American German Shepherd Vs. European German Shepherd

Although you see them similarly, the American German Shepherd is very different from the European and vice versa according to some characteristics. First of all, you have to know that the European German Shepherd is the original breed or is on the front line. The American German Shepherd is a hybrid of this original breed, but in the same way, it retains the physical characteristics of its breed. 

You have to know the differences between European and American GSD before purchasing or adopting it for your company. Both dogs have a similar temperament with some differences that can be very symbolic of their company. Health problems are another thing you have to be aware of among dogs to take the necessary steps to preserve their life. 

It is time for you to learn some basic facts about dogs and finally find out their differences. Stay with the pet that you like the most according to its specifications, temperament, size, reproduction, costs, among others. You have the final decision when buying an original German shepherd or an American one that is physically its optimized version.

Facts About American German Shepherd

The American German Shepherd is the more common breed to see than its European version, the original species. Many dog ​​lovers are fond of the pet for being of huge size and mild temperament. These dogs identify an entire nation; they have even won accolades for being the best show pet.

The American GSD is a dog that requires a lot of care, so if you do not know animals, it can be not easy to have it. You can read some books or guides on how to breed and train this dog to keep them in your life. You can get help from experts to get the potential out of a dog of large size, energy, and exceptional behavior.

Some facts about the American German Shepherd are:

  • His appearance

They are dogs with a predominant appearance with a two-phase coat, internal and external, which makes them look very beautiful. This type of hair is perfect in pets because it does not shed quickly, preventing your family from having allergies. The American GSD has a larger and thinner head, so this is a big difference from its original breed.

  • Size and weight

In his physique, the dog can measure 26 inches maximum in his height and weight of at least 90 pounds in his adulthood. They are very large dogs that you have to watch their diet to avoid being overweight.

  • Lifetime

This breed can be by your side for up to 14 years, depending on how well you take care of it and what medical condition it presents. You have to see the dog from time to time to the vet to verify that it has no inherited diseases.

  • Your personality

They are very loyal and loving dogs; this last factor can decrease as they grow older and become more estranged. You have to create a connection with your dog to avoid detachment so quickly. They are brilliant pets, so you can easily do a series of hunting training.

Facts About European German Shepherd

They are dogs a little more faithful than their American version, they have better communication with their owner, and their temperament is calmer. You can adopt or buy a European GSD to receive the best company training and work. It is a pet that adapts very well to the forest or other steep terrain where you integrate it to play.

The basic data that you can see in the European German Shepherd are:

  • His appearance

It has a physical appearance compared to that of a wolf, mainly it’s head that is rounded and not very fine. European GSDs have a very broad, elongated, and strong back to support a good weight; they are large. It has a tail with a very husband coat and not smooth like its American version; it does not shed as much hair.

  • Size and weight

GSDs can be 28 to 30 inches tall, so they are very large in appearance. The average weight is 110 pounds for the female dog and 130 pounds for an adult male GSD. This pet is very large because it is the original breed, although its size and weight are little compared to that of an American German Shepherd.

  • Lifetime

You can maintain a good relationship with your dog for up to 14 years, their average lifespan. You can extend your company by keeping your pet healthy and going to the vet every so often.

  • Your personality

They are very quiet, self-confident dogs, somewhat calm for you to have by your side throughout the day. This pet has a total approach to his owner and everything he commands; they can be somewhat overprotective. The European GSD is defensive, so that you may see it in positions as a police mascot in European cities.

Health problems

This dog is very prone to dysplasia problems in his elbows and hips from running long stretches. You, like his master, must prevent your dog from over-demanding his body and being disabled for some time.

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The Differences Between American German Shepherd And European German Shepherd

If you still cannot decide between an American or European GSD, you can start to see their differences to help you in the process:

  • Usefulness of pets

You can adopt or buy an American GSD to keep it at home with your family for your entire life. This dog is very familiar, while the European GSD is a more working pet in patrol, police, etc. European German Shepherds are an incredible power to develop positions where they require biting or tracking; they are very unfamiliar.

  • Power and stamina

About both versions of GSD, the European German Shepherd has greater stability and resistance than the American German Shepherd. They are dogs that tire very little; they are used to running long stretches, although this puts their health at risk.

  • Size

American German Shepherds are larger than European Shepherds, although the latter have better musculature. You have to choose between predominant size or appearance, of both the European GSD is more intimidating.

  • Personality

The European German Shepherd has a better temperament than the American GSD; they are very easy to breed. This dog is a bit more faithful and focused than his American breed.

  • Adaptability

In adaptability, European German Shepherds are more likely to endure great climates for their fur. American GSDs are weaker because they are used to a warm-weather with little low temperatures.

  • Appearance

An American German Shepherd has a sloping rear appearance while the European GSD is straighter. From its appearance, you can see that the European GSD is more muscular, with wider elbows than the American.

  • Fur

The coat of the American German Shepherd is very short compared to the European GSD; its difference is also marked on the tail. You can see how the European German Shepherd has a hairier tail while the American is smoother.

  • Health problems

The American German Shepherd inherited health problems than the European GSD. In the elbow and hip dysplasia, the American GSD has a greater risk of having it due to its sloping back. The European German Shepherd is not exempt from the disease, although it is not prone to its straight back.