Long Haired German Shepherd

Among all the breeds of German Shepherd, the Long Haired German Shepherd is the purest breed. The beauty of the German Shepherd is enhanced several times with its long beautiful hair. This is type of germen shepherd that is very rare to found as for such a puppy, both the parent mother and father should be of pure bread and long-haired only.

It is America’s most popular dog breed for all the possible good reasons. Being an intelligent and hardworking dog, their devotional and loyalty are unmatched, also are amazingly versatile.

What are Long Haired German Shepherds?

Long Haired German Shepherd is a type of dog found in the breeds of German Shepherd dogs. What makes it different is the coat of the dog’s hair. The coat of the long-haired is the significant difference between the long and short-haired German Shepherd. Long Haired German Shepherd only has one layer of hair that is extremely soft and silkier in texture. Being bred from its standard siblings, the only possible difference is the log hair’s coat length.

Long Haired German Shepherd Origins

Max von Stephanitz, in 1899 discovered a hardworking bred of dogs that were named as German Shepherd. He went for a dog show and encountered a dog naming Hektor, and later, he adopted that dog and called him Horand. He was officially the first German Shepherd and the stud dog for his 84 puppies.

The breed was named because of its habit of taking sheep for the herding process, just as a Shepherd does. They were initially bred to herd the sheep all day and are a high-energy dog who can do many activities and exercise the whole day.

A comparison is made between a Rottweiler or a German Shepherd Dog, which can be adopted as a pet or protecting their business. Rottweiler is a breed of domestic dog, just like the German Shepherd, Rottweiler is also used for herding sheep. With a life expectancy of 8-10 years. These dogs are good-natured, self-assured, devoted, and completely loyal dogs.

Australian Shepherd should not be mixed with German Shepherd as Australian Shepherd is a mixed breed of medium-sized dog with a life expectancy of 13-15 years.

How does the Genetics Affect Long-Haired German Shepherds

Genetics are the key elements that decide the breed of the dog. For a puppy as a Long Haired German Shepherd, both the parents need to be of the pure breeds of their kind. It is simple to get two long-haired german shepherds to mate as to get a long-haired german shepherd. 

However, one may also get a long-haired puppy by mating one long-haired male or female with others, but the chances become extremely high if both males and females are of pure breed. 

Getting a medium or short hair German Shepherd is comparatively easy and common to find, even with the help of two dominant parents. One can spot a Long Haired German Shepherd quite from a distance because of their coat of hair on the body. They have tufts across their ears, hindquarters, around the tail and back, and also between their paws.

The temperament of Long Haired Shepherd Breeds

Temperament refers to the behavior of a person or an animal that permanently affects their nature. Like other dogs, the typical temperament found in a German shepherd breed is loyalty; these dogs are completely loyal to their owners and can do anything as trained. 

German breeds are also protective as the primary use of a German Shepherd breed is for taking sheep for herding, this is a responsible task and sheep, when left alone for herding, requires proper protection, and all sheep needs to be kept with the group. A well trained German Shepherd performs such responsibility.

All the breeds of german love in nature; they adapt their owner as quickly as they can. This is because of their loving nature only that they become incredibly protective about their home, their owner, and their owner’s children.

The German Shepherd is a breed well known for its hardworking nature. German Shepherd is the most common dog breed that helps the owner in their work. German Shepherd is the breed that helped tackle the attacks of 26- 11 and was highly appreciated. Most of the time, police takes help from German shepherd dogs to solve specific case. This proves their ability to work hard and intelligence towards performing the work.

Health issues 

Not all but some of the health issues of German Shepherd is because of early breeding. In all his breed history, the German Shepherd has many problems to deal with, among which the common are-

  • Hip Dysplasia

The number one problem that german Shepherd faces is of Hip Dysplasia. This such a severe issue that dogs who are already suffering from this problem are not supposed to breed. This is extremely painful for the dog and makes him incapable of moving correctly, dogs who are fed too much or are injured can suffer this in their hips, which is due to a joint problem in bones.

  • Elbow Dysplasia

Like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia is also a very common problem found in German Shepherd; this problem is also a result of wrongly bred dogs by ancestors. Once a dog suffers from elbow dysplasia, there is no help that a breeder or the owner can provide. They can ensure that the dog is getting enough lubricants and food so that they don’t feel pained.

  • Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a genetic problem, and its cure has not been found yet. Though German Shepherds are trained to identify the humans who perform various seizure behavior, the ironic is that they suffer from this problem. Dogs might not be able to figure out that they are suffering from this condition and are advised to keep them out of severe and stressful situations.  

  • Diabetes

Just like humans, diabetes is also common among the German Shepherd, this is because they tend to overeat if getting excess food. The symptoms to identify diabetes can be fatigue, dry mouth, excessive drinking, urinating, and swelling. It can be easily controlled with a proper and nutritious diet and exercise. In some severe cases, the veterinarian may prescribe insulin.

  • Degenerative disc disease

As the dog grows, he may suffer from this disc problem when the age starts increasing. German Shepherd is more likely to suffer from this problem when compared to other dogs. The breeding of such dogs should be avoided as they pass on the issue to the next breed.

  • Allergies

German Shepherd, as compared to other dog breeds, is more sensitive to allergies. It can be from anything like even the basic grass can be allergic to a German Shepherd and any type of flower or pollen or any other things around. Feeding German Shepherd with the specific processed food made for his breed can save your dog from the different types of allergies.

How to care Long Haired German Shepherds

Every different breed of dogs requires different types of care. But once a person gets aware of how to care for a dog, it becomes easy for him to keep it and the dog lives healthy and safe. here are some of the points that should be kept in mind while keeping a Long Haired German Shepherd:-

  • Brushing regularly

Long hairs require complete care whether they are of human or an animal. To keep your dog safe from bugs and viruses, one should regularly comb the long hairs of the dog. By keeping the hairbrush, one can avoid noting in hair and also prevents hair loss.

  • Not much bathing

As an inexperienced owner, one feels that excessive bathing will lead to excessive growth in hairs. However, it is not a healthy habit for a long-haired German Shepherd as they have sensitive skin, and they should bath only when they get plenty of dirt.

  • Check teeth

German Shepherd often has problems with their teeth, no matter if they are fed right or wrong they can suffer from the plague, the dog’s teeth are required to be clean every week to keep them safe and secure.

  • Trimming of nails

Long nails are a dog’s enemy. Dogs can hurt or themselves or the owner by the nails. Owners take their dogs to the professional groomers for this purpose as the dog will not be happy with your plans of trimming of nails.

  • Regular checkups

All dogs are prone to various diseases and can catch viruses from anywhere around. It is good to take them for regular checkups and provide proper medications if required.

Where to Find a Long-Haired German Shepherd Puppy

One can find a Long-Haired German Shepherd Puppy from the nearest store where they are found. It can also be seen from the nearest veterinarian or the breeder, such breeder is more concerned and can find all the pure and hybrid breeds available. You can also get it from the online stores around. But you are advised to buy it from the nearest store to get extra health benefits and care.