When Do German Shepherds Go Into Heat?

German Shepherds are beautiful animals that can be a joy to own.

When they go into heat, however, the experience becomes less enjoyable.

When do German Shepherds go into heat? Twice a year or twice every six months? When does it happen and what should you expect in terms of symptoms?

Find out everything about when German shepherds go into heat by reading this article!

When Do German Shepherds Go Into Heat?

When your German Shepherd is six months old, her first heat cycle might occur.

When the dog goes through this stage, it’s perfectly normal for them to not go into heat until they are between the ages of eight and twelve months old.

When I got my second female German shepherd at ninemonthsold, she went through her first heat cycle, which might vary depending on the breed of German shepherd.

Keep in mind that some female German Shepherds will not have their first heat cycle until they are a year old, so don’t freak out if your six-month-old female German Shepherd hasn’t yet gone into heat.

The average time for a dog to go into heat is every six months, but it can be a little bit shorter or longer.

When Connie was nine-months-old she went through her first heat cycle which lasted for about twenty four days.

In some cases, when the dog goes into heat, they will have their second season at twelve months old and then every six to eight months after that is typical. When my first female German Shepherd went into heat, it lasted for twenty four days.

When the dog is in heat, you will see bloody discharge coming from their vagina and they might also have some swelling around this area as well.

During this time, your German shepherd should not be bred because she could get pregnant or develop a uterine infection, which can be very dangerous for the dog.

When my first German shepherd went through her heat cycle, she had some bloody discharge, which is normal when they go into heat.

When you are bringing home a new female German Shepherd puppy or older dog then it’s important that you keep them separated from your other dogs until their second season comes around because otherwise there could be a chance that they might get pregnant.

How long do German shepherds in heat bleed for?

German shepherds in heat will bleed for anywhere between two weeks to a month.

In general, German Shepherds’ heats last around 21 days, but this can vary according to the breed.

The German Shepherd’s Heat Cycle

The German Shepherd’s Heat Cycle

Here’s a look at the German Shepherd’s heat cycle so you can better understand when your dog is in heat.

  • The German Shepherd will go into heat twice a year.

The German shepherds will go into heat for about two weeks.

During the Proestrus stage, there will be a bloody discharge from her vagina.

This is how you will know that she is in heat. The discharge will continue until the Estrus stage.

The German Shepherd’s vulva will also swell during this time.

  • In the German Shepherd Estrus stage, the female will be receptive to male dogs.

The German shepherd is most fertile during this time and for about a week. She can get pregnant at any moment, so it’s important that you keep her away from other males. A German shepherd may also become aggressive or more protective of their home if there are males nearby.

  • German Shepherd Diestrus stage

When she is in her German Shepherd Diestrus stage, you will notice that the bloody discharge has disappeared and is replaced by a whitish yellow color

This lasts for about two months with no signs of estrus or proestrus during this time. The German shepherd is not able to get pregnant at this point but there is a small chance that she could become pregnant if bred during this stage.

The German Shepherd’s anestrus stage is the final phase in her heat cycle.

This lasts anywhere from two to six months, and there are no signs of estrus or proestrus during this time.

  • A German shepherd will not get pregnant during this stage.

The German Shepherd Estrus stage is a sign that your German shepherd is receptive to male dogs and she will be most fertile at this time.

Keep her away from other males during the German Shepherd Diestrus stage as well, because she can become pregnant. The German Shepherd Anestrus stage doesn’t have any signs of estrus or proestrus.

The German Shepherd’s heat cycle lasts about two months in total. You must be able to tell when your sheep are in heat and when they are not. Some of the indications are obvious, while others are more subtle.

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When should You get Your German shepherd spayed?

Your German shepherd will reach sexual maturity at around six to eight months of age.

Many people choose to spay or neuter their German shepherds when they reach this point, but it is not necessarily required.

If you decide to wait until after 24 months of age, all German Shepherds will fully develop at 24 months of age and up to 36 months before they are mature.

So, German shepherds will be fully developed by the time they are two years of age and up to three years before they are considered adults.

It’s important to note that German Shepherds should never be spayed or neutered until after their first heat cycle since doing so might cause developmental issues in German shepherds.

It’s important to note that German Shepherds should never be spayed or neutered until after their first heat cycle, since doing so might cause developmental issues in German shepherds.

German shepherd owners who choose to spay or neuter must do it between six and eight months of age, but only if your German shepherd is healthy and fully developed by that time.

If you have any questions or concerns about when to spay or neuter your German shepherd, please consult with your veterinarian. They will be able to help you make the best decision for your dog’s health.