German Shepherd Temperament

If you think of adopting a German Shepherd, you should know how strong or delicate his temperament is. GSDs have been characterized as a dominant breed of dogs with a volatile temperament and very loving. You should know the German Shepherd’s basic temperament and the different attitudes that the pet can have.

Learn how to deal with German Shepherd temperament problems already when you have adopted him. Learn about the GSD in socialization, training, and their way of being when mating. With quality information about the German Shepherd and his temperament, you will be motivated to adopt him and have him at home.

The Basic German Shepherd Temperament

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German Shepherd dogs are very intelligent and faithful in protecting their master. These dogs have exceptional temperaments where their abilities are facilitated for heavy work. Generally, a GSD adapts to the security, guardian, military, or even herding area demands.

A German Shepherd has a good balance in being very sweet towards acquaintances and aggressive strangers. The dog’s temperament makes it useful for you to keep at home and fulfill its role as a protector. If you want to have the dog close to your children, you will not have to worry because they will never try to bite you.

Different Types Of German Shepherd Temperament

Different Types Of German Shepherd Temperament

The German Shepherd has different temperaments that you must face as his master and faithful friend. In its puppy stage, the pet can be very playful with you with almost endless energy. As the dog grows, it changes from being playful, and his temperament clings to the protective instinct.

The GSD will play with you in its adult stage but will also ensure your safety at all times by keeping you away from danger. You may notice how the GSD becomes annoying when a stranger approaches you. These dogs are alert to everything around them, although they will never lose that love they feel for you.

How To Deal With German Shepherd Temperament Issues?

With a home GSD, you have to learn how to deal with his temper issues when he becomes aggressive. These dogs are excellent, but some things in their attitude can be volatile. You must know exactly how to deal with these temperament problems and make your closeness to the dog good:

  • Socialization

For your dog to be more friendly, you have to train him from his puppy stage and thus have good results. You have to associate your pet with all your family members to create a bond. As the dog grows, this socialization with your family members will solidify.

When the pet reaches its adult stage, and you want to teach it to socialize, it cannot be easy. An adult GSD may have trouble socializing, but you can control it with a heavy hand. You can control your pet by asking him to calm down, not by hitting or insults, because this can affect his temperament.

If you raise your German Shepherd from a puppy in a good way, you will have no problem socializing with other people. You should not give up on this training that although the dogs are strong, they will always be flexible in temperament.

  • Training

If you want to learn how to deal with German Shepherds in your military, police training, or home, you must be patient. These dogs are very intelligent and will always follow your orders, although they are often distracted. You must control this distraction in your pet and always focus your eyes on what you are doing.

You can give the GSD incentives for each training they do by motivating them to do this training. With some kibbles that you give him, you can eliminate that distraction from the GSD’s eyes from home. You should also be consistent in training your dog so that all that training can remember you.

It is important that you know your pet’s limits in training and do not demand more than he can. A GSD is an all-rounder in military or police training, but it also needs a break that you must give it. If you treat your pet correctly in training, you will not have much trouble with his temperament.

  • Puppy factory

When female GSDs are in heat or have already given birth, their temperament may be very dangerous for you. Like any dog with its puppies, the German Shepherd will always take a protective attitude. You may have been with your female GSD for years, but at this stage, she will be upset if you are around her young.

The best thing you can do when your pet is in heat or already pregnant is to give her space. You can try to get closer to your German Shepherd, but if you notice signs of growling, you should move away. If you keep your distance from the dog these days, you can prevent it from biting you because your pet will protect the children from it.

Although not all female GSDs adopt a protective temperament in their pregnancy stage, they are usually the majority. You must give your German Shepherd all the care these days but with distance. In less than two weeks after pregnancy, the female GSD lowers her protective attitude and is more passive.

When your German Shepherd lets you touch his dogs, you can give him all the love he deserves. You can properly feed your pet and puppies with all the love in the world without fear of him biting you.

Common Triggers to a Poor German Shepherd Temperament

A German Shepherd has common triggers associated with a bad temper that you should avoid. As his master and companion, you should treat your dog very well when he is a puppy until he grows old with you. Common problems associated with a bad temper in your GSD are:

  • Bad treatment

You may have had your GSD since a puppy, and you have given him a bad treatment when it comes to eating, walking, etc. If you hit your dog, this may trigger his bad temper. If you give your GSD love, you will likely receive a lot of love from them by giving them a great bond.

You must not forget that animal abuse is wrong and can be drastically punished in some countries. The best thing you can do is treat your GSD well or not have dogs of this breed that you cannot control.

  • Genetic problems

Another common trigger in your German Shepherd’s bad temper can be genetic problems. Maybe your GSD’s parents were aggressive in temperament, and all these bad genes were adopted.

 You must deal with this attitude that your pet takes not to have bad times when you have it at home. Every German Shepherd has a point of flexibility in his temperament, and you have to find out what your dog is.