German Shepherd Floppy Ears

The canine breed is highly recognized in all parts of the world due to all their jobs and the great bonds they form with people. Similarly, it is necessary to know which are the most imposing breeds and their advantages compared to others. It is also essential to learn and identify any trauma they have with their ears since they are an extremely important part of their bodies.

This breed’s main objective is directed towards herding and hence its peculiar name of German Shepherd. They are excellent livestock keepers and sheepherders, keeping them calm and organized. However, as technology evolved, this breed was no longer necessary for many tasks, so they were no longer necessary. It is also important to know the necessary recommendations to maintain their care.

Why Are German Shepherd Ears Down?

Why Are German Shepherd Ears Down

Keep in mind that the German Shepherd breed is one of the best known in the world and the reason for that is because it is a working and intelligent dog. They are also very well known for great tasks such as guard dogs, police, or guide dogs for people who are blind.

Something to consider of this breed is its ears since they can help its communication. Many ignore this information and the importance of ears for canines, so you must consider many aspects to understand their ears’ behavior in this breed.

Being in their puppy stage, all dogs of this breed have drooping ears, which they raise during their development. This process can last approximately six months or more, so you must be attentive to any changes you notice.

Similarly, it is important to note that the cartilage in the puppies’ ears begins to harden in the first three months. This is why sometimes their ears are raised or lowered in the same way. Normally, they have little crooked ears at birth.

When Do GSDs Ears Stand And Stay Up?

When Do GSDs Ears Stand And Stay Up - Image By Reddit

All dogs, regardless of their breed, tend to make some movements with their tail or ears to alert people to a situation. It is not the exception with German Shepherds since this breed naturally has raised ears, but sometimes their young suffer from puppy trauma and do not fully develop them.

German Shepherd puppies usually wear their ears down, which symbolizes friendship to be relaxed. Keeping its ears up means that you have to be alert as the dog will be paying attention to something specific, and it can be a red flag.

Keep in mind that if your dog does not lift his ears, it may be a sign that he requires some specific treatment with a specialist. In the same way, it is not something to be alarmed about. This type of inconvenience is frequently solved with some animal diet changes.

Even if they are of the same breed, the dogs will not lift their ears simultaneously, so you should evaluate it if more than six months have passed. Generally, these cases are due to a poor diet. Your body is not receiving the necessary nutrients for its optimal development.

There may also be the possibility that the canine has some problems with specific internal and external parasites. Or there is simply the presence of some disease that has not been attacked in time and prevents the dog’s development in question.

Remember that dogs’ ears are very important since they are placed in specific situations to alert about something. Since it is difficult to understand these signs in all dogs, you can consider some of the most common and understand yourself a little better with your puppy.

Keeping your ears pointed forward means you are on an aggressive red flag with a possible attack on a certain victim. In the same way, this may mean that something has caught your attention, and you will be ready to run to find out what it is at any moment.

On occasions, this breed tends to have lowered and relaxed ears, which means a sign of total comfort and safety. Likewise, if they need some attention, this breed will use their ears and any possible means to receive the affection they are demanding.

Other Causes Of the German Shepherd Floppy Ears

Normally, puppies do not fully lift their ears at the beginning of their development stage, but you should consider this situation. Various factors are slowing down your puppies’ development, so you should attack them immediately.

  • Ear infections

A poor diet will lead the dog to develop internal or external infections that can worsen if not treated quickly. It is common to find German Shepherd puppies with ears infected by some particular situation within the place where they are raised.

Small tricks such as insects and fleas are a big problem with this type of disease in puppies as they can impair their entire healing. Take the necessary measures to help you attack this problem without running so much risk when applying each of the necessary treatments.

  • Trauma

If you intend to adopt a puppy of the German Shepherd breed, you should be aware of the puppy’s life of the creature. Generally, traumas experienced in the first months of birth significantly affect the ears’ development without any inconvenience.

That way, after taking it to a specialist, they will be able to tell you which are the influencing factors that still fuel this great trauma. It should also provide you with the necessary measures to work on this problem and have a solution as soon as possible.

  • Breeding

German Shepherd pups generally do not have any trauma that prevents them from fully developing their ears. They even reach their full development after only six months, so you should be alert if you notice something strange after this time.

How Can You Handle German Shepherd Floppy Ears?

You should also be alert to any type of reaction or attitude that the dog has with its ears as it means that something is happening. You can also carry out some strategies that will allow you to correct their ears’ development progressively.

  • Taping

You can choose to use certain tools that will undoubtedly provide improvements to your dog’s ears in a short time.

  • Clicker training

Sometimes some people use devices to improve their puppies’ reflexes and other important aspects. The clicker is a box with a button that emits a sound to alert your puppy quickly.

Many professionals use this artifact to indicate to your dog that they did a good job followed by a great award.