German Shepherd Bite Force

The dog’s behavior differs according to their breed and size. The same goes for the force of the bite. The offspring of dogs are wolves, a very intelligent but wild animal. Wolves are also very strong physically, and there are many breeds of dogs that still retain that power.

Surely you wonder which dogs have the strongest bite, and these are mostly the large breed. The first breed of dog that often comes to mind when discussing bite force is the Pit Bull. But the pit bull is not the dog with the strongest jaw.

Dog breed experts have done several studies to find out which dog breeds have the strongest bite. To find out how strong a dog’s bite is, the pressure made by the jaw is measured. This pressure is not only measured in dogs but also in other animals.

The pressure exerted by the jaw when biting is what determines the force in your bite. To make this type of measurement, in most cases, a meter called “BFQ” is used. The BFQ is responsible for measuring the strength of the dog’s bite and relating it to the animal’s weight.

After studies, it is known that the pressure that a wild wolf bite can exert can be much more intense than the pressure that a dog can exert. Also, you need to know that jaw strength will vary even in dogs of the same breed.

Among dog breeds, one of the strongest bites happens to be that of the German Shepherd.

Understanding Dog’s Bite Force

Germany is the country with the highest dog bite rating in the world. Like other dog breeds with the Rottweiler, the German Shepherd also has a strong bite. After the studies carried out, the German Shepherd is below the Rottweiler, in terms of its bite force.

This turns out to be surprising since the German Shepherd has been referred to as a sheepdog. The German Shepherd has the particularity of serving with the little ones’ faithful friend in the house. But if it comes to defending, the German Shepherd can serve as a policeman and be a good companion at the time of rescue.

Although perhaps the dog’s bite level cannot be measured precisely, since this force will always vary. When a dog is debuted, as time goes on, his bite force will be higher, compared to dogs that do not receive any training.

In this case, the studies that have been carried out in the first place are the offspring of dogs. The force of the bite level is not the same always; it is true. A wolf can have a bite of 406 pounds, but if he or his pack has to protect himself, he can bite up to 1,200 pounds.

The same will happen with domesticated breeds, especially those with a lot of strength by their nature. The dog breeds with the most force in their bite are the ones with the highest rate of attacks on people or other dogs.

Bite Force of The German Shepherd In PSI

The PSI is a unit used to calculate the pressure released that can occur on either side. PSI stands for “Pound per square inch,” and it is the most efficient unit for deciphering all the stress that can be exerted on a pound’s square inch. Dog bites are measured through the PSI unit.

The German Shepherd dog is intelligent and is known throughout the world for its guardian characteristics. This dog easily wins the love of your dreams and is therefore very popular with all breeds of dog. These dogs are so agile that they are even included in certain operations carried out by the police forces.

A German Shepherd bite can be as high as 238 psi, which means that this dog can be very intimidating. The German Shepherd can be trained in a very easy way, and the intensity of his bite may vary according to the progress of his training. This is why the German Shepherd is used as a guide dog and one of the best breeds.

This breed of dog is very energetic, so they must be kept in constant exercise and cannot live in small or closed spaces. The German Shepherd can be a great friend of children because it is a very playful dog, and if it is had since childhood, it can be very affectionate and friendly.

If the owner of a German Shepherd is in danger, this dog can become very aggressive to defend him. The bite of this breed of dog is so strong that it can stand up to any other dog breed. It can even break the bone of a human being.

The Rank of German Shepherd In The Strongest Bite Force

The German Shepherd is among the top 10 dog breeds with the strongest dog bite. It is how the range of strong bite dog breeds is listed:

  • Kangal: Originally from Turkey, and its bite is 743 PSI.
  • Doberman: His strong bite is 600 PSI.
  • English Mastiff: Its large jaw allows a 556 psi bite.
  • Rottweiler: This dog has a lot of strength, and his bite is 328 psi.
  • American Bull Dog: The bite of this robust dog is 305 psi.
  • German Shepherd: As you know, this dog’s bite has a force of 238 psi.
  • American Pitbull: This breed of muscular dog has a force of 235 psi.
  • Dutch Shepherd: From the Netherlands comes this dog with a bite of 224 psi.
  • Chow Chow: The chow is from Mongolia, and the force of its bite is 220 psi.
  • Malinois: This breed of dog originally from France has a force in its bite of 195 psi.

As you can see, dog breeds’ bite force varies based on size and other characteristics. Dogs are the pets that people generally prefer to have in the home. Although there are breeds of dogs that can be in apartments, larger dogs need more space to display their skills.

Although dogs are very kind to their owners, it is crucial to keep in mind that a dog’s behavior can be dangerous. A dog bite can be a big problem, and you have to be aware of the risks. Therefore, you must know the force of each of the dog breeds’ bites, in this case, the German Shepherd.