Isabella German Shepherd

The Isabella German shepherd is a beautiful dog and is a rare color of the German Shepherd. This is a rare color in a light coat known as lilac. Like all German Shepherds, Isabella is an intelligent, courageous, lovable, and very popular dog.

They are used as working dogs for the army or the police. Do you want to know more about the Isabella German shepherd? Below you will find what your personality is like, what your diet is, and much more.

What is an Isabella German shepherd?

What is an Isabella german shepherd

Isabella is an extremely rare German Shepherd color and is no different than the other colors or the standard German Shepherd. It differs from the others because of its coat color and the result of blue genes and the liver’s dilution. That is, it comes from the dilution of the loci and the color of the liver.

In some loci locations on chromosomes, color genes are found, which dictates the pattern or color that the coat will have. In the German Shepherd, the locus A or agouti gene is responsible for the colors. Several loci can be found in a dog, and some of them are more dominant than others.

Many breeders have suppressed the creation of this dog rarity due to Kennel Club penalties. This type of dog cannot be exhibited in the different dog shows.

Basic Facts About the Isabella German shepherd

Basic Facts About the Isabella german shepherd

This is a rare variation of the German Shepherds, and they have the following basic characteristics:


The Isabella German shepherd is a dog that is medium to large. Males can grow between 44 and 46 inches tall. At the same time, females can measure between 22 and 24 inches approximately.


The male Isabella German Shepherd can weigh between 77 and 78 pounds and the females between 55 and 73.


The color variation of this dog is lilac.


If you want to have an Isabella German Shepherd, you should know that a puppy can cost approximately $ 1500. This price can vary depending on the breeder and its location.

Health problems

Isabella German Shepherds often have the same health problems as the other colors and Standard German Shepherd. They do not have blue alopecia dermatitis, which is common in other diluted breeds.

You may have health problems that can be difficult to predict because dilution is a recessive trait. If you want an Isabella dog, you should look for a recognized and popular breeder to avoid certain problems such as inbreeding and overbreeding.

Some of the health problems that Isabella dogs can suffer despite their education are:

  • Inflate
  • Pannus
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Hip dysplasia

What Is An Isabella German Shepherd’s Personality Like? 

These German Shepherds are very rare, their colors are incredible, and they have a strong personality.

  • A patient and very confident dog

The Isabella German shepherd is a patient and very confident dog; they are perfect as working dogs thanks to these qualities. They are loyal, intelligent, caring, loving, and strong with a protective instinct.

  • Protective instinct

As they have a prey drive, they must be trained and socialized from an early age. As they distrust strangers and have a protective instinct, they must be socialized not to distrust strangers.

  • Suffer from separation anxiety

They do not like to be alone for a long time because they can suffer from separation anxiety. This behavior can lead them to bite everything they see in their path. They will be destructive to seek entertainment.

The Lifespan Of The Isabella German Shepherd

The Isabella German Shepherd can have a lifespan of approximately 9 to 13 years.


As mentioned above, German Shepherds Isabellas are beautiful, safe, and protective dogs. They are ideal work dogs and are loyal, loving, energetic, friendly, and intelligent. Left alone for too long, they can be destructive dogs.

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How to train Isabella’s German Shepherd?

The Isabella german shepherd is a dog that needs owners or trainers who have experience with large dogs. She should follow some tips so that she can train this dog:

  • Must have experience with large dogs
  • Must use reward-based training methods
  • You must take him for a walk and socialize with strangers
  • You can introduce different animals to get used to

How to care for an Isabella german shepherd?

If you want to have a lilac German Shepherd, she must know the care they need to keep him healthy.

Grooming and care

The care and grooming of an Isabella German Shepherd are the same for any other GSD colors. She must bathe him every month or as needed. If she goes to a park or gets muddy, she should bathe him. She can also use some special dog wipes to keep him clean between baths.

You should be aware that the bath could irritate the Isabella German shepherd’s skin because it removes the layer of natural and essential oils. You must use special, high-quality products that are for this type of dog.

This dog, like double-haired dogs, sheds its coat very frequently, two times a year. She should brush it every week to keep it looking healthy and minimize shedding. You should brush your dog’s teeth to avoid infection and remove plaque.


The Isabella German Shepherd is a dog that needs a high-protein diet of excellent quality. Her food should provide you with enough energy to sustain your activities and exercises. Many experts claim that a raw meat diet may be a good option for the Lilac German Shepherd.

You must eat a healthy diet that provides you with the necessary nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. You can consult with your vet so he can help you get the right diet for your dog. All food must be of good quality and comply with all the regulations established by the AAFCO.

Isabella German shepherd puppies should be fed 3 to 4 times a day. When they are adults, you should only feed them two times a day.

Exercise needs

The furry Isabella German shepherd makes an excellent walking or running companion because they have a lot of energy. When they are puppies, you should not expect them to become champions because they need time for their joints to be stronger.

When they reach adulthood, they can start with outdoor activities. They can jog and run daily without any problem. This dog will be very happy to accompany you to different sports such as swimming or diving at the pier.

They can give you 90-minute physical stimulation and play some games. You can also buy her toys to keep your Isabella German Shepherd busy during the day.

Is Isabella German Shepherd The Right Choice For You?

The Isabella German shepherd is a dog that is also known as Lilac German Shepherd, and they are very beautiful, loyal, friendly, and very intelligent. If you have experience with these types of large dogs, the Isabella will be perfect for you. She is a dog that has many abilities and is a companion for the whole family.

You should always look for a breeder that is recognized to avoid some health problems.