German Shepherd Husky Mix: The Ultimate Breed Guide

The German Shepherd Husky is a mixed breed dog that is a cross between Siberian husky and german shepherd dog breeds. These dogs are energetic, loyal, and medium in size; these pups inherited some superior quality genes from their parents. 

 The German Shepherd Husky is also well known by the name of shepsky. Despite their fateful status of being a hybrid breed, you will find these mixed breed dogs in home shelters and keep in mind that you should adopt them. However, these lovely pups are loyal and affectionate towards their owner. They are also known for their conservative nature and superior intelligence. They have a history of working with police, taking guard duties, working on search and rescue missions, and military operations. 

 Moreover, an apartment will not be enough for these dogs as German Shepherd Husky mix needs large houses along with yards and need to be liable for heavy work duties. When these pups are under-stimulation, they might become unmanageable and destructive. To keep them working, you need to build a relationship with them first and keep them happy. Below you will find everything about Gerberian shepsky mixed dog breeds.

 What Is A German Shepherd Husky Dog?

German Shepherd Husky dogs mean it is the mix of two different purebreds of dogs. The best way to look for a German Shepherd Husky breed is to determine the quality of mixed breed dogs is to check the traits of those dogs engaged in crossbreeding. The German Shepherd Husky is a mix-breed of a Siberian husky and the german shepherd. As we all know that crossbreeding is carry out for many years, but these are often unnoticed. 

 It was until when crossbreeds started to attract more attention among the people. Indeed, the German Shepherd Husky mix is an intelligent, powerful, and bold working dogs and a wolf-like appearance. 

 Health Issues Of A German Shepherd Husky Mix 

In some crossbreeds cases, there are variations in their genetics, not like purebred dogs. Below is a list of some health issues which are common in German Shepherd Husky mix.

  •  Hip And Elbow Dysplasia

Hip and elbow dysplasia is a health issue that may result in unstable and loose joints in dogs. These issues are still preventable by doing adequate exercise daily, maintaining a healthy diet, and proper rest for relieving stress.

 This health condition may happen due to obesity, so you need to keep your dog’s weight fit and healthy by maintaining a strict watch on the dog’s weight and ensuring that your dog is obese or underweight. 

  •  Eye Conditions

  •  Canine Glaucoma

Canine glaucoma is a collection of diseases that influence the optic nerve in dogs and might result in pressure on the dog’s eye. Almost 40% of dogs suffer from this disease condition and become blind with the affected eye in a year.

  •  Juvenile Cataracts 

These health conditions may occur in 5 months old, or in rare cases, and the dog may be born with complete blindness.

  •  Progressive Retinal Weaken 

It is a hereditary condition that may occur while dog’s twilight year, or maybe at older ages. The symptoms of this health issue include night blindness and unable to see in bright light. However, this condition is untreatable; early diagnosis might help keep further protection of your dog’s vision.

  •  Epilepsy

It is a neurological disorder and may result in recurring and uncontrolled seizures, and in rare cases, your dog may lose consciousness. Moreover, if your dog is suffering from epilepsy and seizures, you should look for CBD oil for epilepsy pets. Many owners said that CBD oil reduced their pet suffering from seizures.

  •  Cancer

 The German Shepherd Husky mix is more prone to cancer, like other mixed dog breeds. Your dog may develop a specific type of cancer depending upon the health condition of your dog.

  •  Ear Infections

Dogs having large ears are more sensitive to getting ear infections, although they can be prevented through daily inspection and clean ears. You should use natural cleaning products for ears and use soft silicon tips for safely and thoroughly clean the dog’s ears.

 How To Care For German Shepherd Husky Mixes 

  • Shedding And Grooming 

The shepsky is a moderate shedder, and if you are thinking of bringing this crossbreed dog home, you need to ensure that no one in your family has allergies. However, the gerberian shepsky has a double coat; you will need to brush him 2-3 times per week to remove excess fur and maintain it. It would help if you never shaved a double-coated dog as it may lead to several skin problems.

  • Training and exercise

 When you own a puppy, you need to train and socialize them as soon as possible, mainly in their puppy stage. These dogs are intelligent and quick learners, and you should be consistent, engaging in their training sessions. Whereas the amount of exercise should be adequate, these dogs can stand high-intensity routines. 

  •   Diet 

These dogs fall under the category of large-sized breeds, so you need to make sure you are providing them proper nutrition in their diet. However, improper nutrition may affect their growth development, so it is vital for you to give them a well-balanced diet.

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 What Is A German Shepherd Husky Mix Personality Like? 

The German Shepherd Husky mix is a muscular and bold dog, often depicting a great dog to be feared. However, these dogs are gentle and calm, with several great personalities that make them a perfect pet.

  •  Playful And Active

This dog is filled with energy, which means they require regular exercise. However, inadequate training might result in malicious behavior like excessive barking and unnecessary chewing due to accumulated stress.

  •  Protective And Attentive

These dogs can work as excellent guard dogs due to their conservative nature; however, they might bark unnecessarily due to their conservative nature.

  •  Affectionate And Loyal

These dogs are very loving and caring towards their owner. Moreover, this dog will never disappoint and fail when it comes to loyalty. They put owner priority first before themselves.

 The above-mentioned is everything about the German Shepherd Husky dog, and these are great for working and offer companionship to their owner.