Brindle Sable German Shepherd

The Brindle German Shepherd is a unique breed that was initially used for agricultural work in the Netherlands. They are friendly and docile; it is a breed whose training is very easier to carry out than other German Shepherds’ breeds.

This class of German Shepherds is rare as they are much easier in the training process. They have great obedience and intelligence for different herding or farm jobs due to their great effort.

History Of The Brindle Sable German Shepherd Mix

A class of highly sought-after dogs when there was no agricultural machinery due to their efficiency, their history dates back to the 19th century.

  • This class of German Shepherds is born from a mix between the German Shepherd and the Belgian Shepherd
  • The result of the mixture was the characteristic brindle coat of this Shepherd.
  • They were widely used on Dutch farms due to their great intelligence more than that of German shepherds
  • Due to their intelligence and easy training, they were used in the Second World War by the German army.

Some Facts About the Brindle Sable German Shepherd Mix

Some fact about Brindle Sable German Shepherd mix

These dogs are very different from the other classes of German Shepherds due to many factors, including:

  • They were used in the two world wars
  • Nowadays, it has become very popular among the different races despite not having many and highly sought after.
  • Breed developed mainly for the care of farms that is why they are very intelligent
  • They prefer cold climates although they adapt to anyone
  • They are suitable for any physical activity and high resistance
  • They are suitable for work such as rescue, surveillance, and force
  • There are three variants of long, hard, and short hair

Health problems

These dogs, despite being strong and very healthy than other breeds, also have various health weaknesses. These are:

  • It is recommended not to force physical and sports training since they can suffer from canine hip dysplasia
  • Due to this breed’s jumping and physical games, it can suffer problems in its joints and hips.
  • Digestive problems

How To Care For A Brindle Sable German Shepherd Mix?

They must be given excellent and precise care, as with all dogs, you must:

  • You should take them to regular check-ups by your veterinarian to detect any problems in advance
  • A tooth brushing regularly so that you do not develop diseases
  • Keep the Brindle German Shepherd in good condition with a good diet and regular walks.
  • The walks should be long accompanied by fun games as they are physical and mental stimulation.


Health problems of German Shepherds

They are known to have a good temperament due to their great intelligence acting as good and excellent guardians. The owners mention that they are very reliable and docile dogs with the family, which allows them to have their children close by.


You need to bath frequently because if it is continuous, it can affect them. The care of the teeth must be done continuously to avoid different dental diseases. Their fur has to be carefully groomed and cared for.


They must have a balanced diet with good croquettes and vegetables; zucchini is recommended. Nutrition must be constant so that your dog can have many years of life to develop its activities.

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What Is The Personality Of The Brindle Saber German Shepherd?

The personality is docile and friendly; many families have this class of dogs and certify how good they are.

  • Its capacity as a guardian makes his personality protective of his owners, which creates a protective environment.
  • Affectionate
  • Obedient
  • Faithful

Is The Sable Brindle German Shepherd A Good Family Dog?

They come from a mix of the German Shepherd and the Belgian Shepherd, which means that they come from a good family. They are faithful and extremely protective of the people around them today. They are highly sought after due to their effectiveness.

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