German Shepherd Dalmatian Mix: Breed Comparison

When you love the intelligent German shepherd and also admire the adore free dalmatian. You appreciate the friendly face of a dalmatian and prefer the familiar face of a German shepherd dog. Then, I think your choice is going to be a mixed breed of German shepherd and dalmatian, a new breed called German shepmatian. He will be a highly active, protective, and intelligent dog.

I hope you still remember the movie 101 Dalmatians, in which A villain plotted to steal dalmatian puppies to use their far in making a beautiful coat. Dogumentary TV described Dalmatians as very delightful dogs. Initially, they were used to guard horses as they have medium to large size. They have a strong body with muscles. They have black spots all over their body. They even have spots inside their mouths.

The German shepherd was named after Captain Max Von Stepharietz- A popular breeder of his time that was the owner of the first German shepherd dog named Horan. He is known for great looks, bravery, and intelligence. And great movies have been made on them like Max, my dog Tulip, rusty’s birthday, and more. There is another unique quality of German shepherd, i.e., that they are soft-hearted. They can do anything to save their owner.

German Shepherd dogs are very active and smart dogs. It is easy to train them, so they are quite suitable for producing a mixed breed. They have already been mixed bred with Golden retrievers, Serbian husky, Road wheelers, pit bulls, and many more. And if they are mix bred with Dalmatians: what will be the success rate?

Dalmatians are equally energetic and intelligent dogs.

In order to understand it, we will compare the characteristics, features, and physical traits.

German Shepherd vs. Dalmatian

  • Color and coat

German Shepherd dogs have various colors, like tan, black, sable, white, and even panda. Simultaneously, dalmatians have a white base coat with dense round black spots equally imprinted over its coat. German Shepherd dogs range from thick, long, and even short coats. Dalmatians have a smooth, short, light coat. Both are known as heavy shutters. They have dry skin.

  • Size

Both are large dogs. The average height of the German Shepherd dog is from 22 to 25 inches; its average weight is from 60 to 77lbs. The Dalmatians have an average size of 22 to 24 inches, and they weigh almost 55 lbs. 

  • Moods and temperament

Both these dogs have excellent features of loyalty, intelligence, and alertness. German Shepherd dogs are working dogs, so they are focused on their task. On the other hand, dalmatians are coach companion dogs so that they can bear long walks. They both are big dogs, so they can take the role of the leader of the pack. They have to be trained earlier to make sure of their social interactions. They must get used to the idea of being around the people or other pets. To set their behavior and control moods, early training is a must.

  • Diet plan

German shepherd dog needs a high-protein diet like 1.5 to 2 cups of high-quality good food twice a day. The dalmatians can’t handle a high protein diet due to their urinary system. They are prone to gain weight, so they need only one cup of well-balanced right dog food twice a day. Both dogs should be hydrated, so water should be given to them throughout the day. 

  • Exercise

Both dogs are highly energetic, so a lot of exercises are needed to keep them busy. In the absence of exercise and activities, they become aggressive and start destroying furniture and other things. They do digging too.

  • Age

If they are correctly cared for, German Shepherd dogs can live up to 13 years, and all measures can live up to 15 years.

Health issues

German Shepherd dogs can face diseases like diabetes, elbow dysplasia, etc. Dalmatians have health issues like heart enlargement, bladder stone, and congenital deafness. And both can have hip dysplasia and skin allergy issues.

  • Compatibility with humans

  1. They should not be with small children without the presence of adults. As both are huge, They can harm young small children while playing.
  2. Both shed here, and people with allergies must take cautions if they want these dogs as pets.
  3. For people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, these dogs are not for them. Because keeping them inactive and indoors can give them depression, and this will lead to starvation.
  4. People were going to buy a dog for the first time; these dogs are not for them. They are headstrong and stubborn too.

What Are Some Basic Facts About German Shepherd Dalmatian Mix?

This type of breed is not very common. The mixed breed is called German shepmatian. They might not have a white base like Dalmatians, but they will have random spots. They will have a laugh but a short coat. The exact personality of the new breed can’t be described as both Dalmatians, and German shepherds are different in personality and features. But one thing is quite sure that they will be very intelligent and protective. They will have some health issues as their parents have them.

Basic facts

A German Shepmatian is a big dog that can weigh up to 95 lb. He will give you the company for up to 13 years. He is protective of its owner. So he has guarding instincts.

Physical appearance

The German shepmatian can grow as tall as 26 inches.


German Shepmatian’s parents are loyal, alert, and intelligent. So he also proves to be a great companion to his owners.


Here the owner has to take extra care in respect of diet. You have to feed him with proper dog food. Otherwise, German Shepmatians can gain weight and are at risk of becoming obese.

Health issues

German Shepmatians can have skin allergies and dysplasia.

Negative characteristics

In the case of German shepherd dalmatian makes, there can be some negative characteristics too, like: 

  • Congenital deafness
  • High risk of developing bladder stone
  • Skin allergy
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Heart enlargement 
  • Obesity

What happens when Dalmatians and German Shepherds are interbred?

It isn’t easy to find Dalmatian and German shepherd mix breed. But breeders can produce it on demand. But before buying from rescue centers, make sure that they shouldn’t be sick or injured.

A mix breed of dogs can be a success or failure depends upon the result and situations. Crossbreeding is very expensive and time-consuming. And sometimes the expected result is not found. And the failed mixed breed dogs end up in the rescue centers. So mix breed of dalmatians and German Shepherd dogs still need love, care, and affection.