German Shepherd Allergies

When you have a German Shepherd at home, you must know all his diseases, such as allergies. Your pet may have very mild or severe allergy problems that you must tread carefully. You must know what allergies are to the German shepherd and its different common types in your pet.

Discover the symptoms of allergies to the German Shepherd skin, food, and environment. Know the causes of allergies to your pet and how you can treat them by detecting them. Finally, you must know how to prevent allergies in German Shepherds so that their life close to you lasts longer.

What are German Shepherd allergies?

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In general, an allergy is a protection that the immune system gives to foreign elements that want to enter the body. This problem can arise from food, pollen, or fur that causes an automatic response in your body. These substances are called “allergens” and are the most common German Shepherd problem.

The responses that the immune system can give to allergies are dizziness, itching, swelling, among other things. Every dog’s body has a different immune response to allergens. GSDs are vulnerable to allergies because their straw is short, causing any foreign element to trigger the problem.

GSD is prone to allergies both physically and genetically, so if you have a pet, you should take care of it. At least 10% of other dog breeds can suffer from allergies, which is a fairly common problem.

Different types of German Shepherd allergies

Different types of German Shepherd allergies

Your German shepherd can have different types of allergies that you can observe and solve. You may notice that your GSD will have allergies from:

  • Environmental allergy

It is a type of allergy that your dog can develop towards the environment, including seasonal allergies. Your pet may suffer from allergies to pollen when released or blooms for the February period. Environmental allergies can also be due to other natural elements that your GSD is exposed to.

  • Skin allergy

You may notice how your German shepherd is allergic to different items in your home or outdoors. This skin allergy is the most common in GSD and can be very strong, depending on your pet’s sensitivity. The more your German shepherd is exposed to the allergen, the greater the reaction it will have on its skin.

  • Food allergy

You may have a German Shepherd who suffers from allergies to some foods that he eats. According to what he eats, your pet’s reaction is where more food is the greatest allergy in his body. You must know what are foods cause a harmful reaction in your pet to prevent him from eating.

Symptoms of German Shepherd allergies

To know exactly what type of allergy your dog is facing, you must know the symptoms. There are three types of allergies for GSD: cutaneous or skin, food, and environmental. The symptoms for each allergy in your German shepherd are:

  • Symptoms of skin allergy

Your pet’s skin allergy is associated with a food allergy, and you can discover it by its symptoms. Urticaria is the common symptom between both allergies, although when it comes to a reaction on your pet’s skin, it will appear:

– Burning pain

– Blisters

– Skin rash

– A lot of swelling

– Hits

– Mild redness

You will have to treat your pet for the next four weeks with some ointments and medicines for this allergy type.

  • Symptoms of food allergy

It is a direct allergy of the digestive system that your pet can present for life with some foods. Symptoms for food allergy are:

– Urticaria

– dizziness

– Nausea

– vomiting

– Gasp

– Swelling of the tongue, lips, face, and throat

You only have to discover the type of food that affects your dog, not give it again, and avoid allergies.

  • Symptoms of environmental allergy

It is a mild allergy that your dog can contract due to genetic problems present in his body. You can see some symptoms in your German shepherd with a food allergy, such as:

– Itching of your skin

– Breathe in a difficult way

– Low energy

– sneezing

The time that the environmental allergy lasts can be 1 to 2 months per season or until you stop being exposed to the element. You have to detect the factor that causes your GSD allergy to move it away from there.

Causes of German Shepherd allergies

You should now know what the causes of allergies to the German shepherd in its three different types are:

  • Causes of skin allergy

It is caused when your German Shepherd brushes or touches a specific element that causes a reaction on his skin. On average, it may take more than 12 hours for the dog to activate the allergen, and its symptoms appear. You should immediately treat your pet’s skin allergy by going to a veterinarian.

  • Causes of food allergy

It is a type of allergy caused when your dog consumes food that causes a body reaction. Many German Shepherds have allergies to chicken, nuts, milk, wheat, or other foods that you should know about. Symptoms for this allergy can be seen in your GSD after 15 minutes of eating the food.

  • Causes of environmental allergy

It is an allergy that your pet can have to various environmental elements that you should know now. This type of allergy can be pollen, dust, and flowers, among other natural elements. Environmental allergy symptoms can appear within minutes of your dog coming into contact with the element.

How to Treat German Shepherd Allergies?

How to Treat German Shepherd Allergies

When you see the symptoms of allergies in your German shepherd, you should treat it in this way:

  • Treatment of environmental allergies

You have to move your pet away from the allergy-causing item and let it rest for a bit. This type of allergy is not very dangerous, although if you observe that the symptoms do not go away in hours, you should go to the vet.

  • Treatment of food allergies

You can use cold or warm compresses on your pet to treat food allergies. It is necessary to remove the harmful food for your pet and avoid these allergies in the future.

  • Treatment of skin allergies

You can go to the vet to get an ointment or cream to soothe the itchy skin that your pet has. You should be very attentive to your German shepherd in the next few days until the skin rashes finally disappear.

How to prevent allergies to German Shepherds?

You must learn how to prevent allergies in your German shepherd in its different types with these methods:

Prevent food allergy

  • You must avoid that your pet ingests foods that make him ill and avoid this allergy.
  • You should go to a veterinarian to build a diet for your German shepherd.

Prevent environmental allergy

  • Avoid dust in your house so that the German shepherd does not have allergies
  • Remove the plants inside your home
  • Avoid exercising with your dog in certain seasons of the year

Prevent skin allergy

  • You must remove the targets to which your pet has skin allergies
  • Avoid that your pet gets into small places where the allergy element is present.