Miniature German Shepherds (Breed Guides)

Miniature German Shepherds are very attractive and loyal puppies. They are easy to train, and you need less space to train than a normal-sized German Shepherd. They are intelligent, agile, protective dogs that are always alert; you can easily train them.

Small size German Shepherds are bred using Poodles or Border Collies. The temperament of a Miniature German Shepherd is very similar to that of a normal German Shepherd.

Miniature German Shepherd puppies are bred to be an excellent companion or working dog. Its weight is 50 pounds, and its size ranges between 15 and 20 inches. The lifespan of the miniature German Shepherd is 9 to 13 years. Below you will find all the information you need about these Nini German Shepherds.

Types of Miniature German Shepherds

The types of German Shepherds will depend on the breed with which they are mixed. A mini German shepherd is a result of crossing a German shepherd with a smaller breed of dog. The most common breeds used for raising Miniature German Shepherds are:

  • Pugs (Shug)
  • Collies (Shollie)
  • Siberian Huskies that are called Siberian Shepherd
  • Golden Retrievers (golden Shepherd)
  • Between many more

Mixed Breed

A mixed-breed dog is also known as a mongrel and consists of a mixture of 3 or more breeds. It is a breed that has been bred intentionally, and that is why they have been crossed.

Mixed breed dogs do not have as many genetic health problems as purebred dogs. Miniature German Shepherds are mixed breeds because they are raised from a German Shepherd with another breed.

Genetic Flaw

They are the German Shepherds who inherit the dwarfism gene. German Shepherds who are diagnosed with dwarfism are also purebred.

What is German Shepherd Dwarfism?

It is a rare inherited genetic disorder that is the result of breeding between 2 purebred German Shepherds. It is a smaller German Shepherd and can weigh up to 30 pounds.

They have the specific characteristics of the breed and even the gestures. It is like watching a German Shepherd but with shorter limbs. If you want a German Shepherd with all its peculiarities of the breed but smaller, you should choose this type of puppy.

You should know that this type of dog will have health problems such as thyroid problems, allergies, etc. in many cases, this dog can bald as he gets older.


The way to know if you have a purebred dog is if it has a pedigree. Purebred dogs are genetically manipulated to improve the breed of dogs. To obtain a breed without altering the genes, it is necessary to reproduce them within the same family.

Purebred German Shepherds are usually the smallest puppies in the litter. They are identified as standard GSDs, and they are not very small and can measure 45 cm.

Health problems

Miniature German Shepherds have some health problems, and many of them are genetic. Among the most common health problems are:

  • swelling

Many miniature dogs suffer from this type of health problem, which is also known as gastric dilation-volvulus. This problem usually occurs from being active early after eating or eating too fast.

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia

Miniature German Shepherds are more prone to hip and elbow dysplasia. They are alterations or malformations that appear in the cavity, in the ball, or both parts.

  • Hemophilia

It is a very common health problem in German Shepherds and is due to genetic inheritance. In a dog that has hemophilia, the blood cannot clot properly. Any cut can endanger your puppy.

The personality of miniature German shepherds

  • They are working dogs
  • They are very intelligent
  • They are easy puppies to train
  • They are watchdogs
  • It is a dog that needs a lot of training and physical activity
  • They do not bark much, only when they alert that someone is nearby

It is a dog that will be by your side at any time, pending any danger that may arise. It is a watchdog, and they are caring. They are excellent for the smallest dog in the house because they will be aware of their safety. They are playful, and they like hugs.

Miniature German Shepherds are very intelligent and hardworking; they are very good puppies at the rescue, search, and therapy.

You can train them without a problem because being so intelligent they will learn quickly. You need to enter the behaviors and socialization commands quickly to behave well from the start. Remember that this breed needs a lot of exercises.

Remember that these dogs have health problems such as hip dysplasia, a hereditary disease common among parents. If you want to keep your German Shepherd in good health, you must put him to exercise.

German Shepherds are athletic with a high energy level, so they must have a large space to run and do daily activities. You can go with them for long walks or play with a ball.

They can present canine hypothyroidism and cause obesity. Exercises can help you stay in good shape.

Breeding Lines of Miniature GSDs

These puppies can inherit certain traits from the father. They can be bad in some jobs where the normal German Shepherd is good.

  • They are still herding dogs at their core.
  • If you have your farm, you can use one of these puppies because they are still guarding dogs.
  • They are good rescue and search dogs.
  • Their size allows them to go anywhere without a problem

How to buy Healthy Miniature German Shepherd Puppies

Miniature German Shepherd puppies are popular these days. You must be careful to find a breeder who uses proper practices in raising these puppies.

Buying a mini German Shepherd always takes a lot of time and good research. You should always choose a reputable and reputable breeder so that you have a puppy in good condition. When you want a dog of these specifications, you should look for the words purebred or teacup.

Poor practices can lead you to buy Miniature German Shepherd puppies that have health problems. Breeders offer their puppies that have certain specifications or tell you that they will grow to a certain size. Sometimes they provide false information because no breeder can guarantee that a dog has an exact mix.

These puppies’ cost will depend on the type of dog with which the mother is raised and the breeder’s costs and fees. An estimated value for a miniature German shepherd can be between $ 1000.

When you find a reputable and worthy breeder, you will introduce them to the dog’s parents and provide their medical history. It must also offer you all health certifications and clearances for some diseases like hip dysplasia.