Gray Sable German Shepherds

The gray sable German shepherd is originally from Germany, and they are very popular all over the world. These dogs are characterized by their excellent obedience and are used as police dogs. Their intelligence is very great, and they can adapt to different environments.

This class of dogs needs different physical and psychological stimuli to maintain their emotional stability. The care that must be provided to them is high, and they must maintain a physical balance so that they are always attentive.

History of the Gray Sable German Shepherd mix

Their history dates back many years are dogs with a long history that has been formed for a long time in Germany.

  • Its origin is German
  • The history of these dogs dates back many years, specifically from the 19th century in Germany.
  • It is called sable because of the different striking stripes of both silver and gray colors.
  • The striking sable of these dogs can also be given with different shades depending on their color, gray or cloud.
  • The sable and characteristic mantle of the original German shepherd can be seen from birth
  • It is considered that this class of dogs is due to a mix or across, but the truth is they are purebred.

Some Facts About the Gray Sable German Shepherd Mix

Some Facts About the Gray Sable German Shepherd Mix

This class of German Shepherd are very distinctive and different from the original dogs; there are differences among which are:

  • They have a healthy and calm mind structured for obedience and work.
  • Has the absence of different genetic abnormalities such as tooth decay, ears, blood disorders.
  • They are extremely loyal dogs to their owners; they can give their lives for the person who bred them.
  • Sable German Shepherd puppies have different characteristics such as higher vitality, lower mortality, and more resistance to heat.

Health Problems

Like all dogs, the German shepherd has different health problems that must be taken care of; these are:

  • The sable variety of German shepherds has issues with their eyes and digestive joints. These various problems are mainly caused by overcharging.
  • They also suffer from hip dysplasia that this class of dogs often has.
  • Cauda equina syndrome is due to inflation that occurs in the cornea leading to blindness.
  • On a psychological level, they are very dominant dogs with other breeds.

How To Care For A Gray Sable German Shepherd Mix

How To Care For A Gray Sable German Shepherd Mix

If you want to know how to care for a gray sable german shepherd mix, follow the following tips:

  • They are dogs that need a lot of physical and mental activity.
  • The creation of stimuli is necessary through walks and hikes.
  • Exercise trips to the beach or mountains.
  • It is a working dog.
  • You must give him a well-established and healthy diet.


The temperament of Sable German Shepherds is very strict, and work should always keep them busy. You must do different activities so that you do not get bored since they are dogs of a lot of physical activity.


They are recommended to take two baths in a 15-day cycle, and their fur should be brushed constantly. You must clean the eyes and ears superficially and maintain a tooth brushing carried out three times a week.


Maintaining a good diet or nutrition should be essential from the first weeks of life. You must have the croquettes of the best brands such as Puppy Gourmet and Maxi Junior at your disposal. Maintaining a healthy diet will keep your dog in good condition.

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How is the personality of gray sable German shepherd Mix?

German Shepherds are characterized by having a very different personality from other dogs, which are:

  • Loyal to their owners
  • Protectors
  • Docile and friendly
  • Good co-workers

Is the Gray Sable German Shepherd a Good Family Dog?

They come from Germany; their origins are from the 19th century and are extremely important globally. They are faithful and protective dogs with people, so they come from an excellent breed or family of German shepherds.