Do German Shepherd’s Ears Stand Up naturally?

German Shepherds are an extremely beautiful breed of dog. These dogs are extremely loyal to their masters, and they are extremely obedient. This characteristic has been attributed to their fame as police dogs. Besides, the United States Army also trains them to detect bombs in war zones. For this reason, they are known as the iconic image of a man’s best friend.

One of the things that people worry about most during the German shepherd’s early life is his ears’ sagging. When a German Shepherd puppy is born, his ears are not born upright as most people think. You just have to give them a little time to take their normal form.

Do German shepherd’s ears stand up naturally?

Many people ask this question, and the answer is a complete yes. The German shepherd’s ears will naturally take shape. It may seem problematic at first, but as the puppy grows, its body will create the cartilage that shapes the ears. This is a natural process that takes place during your puppy’s growth and development.

The cartilage of the ear takes shape from 8 weeks after the puppy was born. During all this time, the ears fall and reappear, so there is no need to worry at any time. This is a completely natural and painless process that your puppy will have to go through.

Why do German shepherd’s ears stand up?

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German Shepherds were created to look like their ancestors, the wolves. This is one of the breeds that most closely resembles the primitive species physically, including the pointed ears’ appearance to hear better. Besides, this feature gives them a more elegant and imposing image.

They have incredible hearing ability thanks to their ears, being able to hear even the slightest synods. For this reason, it is so important that your ears stand up. A dog with limited hearing can have many problems. The ears of German Shepherds are raised to ensure a perfect sense of hearing for the dog.

German shepherd puppy ears stages

During its puppyhood, the German shepherd undergoes various changes as its ears develop and stand up. Here is a brief overview of the ear stages during puppy growth:

  • Newborn to 5 months

During the first months of life, the ears of your puppy are kept completely fallen. However, eventually, the puppy will find a way to lift them to hear better, allowing cartilage to be much faster.

  • 5 to 6 months

At this stage, the puppy’s ears will be in a constant and “seesaw,” but it’s completely normal. You should not worry about this at any time because it is a completely normal process. Just make sure your puppy gets enough calcium to ensure optimal health.

This vitamin is important because the dog’s bones grow and develop at a great speed. At some point, they may have a deficiency of this vitamin. Some supplements can be of great help to ensure optimal health.

  • 6 to 8 months

By this stage, the puppy has its ears pricked almost all the time. However, you should keep a close eye on them to ensure that they are growing properly and that they remain upright when teething is over.

German shepherd ears meaning

German shepherd ears meaning

While they are puppies, German Shepherds always have their ears down, which symbolizes cuteness and a sign that they are helpless. Although it is difficult to believe, this is one of their most effective security measures against threats. In this way, they feel that they can remain safe. Despite this, their ears are also muscle, so they can raise or lower them as they wish.

On the other hand, when they lift their ears, it means that they are paying attention, that they think there is some danger nearby, that they are happy, or that they think something serious is happening. After this, when you drop them, it means that you are relaxed.

German Shepherds are extremely serious dogs but also extremely expressive. You can easily tell what they are feeling or perceiving simply by looking at their ears. For this reason, they are extremely popular dogs among the military and police forces of the world.

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How to Train a German Shepherd’s Ears to Stand Up

How to Train a German Shepherd's Ears to Stand Up

There are many ways to train your puppy to keep his ears pricked at all times. Here is a list of things you can do to generate great results in no time:

  • Stimulate him with toys

This is one of the best ways to guarantee an optimal state of health and the ears’ natural development. This is helpful because it can keep you upbeat and incentivize you to perk up your ears while chewing on your favorite toys. This alternative is extremely effective for puppies older than five months of age.

  • Complement the diet

It is important to complement puppies during their growth and development. There are many supplements available on the market globally. Still, the first thing you should do is take your puppy to a vet to determine the ideal supplement for him. In this way, you will guarantee that you have an optimal state of health.

  • Calcium

Some think that adding calcium to the puppy’s diet can have many benefits. This is true when your puppy has a calcium deficiency in the body because otherwise, it can lead to many health problems.

For this reason, it is essential to consult with a veterinarian before beginning to supply calcium to your pet.

  • Glucosamine

A safe way to supplement your pet’s diet, ensure optimal health, and get their ears perched is to supply glucosamine through food as they develop. This is a substance that originates in the body and helps maintain healthy cartilage.

Some foods contain this substance, and that allows your pet to have a healthy supply of this vitamin:

  1. Chicken legs
  2.  Chicken necks
  3. Duck feet
  4. Duck necks
  • Balanced diet and vitamins 

To ensure that your pet grows and develops in the best way, it is necessary to provide the best diet and vitamin supplements. In this way, your body and brain can be in optimal health conditions.

  • Supplement with Vitamin C

This vitamin is an excellent source of antioxidants and also helps during the formation of cartilage. Besides, it is an excellent alternative while they are puppies, and they must be given vaccinations.

  • Supplement with dairy

Some specialists say that it is necessary to supplement their pets’ diet with dairy products to ensure cartilage’s correct formation in the ears. However, it is a theory that it can work depending on the breed of the dog and the doses of dairy supplied.

  • Get rid of parasites.

Parasites can do a lot of damage to your puppy, especially during the formation of cartilage in the ears. For this reason, it is necessary to turn to a specialist who will be in charge of telling you the best way to get rid of your puppy’s parasites.

  • Protect your German Shepherd puppies’ ears from trauma

It is necessary to avoid touching or caressing them too much so that they always remain upright. You also have to take care of him while playing with other puppies because they usually bite each other’s ears while playing.

  • Use tape

Some people have done this and have achieved excellent results. They have to bandage them to maintain their posture for a while, and in this way, your puppy will get used to having his ears held that way.

  • Place surgical implants

Some dogs suffer from serious health problems, and the cartilage in their ears does not develop properly. In this type of case, it is necessary to resort to invasive alternatives such as surgery to place implants in the ears.

It is necessary to use a veterinarian who has the knowledge and years of experience required to ensure that the work is performed optimally.