How to Potty Train a German Shepherd Puppy

Having a German Shepherd puppy at home is one of the most beautiful experiences that can exist, but it has certain difficulties. Making the child learn to go to the bathroom properly is too important and necessary to raise any pet.

It will not be an easy path, but luckily the German shepherd is a known dog for learning quickly. With the correct training and reinforcement, it will be possible for anyone to have a pet perfectly trained in doing its physiological needs.

How to Potty Train a German Shepherd?

How to Potty Train a German Shepherd

The main key to training a German Shepherd puppy is the patience and dedication put into work. Here are some necessary things to consider:

  • Get to know your pet

It is important that every owner conscientiously observe their puppy’s behavior to understand his physiology better. This is a great way to approach training as it will make it easier for you and avoid stress or frustration.

  • Learn from your instincts

In general, dogs are considered animals that require burrows to find refuge and comfort. Use this to your advantage by providing the canine with a sufficiently spacious cage. This will give it security and will be an indispensable tool.

As an instinct, a dog avoids dirtying where it sleeps. Having it in the cage during this period will help with its control. You have to be aware of removing it from time to time to do the bathroom, both day and night.

  • The surface

A common characteristic in dogs is their habitual behavior, so teaching them a fixed surface to go to the bathroom is ideal. Make sure to put the puppy in the right place and not vary too much as this can confuse him.

  • Establish a routine and stick with it

Consistency is the most important thing in any training process, so having a routine will make a difference. Take your German shepherd to the bathroom simultaneously every morning and after eating, sleeping, or playing.

It’s nice to take him to his designated bathroom surface when he gets excited so that he can bond better. It’s about observing, analyzing, and sticking to the routine so that your pet gets used to it.

What is the Best time to Train your German Shepherd puppy’s Potty?

The best thing to do to learn to go to the bathroom is to start when the animal reaches between 7 or 8 weeks. By instinct from week 5, the puppy begins to move away from its parent and fend for itself.

That newfound independence will teach him not to mess up his designated sleeping space. It is necessary to take advantage of this small time gap to teach the canine the basic terms.

They might show you where they go to the bathroom, where not to, and how to get to the site. The German shepherd himself will not have full control of his bladder until he is 5 or 6 months old.

It is good to be patient and plan a training system that lasts until the dog can adequately control. You will see that you will have incredible results with the correct tools and a very well-educated German Shepherd.

Potty-Training German Shepherd Puppies

Potty-Training German Shepherd Puppies - Image By k9deb

There are many things to consider when learning a German Shepherd. It is not something simple. These are some things that should know about this type of training:

  • Positive reinforcement is better

It has been confirmed that positive reinforcement training is much better for a puppy. It is the most effective method. Besides, it has several benefits, such as strengthening the bond between owner and pet thanks to the trust and affection that develops.

Many things can use other than candy. Games, cuddles, or food can work too. This will discover as you get to know your dog.

  • Adequate nutrition

If you want to keep things simple, keep the puppy’s body healthy through a proper diet. Avoid things with high-fat content, and better go for special formulas for puppies.

Make sure the diet is rich in calcium, protein, and good fats. That your German shepherd has a correct diet will make his brain and physical development incredible.

  • Don’t get frustrated by mistakes.

It is common to make mistakes on this journey, for both you and the animal to comment on mistakes, but nothing is strange. A dog’s training is no different from that of a small child, so it only remains to be patient.

Things to Consider When Training German Shepherd Puppies’ Potty 

It is not an easy task to do a training of this style since it takes dedication. After a while, you will see the results, so here are some things to consider:

  1. Do not stop the system unless you confirm that the dog has learned to the toilet in its designated place.
  2. Ensuring that the German shepherd is already trained is simple. You have to leave your dog indoors. If you notice that the animal did not do it despite the desire and wait, you can be sure that he has learned.
  3. Don’t pressure or mistreat your pet if you don’t get results instantly. Puppies do not have control of their bladder. It is a process that takes time, perseverance, and patience.
  4. That they learn from an early age is essential. If it is not done, there is the possibility that the dog will become disobedient. Once he establishes bad habits, it will be difficult for him to get rid of them.

Tips on Potty Training German Shepherds Puppies

When things are done correctly, everything is much easier. Even the smallest detail counts. These are some tips to help you with training:

  • Always try to take the dog out of a certain door.
  • Leashes are important, don’t forget them when you go out to help the dog understand whose boss.
  • Use positive reinforcement. Give the animal a treat when it does the bathroom in the right place.
  • Completely avoid punishing or scolding your pet if he accidentally defecates indoors. German shepherd reactions can be very uncertain and even negative.
  • In the first days of training, go two to three times to check the puppy during the night. If you show signs of being uncomfortable, like crying or fidgeting, then it’s time to take him out to the bathroom.
  • Do not allow the puppy to roam the house freely until he learns the basic rules. Let him stay in the cage.


Training your little German shepherd may be a complicated path, but it is necessary. This process is not only about education. It is also about establishing a bond that will last for many years.

Knowing your pet is key. Observing him and understanding each new hobby he adopts to use them to his advantage. You will see that with perseverance, your German shepherd will be able to learn to go to the bathroom faster than he thinks.