German Shepherd Dalmatian Mix: Breed Comparison

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When you love the intelligent German shepherd and also admire the adore free dalmatian. You appreciate the friendly face of a dalmatian and prefer the familiar face of a German shepherd dog. Then, I think your choice is going to be a mixed breed of German shepherd and dalmatian, a new breed called German shepmatian. … Read more

Brindle Colored German Shepherds: Rare Coat Color (Guides 2021)

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German Shepherds are dogs that come in many colors; you can find up to 11 coat colors that kennel cubes accept. There are colors such as the blackbird, solid blue, and brindle that are considered fault coat colors, and unfortunately, they are becoming extinct. Brindle is a color that is not standard in German Shepherds, … Read more

How to Crate Train a German Shepherd Puppy ( Ultimate Guides)

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The German Shepherd breed is a highly playful breed and can be a good trainee. Crate training is not just an essential part of house training, but also helpful in traveling. A puppy having a crate of itself will make it feel a sense of belongingness. But the basic question that strikes in mind can … Read more

The Noble Life Of German Shepherd Service Dogs

German Shepherd Service Dogs

The German Shepherd is one of the favorite breeds in all parts of the world. This breed is very intelligent, brave, and confident to form a good team with its owner. There are so many positive qualities that this breed has that they can serve as service dogs and be very efficient. Many people with … Read more

The Best Type Of German Shepherd

The Evolution Of The Best Type Of German Shepherd

You have to know the evolution of the best type of German Shepherd so that you can proceed with its adoption now. The German shepherd is a formidable dog that you should have on your side to accompany you for many years. You must know what the history of this dog is and the reason … Read more

What is German Shepherd Heat Cycle

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If you have a female German shepherd, you should know all the heat cycles that your pet goes through. Find out when this type of dog’s first heat is and how often they enter this cycle. Know the average time your German Shepherd will be in the heat to protect him from other dogs. Discover … Read more