German Shepherd Poodle Mix In 2021

If you think of having a dog as your life partner, you can opt for one of the best mixes between pets. The combination of Poodle genetics with that of a German Shepherd is incredible because it results in a gigantic pet. The dog’s size is not for you to fear because that is how great is its kindness towards its master.

This pet with a fantastic combination of genetics is affectionate; it will always be by your side, accompanying you in good times and bad. It does not matter what lifestyle you have because the Shepadoodle will be your companion at all times. It is time for you to meet this wonderful dog, basic information, health problems, care, and personality.

What Is A Shepadoodle?

The combination of a German shepherd and a poodle is a tendency in hybrids to take the good genes from both breeds. You can see how popular Shepadoodles are for having a loving, charming, and kind nature. Something that you may see differences in the hybrid dog is that he loves to be the center of attention; he should only be the one in your life.

As the Shepadoodle likes to take priority among his master, you may perceive that the dog is a bit jealous of his life. This sense of priority as a pet is lost over time, but it is very intense in its early years. The pet loves your company, it likes you to caress it, and that you are always playing with it, they are very active.

Something peculiar about the hybrid breed is that they love heights like cats, the German Shepherd Poodle will lie down on your sofa. As they are large dogs, the sofa may look small while you are using it, you should avoid lying down. Your family will have a very nice connection with this pet because it is not aggressive despite its pronounced size.

Your pet will adore the presence and energy of your children, nephews, or cousins ​​who are still children; they will play all day. This dog does not shed hair, drool, or another element in which your child is exposed and becomes ill; they are very clean.

What Are Some Basic Information About Shepadoodles?

To understand how incredible the German Shepherd Poodle is, you can observe the basic information on its appearance:

  • Size

An adult Shepadoodles can be 22 to 28 inches tall, making it a fairly large hybrid dog.

  • His weight

Depending on the diet you feed your pet, it can weigh between 50 and 90 pounds as an adult. You have to maintain that weight limit so that you do not suffer from health problems in the future.

  • Time of life

His time lasts between 12 and 14 years, depending on how well you take care of him, and if he does not present a picture of genetic diseases. As it is a hybrid breed of the German Shepherd, it can have stomach problems inherited from its father or mother.

  • Personality

He has a very familiar personality where he will express affection, energy throughout his life, and total loyalty. It is a very typical dog, nothing aggressive, an outstanding temperament to be your children’s companion.

  • Texture in its coat

It has a very curly coat, similar to the poodle, with a medium length, somewhat heavy but easy to comb. It has a two-stage coat like that of the German Shepherd, so you will have to buy special brushes to clean it.

  • Intelligence levels

They are very receptive dogs, so they will adapt to the routine that you maintain every day as they grow. They are extremely intelligent; this is a good thing for you to get into and exploit the pet’s full potential.

Health Problems

As a hybrid breed in general, the German Shepherd Poodle presents a very variable health picture according to its genetics. With your German Shepherd combination, your pet may suffer from stomach problems; this can be serious. Although it is a hybrid, the pet is very healthy, it does not get sick very little, although you also have to take care of it.

Among the diseases that the German Shepherd Poodle can present are:

  • Problems with osteoarthritis

You have to watch out for this genetic disease as it goes from part and part of the breed in combination. You need to vet if your pet has any pain or discomfort while training with you. The disease can appear in the first years of its puppy age, so you must take good care of it.

  • Displacement of your elbows or hips

This may be more common than you think for your Shepadoodle to be an energetic pet that always wants to run. To avoid dysplasia in the areas, you have to prevent the dog from running long stretches frequently.

  • Hemophilia

It is a severe blood problem that your pet can inherit from his mixed-breed parents. It can be treated without problems as long as you act at the right time and visit the vet.

How To Care For A Shepadoodle?

The care of a German Shepherd Poodle is common; you have to ensure its strict diet and training. You can energize your life with the company of this dog, who has a lot to give at whatever age he is. You do not have to worry about very neat pets and fur that is rarely shed by cleaning.

You have to train with your pet; it will do you both good to take a few minutes out of your day to walk or run in the park. If you create a walking routine with the Shepadoodle, you will notice how happy he is and how he will reward you by giving you love. You can improve your connection with the dog, enjoy their company, and integrate with your whole family by taking them for a walk.

You can do it with your pet at least three times a week for brushing, depending on how much time you have. As it is a hair inherited mainly from the German Shepherd, it can be easily tangled and requires effort. You can buy gloves and special brushes to comb your pet’s hair and make the experience enjoyable.

In food, the dog must maintain a strict diet, but you should not limit it in its daily portions either. Try to keep his average weight between 50 and 90 pounds as he grows by feeding his pet kibble and no food. You have to feed your pet two times a day. At least, if you feel that he is very obese, you can start training.

What Is A Shepadoodle’s Personality Like?

The Shepadoodle is a 100% family dog ​​where you will have no complaints about bad behavior while he is by your side. It is a very loving, receptive pet, useful to accompany your whole family throughout its life. They are dogs that have the energy to spare, so you will have to exploit it so that the pet does not develop anxiety.

As pets are very attached to their master, they can have depressive problems because they do not have her by their side. You have to accustom your dog that she loves all those close to her and not only focuses on you. They are very faithful dogs and somewhat jealous if some other animal wants to be close to their master, but they do not bite.

All the varied personality in the pet is because they are brilliant dogs that surpass other hybrids. You can have your German Shepherd Poodle from puppyhood and teach him some attachment rules and detachment for your whole family. Just as the pet gives love, you also have to express the feeling, try not to hurt them.