior, males tend to be more independent and may even spend more time alone. These types of dogs have no problem waiting for their owners after a long workday. If this is your case, males are likely the best companion option for you.

They are characterized by being authoritarian and like to mark their territory immediately. With good training, this aspect may not influence their behavior or your bond. They are usually excellent for living outdoors with family groups, thanks to their friendly temperament. They are a bit more difficult to control when walking than females.

  • Training Differences

Training of females is usually simpler thanks to their temperament or docile nature. They are easy to control and require attention during the process. It is recommended that you make sure to create a dependency on them when training them with rewards. This premise can help you avoid future aggressive behavior caused by anxiety.

If you want to maximize their learning capacity, you should know that they tend to have an average intelligence slightly higher than males. These have a greater retentiveness in terms of stimuli or training methods. Being calm, the tactics or strategies to train them are likely to require less effort than males.

When it comes to males, the training process requires several reinforcements to correct authoritarian behavior’s future consequences. The methods used are based on rewards to correct aggressiveness. It is also important to train them so that they can heed your call. This fact is very useful considering that they tend to be more energetic than females.

Their learning process is usually slightly lower than that of females by small percentages. These have a greater ability when it comes to physical activities or those related to protection. They are characterized by being cunning and are likely to show this repeatedly during their training process.

Physical Differences

The following aspects mark the physical characteristics of female and male German Shepherds:

  • Size

The females’ size is smaller than that of the males and can even have a couple of centimeters as a variant. The coat of the bitches is usually more abundant, giving it a greater volume at times. In supposition quadruped, they can have a height between 60 and 65 centimeters at the withers in males and 60 and 65 centimeters in females.

  • Height

The male’s stature usually ranges between 69 cm to 76 cm, and the female measures approximately 66 to 72 cm, except for a 2 cm difference in some cases.

Large spaces or patios with green areas are the ideal home environment for this type of large-sized dog. Bitches usually adapt to any space, while the male needs a free and independent space.

  • Weight

The weight can vary between 60 to 65 kg in females, and when it comes to males, it is usually 55 to 60 kg. The standard measurement category encompasses 30-40 kg for males and 20-30 kg for females.

You must make sure you provide them with the proper nutrition to maintain their energy levels along with a healthy weight. According to some studies, males require a higher caloric intake because they are energetic and burn more calories.

Weight control in the female can vary considerably with pregnancy and may even imply a 5kg increase. It is recommended that during the process, you keep a record to prevent any irregularities.

What Should You Choose?

Choosing a female or male doesn’t make a big difference once you take it upon yourself to provide a good workout. In this way, you can enjoy the friendly and protective nature that characterizes the breed.

If you spend a lot of your time away from home, a male is probably the best option. These have the quality of being independent and can even spend a longer period alone than females. Being authoritarian, they are ideal for protecting your home.

Females tend to have a higher level of receptivity to the elderly and children than their protective nature. They also tend to play much longer and are ideal for family outings, thanks to their docile temperament.

Regarding space, you should bear in mind that males tend to adapt better to large spaces. Females have a much more moldable temperament that can adjust to any space. This fact is possible as long as you walk her constantly to stimulate her physical activity.


If you are looking for a German Shepherd, it is better to focus on your home’s characteristics for your future pet’s greater comfort. The best way to strengthen their training and provide stability is to create an ideal environment to feel confident.

Males and females have the same qualities in terms of personality and differ in small details. This type of breed is ideal for the whole family, and they even tend to have a great capacity to adapt to society. They are characterized by being the best companions of faithful and loyal character.