Everything About German Shepherds With Blue Eyes

Usually, German Shepherds have brown eyes, but German Shepherds with blue eyes are Blue German Shepherds. This has to do with the eyes’ color and the recessive gene. This gene can also make spots on your hair appear silver or bluer.

Three variations can arise in German Shepherds called Blue. These include blue and dark brown (which are called sabers), blue and tan, and blue and black. The latter usually appears a bluish-gray or dark gray.

In this article, we will talk about:

  • What blue German shepherds are
  • Health problems of German shepherds with blue eyes
  • Why GSD eyes turn blue

After reading, you will know everything about blue eye German shepherds.

Can A German Shepherd Have Blue Eyes?

Due to genetic variation, yes, it is possible to find a German Shepherd with blue eyes. Mixed dogs can have blue eyes. Blue eyes are considered a flaw by many breeders, but for dog lovers, it is attractive.

German Shepherds have brown eyes, and the few blue eyes are due to a gene. You must generate this gene from both parents. You should know that German Shepherds with blue eyes can stop variations; they can have two blue eyes or one blue eye and another brown eye.

Dogs with strange eyes are normally known as heterochromatic dogs.

What Are Blue German Shepherds?

As mentioned above, a blue-eyed dog is a color variation that is caused by the recessive gene. This gene dilutes the black pigment, causing the fur to appear more silvery-gray or bluish-gray instead of black.

These blue German Shepherds are also described as light Blue or steel blue. These German Shepherds’ eye color is similarly diluted as fur so that they may have light brown, yellow, blue, light green eyes instead of the usual dark brown.

The German Shepherd’s eyes change to their usual color when he turns six months old. The nose and pads of the Blue German Shepherds are also lighter than normal. The blue color in this breed is normal, but many breeders call it a fault.

For this reason, this type of Blue German Shepherd cannot participate in shows where the standard characteristics of the breed are emphasized. They can compete in dog agility competitions.

What Are The Normal Eye Colors Of Purebred German Shepherds?

The eyes of purebred German Shepherds are dark brown. But keep in mind that shades of blue, light green, light brown, and yellow can also occur in purebred German Shepherds.

Health Problem Of German Shepherds With Blue Eyes

The color of the coat does not affect their health. German Shepherds with blue eyes are very healthy, as are those with dark brown eyes. The behavior, their temperament is similar to other German Shepherds.

But as in all races, certain exceptions can be found. some experts describe the Merle gene as the cause of the dog having spots on the face and body, and for this reason, they can have blue eyes. Although it sounds attractive and is benign, dogs that inherit this gene from both parents can have congenital disabilities.

When a dog has the Merlo gene, they are called a double blackbird and can be born deaf, blind, or both. A mix of these German Shepherds can carry the Merlo gene, and it can be the Australian Shepherd, the Sheltie, the Great Dane, and the Collie.

The Blue German Shepherd is similar to the other German Shepherds, and their care is almost the same. These blue-eyed German Shepherds have the same energy and need the same amount of exercise. They need about 30 minutes of walking a day, they can play, and they need ample space to exercise.

Blue German Shepherds also need to burn fat to keep them calm because if they don’t, they will be restless. When these dogs are restless, they will begin to chew on any object they see in their paths, such as shoes or furniture.

You can buy him dog toys so they can help you with that Blue German Shepherd fuss.

Are There Albino GSDs With Blue Eyes?

The answer is yes, although experts on the subject say that albinism in dogs is uncommon and rare. This is due to the complete lack of pigment in the dog’s skin, eyes, and coat.

Albino dogs will have white fur, and the fur near the nose and eyes you will see is a paler pink color. The eyes of albino dogs may have some pigment and be pale blue. In albinos, the pink color is due to the blood that flows under the skin.

All albino dogs are healthy, and their breed does not matter. The only thing is that they will be sensitive to light. They are also more vulnerable to sunburn and skin cancer. You need to be more careful with albino dogs from the sun that they carry to avoid these problems, just like humans.

You should know that not all White German Shepherds are albinos. There are occasions where different genes are involved. Although white German Shepherds’ genetics are not yet defined, some ideas determine that there is a gene that establishes whether the dog will be white or not.

There is a difference between white and albino German Shepherds, and that is that the albinism gene affects the eyes and skin. The dog’s coat is also affected, but the white gene does not affect the coat color.

Can GSD Eyes Turn Blue?

Yes, it can happen, but experts say it is not good. Certain eye conditions can cause your dog’s eyes to turn blue. Among these health problems are cataracts. This condition makes the lens of the eye cloudy and thus appears cloudy blue.

Another condition is glaucoma; this problem can also make the eye appear cloudy or cloudy blue. These eye diseases can cause blindness if you don’t treat them in time.

If you want a German Shepherd with blue eyes, you should not worry because they are generally healthy dogs. Whenever you are looking for a dog, you should choose a breeder who is trustworthy and responsible. In this way, you will avoid problems in the puppy’s health, and you will know that your dog will be healthy.