Why Do German Shepherds Growl?

Why Do German Shepherds Growl?

German Shepherd or other breed dogs usually growl for several reasons apart from aggression. You should know that growling is a way for dogs to communicate and express their feelings to others as they cannot speak. So, if your German shepherd is growling without any reason, it would be better for you to understand the … Read more

Treating German Shepherd Head Tilt

German Shepherd Head Tilt 2021 - Image by Quora

It’s time for you to know why the German Shepherd Head Tilt when you see it on your pet. You can have a German Shepherd as a pet and not know everything about his behavior or how he wants to communicate with you. Find out why German Shepherds bow their heads and understand them better … Read more

German Shepherd Heat Cycle And First Heat

German Shepherd Heat Cycle And First Heat

The German Shepherd heat cycle is something you should understand if you notice that your pet is acting weird. When you go from having a female GSD in her puppy stage to an adult, at some point, the first heat will come. You must know what the “heat” stage means among dogs to intuit that … Read more

German Shepherd Tail Problems

If you have a German Shepherd as a pet, you should know that it may have some problems with its tail. Dogs usually use their tails to communicate with each other, and some movements have key meanings. You must know exactly if your GSD communicates with you or has a queue problem. Find out the … Read more

German Shepherd Floppy Ears

The canine breed is highly recognized in all parts of the world due to all their jobs and the great bonds they form with people. Similarly, it is necessary to know which are the most imposing breeds and their advantages compared to others. It is also essential to learn and identify any trauma they have … Read more

German Shepherd Bite Force

The German Shepherd's Bite Force

The dog’s behavior differs according to their breed and size. The same goes for the force of the bite. The offspring of dogs are wolves, a very intelligent but wild animal. Wolves are also very strong physically, and there are many breeds of dogs that still retain that power. Surely you wonder which dogs have … Read more