What Age Does A German Shepherd Become Aggressive?

There are a lot of reasons for violent behavior in German Shepherds. One of the main causes may be a problem with dominance between you and your dog. It can also be due to a problem that has not been treated since he was a puppy.

This is an issue that you will need to address quickly to avoid potentially fatal attacks. German Shepherds are generally considered an aggressive breed but can be controlled.

Are male German Shepherds More Aggressive?

Are male German Shepherds More Aggressive

Male German Shepherds are more aggressive than females. Male German Shepherds have dominant behavior and regional problems that make them more aggressive. An intact male German Shepherd usually marks his territory by his high testosterone levels.

What Age Does A GSD Dog Become Aggressive?

German Shepherds can become aggressive after six weeks of age; this is a very critical age in the life of German Shepherd puppies. Some experts recommend not separating them from their mothers and their litter before eight weeks of age to avoid aggressive behaviors.

At what time do GSDs calm down?

Though German Shepherd dogs are energetic and active, they’ll usually relax as they grow more mature. This’s a gradual process, so you need to train them while they are still small.

If the German shepherd of yours is now not so relaxed, you need to look for the reasons why your dog is not calm and then deal with it.

Reasons why German Shepherds Actually are Out of Control

  • Dog to Dog Aggression

Socialized German Shepherds usually show extreme aggression towards many other dogs. And an unsocialized GSD dog is going to try to accept change, like meeting and interacting with various other animals as dogs appropriately. Then, training is a good method to let your German shepherd calm down. 

  • Protective Aggression

This occurs for safety reasons. There’s no need to be concerned about this phenomenon. And a GSD dog can be aggressive to a stranger as the dog notices that stranger as a threat to the territory and the owner. Although the owner does not think about the stranger as being a risk, the German shepherd is able to attack the stranger.

  • Fear Aggression

A GSD dog might be hostile when he’s punished or perhaps abused by the handler of his. When you place your GSD separately in a closed room, he is going to feel created and scared. This can result in not enough loyalty, so the dog will be aggressive when he’s confronted with a similar frightening situation.

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Reasons For the Aggressive Behavior In GSDs

As mentioned above, there are many causes of aggressive behavior in German Shepherds. This aggression can begin at six weeks of age. It is important for your puppy to socialize with other dogs and to receive proper training to prevent him from biting other people.

You should socialize your dog until he is 14 weeks old so that he can be friendly with other people. The aggression of a German Shepherd can be triggered by many factors such as genetics and heredity. Dogs that have not been spayed or neutered are more prone to aggressive behaviors.

Sometimes the aggression can begin with the need to create hierarchical order. Growling, biting, fighting, and posing are German Shepherd proficiency test results with other dogs.

How To Control The Aggression Of The German Shepherd?

How To Control The Aggression Of The German Shepherd

If you have a German Shepherd and he shows aggressive behavior after 14 weeks of age, which is when he reaches sexual maturity, you should seek help. Follow the tips below:

  • The first thing to do is establish yourself as the leader of the pack.
  • You must train your German Shepherd from puppy-hood so that he can respond to your requests and orders.
  • You must control the times of walking and feeding
  • You must socialize your German Shepherd, introduce him to his friends and family
  • Go on walks with your dogs to see different people
  • You can seek help to get the proper training
  • If your German Shepherd has aggressive behaviors, you should keep him away from young children
  • Don’t let your German Shepherd take liberties in your home.
  • Get daily exercises like walks.

How to Train a German Shepherd Dog for the Aggression Control?

To control your German Shepherd, you should follow the following tips:

  • Your dog must recognize you as the head of the pack since he is a puppy.
  • You should wear a protective sleeve so that he can cover your arm and avoid being bitten.
  • You should not use hitting, put-downs, harsh corrections, and abuse to control your aggressive German Shepherd.
  • You must teach your German Shepherd the word “Attack.” You can tell him to sit down and then touch his face with the glove on his arm. You will see that your dog will get upset and attack the glove. Then use the word “attack, you must reward him with some treat.
  • You should follow this procedure until your dog has understood the word “attack.”
  • You should reward the good behavior of your German Shepherd when he is in his training.