How To Clean Dog Smegma By Yourself

How To Clean Dog Smegma By Yourself - Image By University of California

Regardless of their breed, the health of our pets depends largely on the care we give them. We must understand that they need us to take proper care of health, especially when it comes to hygiene and food. If we are careless, our adorable little creatures will be at risk. It may be that the … Read more

Do German Shepherd’s Ears Stand Up naturally?

Do German shepherd's ears stand up naturally

German Shepherds are an extremely beautiful breed of dog. These dogs are extremely loyal to their masters, and they are extremely obedient. This characteristic has been attributed to their fame as police dogs. Besides, the United States Army also trains them to detect bombs in war zones. For this reason, they are known as the … Read more

Best German Shepherd Training Books In 2021

Best German Shepherd Training Books

You have the opportunity to learn a little more about your German Shepherd through the best help books. Find out below the best list of books that you can use for your dog to reach a real connection. Among the books, you will know everything about your pet, how to raise it, training, and how … Read more

German Shepherd Life Span: How Long Do German Shepherds Live?

German Shepherd Life Span - Image By dogfoodgenius

If you have a German Shepherd, you are surely worried about how much time you can spend with him before nature does his work. As we know, dogs have a much shorter life expectancy than humans, and it is normal that the more we become fond of our pet, the greater the concern for its … Read more

German Shepherd Hunting Training

German Shepherd Hunting Training

Although German Shepherds are not originally hunting dogs, you can train them for that purpose. If you are a fan of hunting different animals in the forest and instructing your pet, you can do it. German Shepherds have a significant advantage over other dogs because they have great size and running ability. With great size … Read more